35+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs [2023 Edition]

Gifts for Entrepreneurs

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Most entrepreneurs share something in common...we're obsessed with what we do.  So, when it comes time to buy a gift for the entrepreneur in your life, it only makes sense to feed this obsession.

As an entrepreneur myself I have to admit that my favorite gifts are ones I get from fellow entrepreneurs. They usually know exactly what I'd like because they'd want it too. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts...whatever.

Gifts Under $100

Note: Click on the image of any of the products to see where to buy them.

If you're looking to get more bang for your buck, check out these gifts.  Some of these are also great stocking stuffers!

Somehow I Manage by Michael Scott ($7.99 on Amazon)

Putting this first because it's literally the perfect gift if you have an entrepreneur who loves the Office. If they don't watch the show, they won't get it, but if they do...this will be the gift of the year. 

Note: The pages are blank. It's just a notebook inside. It's mostly just a funny conversational piece. 

Somehow I Manage Book

Appsumo Products/Credits ($10+)

Appsumo Transparent Logo

Appsumo is like a candy store for entrepreneurs. They offer nonstop deals on software and other entrepreneurship related products. 

You can order products and share the codes or order credits that can be redeemed later on. The only thing with buying credits is that they aren't available in the AppSumo store. You can only buy them as add ons when you purchase something else. 

Udemy Courses  ($10.99+)

Entrepreneurs are notorious learning junkies.  Give the gift of knowledge with one of Udemy's thousands of courses. The course doesn't have to be from Udemy either, just a virtual course in general is a great gift.

Udemy makes it easy to gift their products directly. Oh and don't let the price tags scare you, Udemy always (and I mean ALWAYS) runs promotional discounts that take their best courses down to under $20. 

Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey ($24.99 at Drizly.com)

Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey

I wasn't going to add any wine or liquor here UNLESS it was unique. It doesn't get much more unique than Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey and since it's relatively new, the odds are good that the person you're buying it for hasn't tried it yet.

Digoo Electric Drink Mixer ($28.99 on Amazon)

Best Battery Powered Blender Bottle

If the entrepreneur in your life takes a daily protein shake or blend-able supplement (like Athletic Greens), this gift is a great call. I have gone through about 3 of these in 2 years and they are well worth the money.

They only blend powders so don't expect this to do any sort of juicing or crushing. 

A Custom Domain (Starts at $9+ on Namecheap.Com)

This is a clever idea if you and the person you're buying for are reasonably tech savey. I had a friend purchase VanMcCallister.com for me when my son (named Van) was born and I thought that was the neatest gift ever. Check out the process for transferring domains before you do this and make sure it's in your skill set. It really isn't that hard if you can follow instructions with a little patience.

Want to add some flare to the delivery? Grab a lighted bracelet box like this one and put the domain name and access information inside as a slip of paper. 

Gift a Domain Name

Showcase the domain name you bought with a light up bracelet box (around $30 on Amazon).

Domains that are already claimed can often be purchased as well and the prices can range well into the $10,000+ range for super premium URLs. 

A Great Business Book ($7.99+)

Entrepreneurs are typically voracious readers so you really can't go wrong with books. Here are 20 great books for entrepreneurs you can check out.

Pro Tip: Most entrepreneurs own a lot of books already. Buying them the latest releases will decrease your odds of them already owning it. 

Audible Credits ($15+)

Audible Gift

Audiobooks are like crack to entrepreneurs. 

Pricing depends on how many credits (books) you want to give. Each month is one download.

EveryKey Wireless Hardware Password Manager ($69 at BestBuy)


Did you know that the average entrepreneur has over 100,000+ different log-ins to remember?

Ok, that's a fact statistic...but we have a lot to remember!

This neat little device makes it easy to store passwords and is backed with military grade encryption. 

This product will age like fine wine as your life becomes more wireless (cars, door locks etc). 

FluidStance "Slope" Desktop Whiteboard ($59 at Fluidstance.com)

Fluid Stance

I bought myself one of these for my desk and I'm obsessed with it. 

Moleskin Notebooks w/ Their Favorite Pens ($25+ on Amazon)

Gifts for Businessmen

Moleskin notebooks are a staple of my productivity. I have gone through dozens of these in my career. I have one that fits in my pocket and a few larger ones (pictured) that sit on my desk.

In the digital age of business, paper is still alive and well and these notebooks are the best money can buy.

Couple a moleskin notebook with the recipients favorite pen(s) and this should be a hit. 

My favorite pen is just the basic Pilot G2 .07. but everyone has different preferences.

Best Self Productivity Planner  ($31.99 at BestSelf.co)

via BestSelf.co

This is a cool planner that (when utilized) can catapult productivity levels. 

An affordable gift that could change a life. 

Check out the Best Self website for other neat gifts for productivity junkies.

Kindle E-Reader  ($89 on Amazon)

Most entrepreneurs are book worms. This is a timeless gift that will make the entrepreneur in your life much more effective! The new model is cheaper, has 2x the storage and is freaking waterproof!

