24 Awesome Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs [2018 Edition]

Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs share something in common...we are absolutely obsessed with what we do. 

So, when it comes time to buy a gift for the entrepreneur in your life, it only makes sense to feed this obsession. 

As an entrepreneur myself I have to admit that my favorite gifts are ones I get from fellow entrepreneurs.

They usually know exactly what I'd like because they'd want it too.

Here is a list of items I purchased or was given in 2017 (or earlier) that would make great gifts for the entrepreneur in your life. 

Christmas gifts, birthday gifts...whatever.

Some of these gifts are great for younger entrepreneurs and some are great for entrepreneurs who are already successful and seemingly have "everything" that they could want. 

Enjoy and be sure to comment any cool products that I missed!

A Quick Word on Gifts in Business

I hate to take a little of the "joy of giving," feeling out of this post, but I would like to remind you that giving gifts to colleagues, clients and potential business partners can be a serious "win-win," for you and the recipient.

There is an art to giving gifts in business and if done properly, you can build closer relationships with people you work with. 

The process isn't as cut and dry as it sounds though so I highly recommend you check out the book Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention by John Ruhlin. 

Note:  I reference specific products in this article and many of them link to Amazon and I get a small commission if you purchase them. Obviously, use the product ideas here as a starting point and find gifts that fit your budget and lifestyle. There are alternatives to nearly everything I share below. These are merely the items that I own myself and know are great options.

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Under $20

If you're looking to get more bang for your buck, check out these gifts. 

Some of these are also great stocking stuffers!

1. CEO Mug in Black - Entrepreneur Mug 

($15.99 on Amazon)

This is great...

I admit, I drink most of my coffee out of the 3 mugs my son has made for me (his school is seriously into pottery apparently) but this one is great. 

Don't make your own, just get this one!

2. Digoo Electric Drink Mixer 

($28.99 on Amazon)

If the entrepreneur in your life takes a daily protein shake or blendable supplement (like Athletic Greens), this gift is a great call. 

I have gone through about 3 of these in 2 years and they are well worth the money. They only blend powders so don't expect this to do any sort of juicing or crushing. 

3. Moleskin Notebooks

($9+ on Amazon)

These notebooks are a staple of my productivity. I have gone through dozens of these in my career. I have one that fits in my pocket and a few larger ones (pictured) that sit on my desk.

In the digital age of business, paper is still alive and well! These notebooks are the best you can get.

Great stocking stuffers for Christmas time!

The perfect compliment to the Moleskin notebook, this is a bit of a risky buy as some people think office supplies are a corny gift.

Personally, I love getting pens anytime! 

If these aren't fancy enough, there are only about a million other options out there!

5. Any of these books on digital marketing ($7+)

Check out my article here to read more about each title, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of these books.

A great tool to enable anyone to accept credit card payments via their smartphone. 

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Between $20 and $120

Have a little more to spend? Here are some gifts over $20 and under $120.

7. Best Self Productivity Planner 

($31.99 at BestSelf.co)

This is a cool planner that (when utilized) can catapult productivity levels. 

An affordable gift that could change a life. 

8. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

($119 on Amazon)

Most entrepreneurs are book worms. This is a timeless gift that will make the entrepreneur in your life much more effective!

Disclaimer: I have one of these but I just re-gifted it to my mom because I purchased the new Oasis version

9. Keurig Coffee Maker ($92 on Amazon)

Business is fueled by caffeine. The gift of coffee can go a long way!

Old school coffee is great, but why make a whole pot when you can make a fresh single cup every time you need one?

10. Bullet Proof Coffee 12 Pk 

($58.95 on Amazon)

Have you beard the buzz about butter in your coffee? I can't say I'm 100% sold on the underlying nutritional principles yet, but there is no denying this is a popular drink right now, especially in the entrepreneur community. 

These ready to drink coffee drinks are incredibly popular right now. I had great results with them last year but I accidentally made myself sick and can't stand the taste of them now. It wasn't the coffee's fault though...

