5 Examples of Etsy Digital Download Products That Are Selling Like Hot Cakes

Digital Products on Etsy

Did you know that you could sell digital products on Etsy? Well you can and leave it to the clever little creators on there to figure out awesome things to make. 

  • No inventory
  • No shipping
  • Pure profits!

Sound cool? Well here are 10 examples of real digital products being sold on Etsy as we speak. Hopefully they provide some inspiration for you!

#1 "I want to...Love" Quote 

Digital Products on Etsy

Although this isn't a super expensive item, the creator is making a nice number of sales and has no overhead or fulfillment obligations.

What's Included: 5x7 and 8x10 PDF and JPG files

Price: $3.60

Reviews: 639

#2 Retro paper pack

What's Included: 14 (12"x12") individual printable 300 dpi jpg files.

Price: $4.00

Reviews: 212

#3 Vacuum Cupping Therapy Training Manual PDF

Etsy Digital Product Example

What's Included: 1 x Training Manual - PDF Ebook- 95 Pages - Instant download, read on any device or print out 1 x Training Manual - EDITABLE - 95 Pages - Rebrand for your own academy

Price: $29.02

Reviews: 462

#4 The violet: Printable Handwriting Worksheets (PDF File Only)

Etsy digital products example

What's Included: 63 pages of printables split into 2 PDF files

Price: $17.97

Reviews: 941

#5 Antique Vintage Digital Wall Art Image Download Printable Woman Kissing the Moon

etsy digital download

What's Included: 1 JPG, 1 PNG (Personal use only, can't be used for profit)

Price: $1.15

Reviews: 1,919

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