Disclaimer: I have one of these but I just re-gifted it to my mom because I purchased the new Oasis version

Tile Pro 4 Pack ($99 at Tile.com)

Tile Pro

I was sick and tired of losing my keys and wallet. Tile solved this problem for me with these bluetooth enabled product locators. 

Attach these to your car keys, inside your wallet, backpack, purse (or anything you don't want to lose) and open the app when you need to find them. 

Press "find tile" and it will start ringing like a phone until you find it. 


LapGear XL Deluxe Laptop Lap Desk  ($47.99 on Amazon.com)

Lap Desk

It's not the world's greatest habit I know, but I do a lot of work from my bed. I like to lay down and watch courses, write posts (like this one) and read.

This is a great desk that is large enough for any laptop up to 17". This is one of the best products for anyone working from home I've reviewed.

Motivational Artwork by Ikonick  (Pricing Varies Greatly, All Budgets)

Iconick Art

Ikonick has become hugely popular since I originally wrote this blog post. Some of the art is a bit cheesy but some of them are really, really cool. 

Tons of designs to choose from and they come in many different sizes.

They have some very cool pieces. I have several in my offices. Check out there best sellers here to see for yourself.

Blue Mountie+ ($39.95 at TenOneDesigns.com)


Turn your smartphone or tablet into a second monitor and clip it to your laptop or desktop. 

The original Mountie costs $29.95 but the Mountie+ will give you an input for charging the device while it's attached. 

Public Rec All Day Every Day Pants ($95)

Public Rec Sweat Pants

You paid $95 for sweatpants?!?!" someone on an Instagram story asked me when I posted how much I loved my All Day Every Day Pants from Public Rec.

I said, "No, I paid much more than that because I've boughten 5 pairs so far!" 

These pants make traditional sweatpants look slobbish and traditional pants feel like they're made of steel wool. I'm barely exaggerating.

I wear these between work and the gym and don't feel out of place at either of them.

Unbelievably comfortable and practical.

Note: These seem to be marketed towards men, but I wouldn't say these have anything that makes them not pass as unisex.

Hour Long Massage Gift Card ($100+ on spafinder.com)

Massage Gift

Everyone loves a massage but most people never buy them for themselves. 

This is a great "experience" gift and is almost always appreciated. 

Use Spafinder.com to find a location near you to get a gift card. 

HeadSpace Meditation App Subscription ($12.99/month+)

HeadSpace Gift

A great gift for the enlightened entrepreneur. 

Easily gift a month, a year or 2 years.

Note: Click on the image of any of the products to see where to buy them.

Gifts Over $100

Gifts Over $100

Phillips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit ($149 at BestBuy.com) 

Phillips Hue Light Starter Kit

This is probably my absolute favorite gift to recommend and give. Smart lights are so freaking cool and this kit will get whoever you're shopping for up and running. 

Phillips Hue Lights Play Light (Bars 2 Pack $129 at BestBuy.com)

If the person you're shopping for already has the Hue start up kick installed (they need a "bridge" for this to work) the Hue Light Play Bars are an amazing add on. 

The Hue "Play" Light Bars look amazing behind TVs or desktop computers. This set does require the Hue hub to use, so only buy this if they already have it or you're getting them that as well.

I have a set of Hue Play Lights behind my computer monitor and they look incredible at night.

NuPhy FA ISO Keyboard ($139 at NuPhy.com)

NuPhy Keyboard

Pricey, but a unique add on that can be used atop any standard MacBook or as a standalone bluetooth keyboard.

Great touch type feel (3 different type weight variations available) and really cool illuminated multicolor lights.

Apple AirPod Pros ($249 at Apple.com)

If the entrepreneur on your list is an Apple user, this gift is a slam dunk. On the surface these may look overpriced but I can't think of something I've purchased for myself recently that I've enjoyed more than these. 

  • Amazing noise cancellation for optimal focus
  • Incredibly resilient (water proof, I ran mine through the washer and they work fine!)
  • Easy to pair with any device.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, you can have the recipients name engraved on them as well.

Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone ($149.99 on Amazon) 

Gift Ideas

There is not a better "plug and go" mic out there in this price range.

This mic is insanely easy to use and works with any iOS device (via lightning cable) or computer with a USB input. 

I use this with my iPad Pro and love the sound quality. 

DJI Osmo Pocket  ($315 on Amazon) 

DJI Osmo Pocket

This camera was a game changer for me. You cannot beat its portability, stability and price point. 

Not only is this a high quality piece of recording equipment, it is also still novel enough to make for a great gift!

If you want to go bigger or are buying for someone who already owns and loves the OSMO pocket,  there are a lot of great DJI Osmo accessories you can gift.

Sony A5000 Digital Camera  ($449 on Amazon) 

I bought this camera over a year ago when I found it at a killer price (under $300). Although I got it for $149 less than you will pay now, it is worth every penny of the current asking price. 

SONY A5000

What I love about this camera is it's fold out screen. It makes it perfect for YouTube and any video where you want to film yourself and see what you look like while your talking. 

Porter Hospitality Guest Wi-Fi Connector ($119 at Tenonedesign.com)

Porter Hospitality Guest Wi-Fi Access Point

"Hey what's the wi-fi password here?"

This question is like nails on a chalkboard. 

Fix that once and for all with this easy, scannable device. 

Oura Fitness Ring ($299+ at OuraRing.com)

Oura Ring

I've tried a lot of devices for tracking sleep and activity levels and the Oura Ring has been my favorite of them all by far. 

The only difficult part will be finding out the ring size for the person you're giving it too. 

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk  ($189 on Amazon). 

Standing Desk

Millennials are in love with standing desks. 

This is an affordable option (relatively speaking) and it can be affixed directly atop almost any desk.

Be careful though. This is heavy!

Flaviar Spirit Tasting Box ($60 Quarterly)

Subscription box services are the gifts that keep on giving. 

Flaviar is a quarterly subscription box full of whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, brandy, and/or absinthe samples from around the world. 


There are too many other cool subscription boxes to share here so check out this great post that covers 51 others to consider.

Athletic Greens Supplement ($77-$147/month)

Athletic Greens Discount

I take two scoops of Athletic Greens each morning. 

It is a straightforward supplement that improves performance (in my personal experience) and helps me start my day off on the right foot. 

Give the gift of wellness!

Additionally, Entrepreneurs striving for efficiency and quality in every aspect of their lives will appreciate the gift of HelloFresh's affordable meal plans. Offering a unique blend of convenience, variety, and taste, it ensures that busy innovators can enjoy nutritious, gourmet meals at home without spending time on lengthy prep or grocery shopping. Ideal for those who value health, flavor, and convenience.

Fancy Hands Virtual Assistant Service (Variable Pricing)

Fancy Hands is like having a personal assistant who you don't know by name, but that does great work, is always on time and isn't expensive. 

With Fancy Hands you can ask the team to complete a number of small but helpful tasks for you whenever you need them. 

Fancy Hands Gift

Fancy Hands makes it easy to gift their plans. You can choose either a Basic (5 monthly tasks for $29) Pro (15 monthly tasks for $74.99) or Premier (50 monthly tasks for $199) for between 1 month and 1 year. 

Mizzen and Main Mens Dress Shirts ($105+)

Mizzen + Main

These shirts absolutely rock. 

For over $105 a pop, these are definitely something that many guys wouldn't spend on themselves, but would love to have gifted to them. 

They last forever, are comfortable as hell and just look great.

The fit is a little smaller than normal but they also don't shrink much when washed.

Elgato Ring Light ($199 at Elgato.com)

If the entrepreneur you're shopping for does any sort of YouTube or other video recording, a high quality ring light will be a winning gift. 

Elgato Ring Light

The Elgato ring light is the highest quality light I've tested but there are other lower cost alternatives as well. 

Nomadic Messenger Bag ($219) or 40 L Travel Bag ($279)

If your entrepreneur is a jet setter and lover of efficiency, any of the products from Nomadic will be winners. 

The messenger bag is particularly useful, even if they aren't traveling a lot. 

Luggage for Entrepreneurs

If they travel frequently or for extended periods of time, I recommend the 40L (what I use when I am gone for more than 3 days at a time) .

Nomadic 40L Review

You will be shocked at how much you can fit into this bag, especially when you realize that it fits in overhead bins!

Apple Watch Series 6 (Starts at $385 on Amazon)

Apple Watch Series 6

I had my doubts that these watches would be dorky when they first came out but they have quickly become a reasonable fashion accessory as well as power houses of productivity. 

TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk  ($999+ on Lifespan.com)

Treadmill Desk

I said these would be over the top!

It has long been documented that our sedentary lifestyles are killing us. Knock your entrepreneur dead in a positive way!

AirBnb Gift Card (Any Amount)

AirBnb Gift Card

When people have all the material possessions they could ever want, our gifts should focus on helping them build experiences and memories. 

Although a wealthy person could buy their own AirBnb, giving them a gift card might force the issue for them to take some time to themselves and they'll probably thank you for it.

  1. An excellent list! I’d definitely gift a Kindle… it took me forever to make the leap to digital… ant entrepreneur needs to be able to pack quickly and lightly… ebooks are so fab!

  2. I NEED the Keurig Coffee Maker – desperately! Mine is on the fritz & it’s too cold to go without… Brain fog-4sure!

  3. I think that the gift of knowledge is by far the best if unsure what to get. I would love to get the Nomadic messenger bag though – a great gift from me to me!! 😀

  4. Fantastic! I would definitely not mind the camera for sure, and what coffee drinker wouldn’t love the CE0,000,000,000 mug?!? I mean that’s the goal all along right, make that dough!

  5. I have to admit the blue raspberry microphone looks like a perfect fit for some of my entrepreneur friends.

  6. Lots of great ideas. Be careful of combos. Scotch and treadmill desk lovers, I’m talking to you!

  7. The thought of giving or receiving Audible as a gift never crossed my mind. Awesome idea! I love audio books!

  8. I love the UDEMY COURSES but you should also include MENTORBOX, COURSERA, and SKILLSHARE.

  9. I want to disagree with 50% of your list, but I can only disagree with 3 items. LOL.Great article (I just won’t buy Apple anything anymore.)

  10. So is the winner of your contest able to pick multiple things up to $199 or just one item that is less than that?

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