If they enjoy the taste of these, they can get the components to brew their own from home (at a much lower price per serving). 

I was sick and tired of losing my keys and wallet. Tile solved this problem for me with these bluetooth enabled product locators. 

Attach these to your car keys, inside your wallet, backpack, purse (or anything you don't want to lose) and open the app when you need to find them. 

Press "find tile" and it will start ringing like a phone until you find it. 


12. LapGear XL Deluxe Laptop Lap Desk

($47.99 on Amazon.com)

It's not the world's greatest habit I know, but I do a lot of work from my bed. I like to lay down and watch courses, write posts (like this one) and read.

This is a great desk that is large enough for any laptop up to 17". 

Gifts for Entrepreneurs over $120

13. Bose Quiet Comfort Q35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

($329 on Amazon)

I fly a lot and noticed that lots of people had this same pair of headphones. After trying them on at Target a few times, I pulled the trigger and bought them...on Amazon 🙂

Using these headphones with some relaxing music (check out Brain.FM) takes my productivity through the roof. 

There is not a better "plug and go" mic out there in this price range.

This mic is insanely easy to use and works with any iOS device (via lightning cable) or computer with a USB input. 

I use this with my iPad Pro and love the sound quality. 

15. Sony A5000 Digital Camera

($449 on Amazon) 

I bought this camera over a year ago when I found it at a killer price (under $300). Although I got it for $149 less than you will pay now, it is worth every penny of the current asking price. 

What I love about this camera is it's fold out screen. It makes it perfect for YouTube and any video where you want to film yourself and see what you look like while your talking. 

16. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

($189 on Amazon). 

Millennials are in love with standing desks. 

This is an affordable option (relatively speaking) and it can be affixed directly atop almost any desk.

Be careful though. This is heavy!

17. Amazon Show 

($229.99 on Amazon)

This is the closet thing to a robot virtual assistant you can get (hurry up Elon Musk!) 

Creative entrepreneurs should have these near their desks to set timers, take phone calls, check security footage and tons of other amazing features. 

The sound is also killer!

Gifts for Entrepreneurs: Recurring

If you really love the entrepreneur in your life AND can afford to spoil them, here are some membership services that will make them happy. 

18. Athletic Greens Supplement 


Athletic Greens Discount

I take two scoops of Athletic Greens each morning. 

It is a straightforward supplement that improves performance (in my personal experience) and helps me start my day off on the right foot. 

Give the gift of wellness!

19. Fancy Hands on Demand Virtual Assistant Service (Monthly and Yearly Options Ranging in Price Based on Package)

Fancy Hands is like having a personal assistant who you don't know by name, but that does great work, is always on time and isn't expensive. 

With Fancy Hands you can ask the team to complete a number of small but helpful tasks for you whenever you need them. 

Audiobooks are like crack to entrepreneurs. 

Audible is a great program that gives users a credit for an audiobook each month. 

If you're looking for more recurring tools and services, here is a list of every single thing I pay for to run my business.

Gifts for Entrepreneurs: Clothing

I used to be upset about getting clothes as gifts when I was younger. Now, I freaking love getting clothes!

That is of course if they come from someone who has a decent sense of fashion (like my wife, mom or mother in law). 

One of my favorite bloggers Neil Patel explains why spending a lot of money on clothes helped him grow his business.

I've written about the benefits of 

These shirts absolutely rock. 

For over $105 a pop, these are definitely something that many guys wouldn't spend on themselves, but would love to have gifted to them. 

They last forever, are comfortable as hell and just look great. 

The fit is a little smaller than normal but they also don't shrink much when washed.

Mizzen and Main

22. Apple Watch 3rd Generation 

($440 on Amazon)

I had my doubts that these watches would be dorky when they first came out but they have quickly become a reasonable fashion accessory as well as power houses of productivity. 

I recently upgraded to the 3rd edition because I wanted the cellular connectivity so I could leave my cell phone behind when I went on runs or to the gym. 

Gifts for Entrepreneurs: For People "Who Have Everything"

Some of you might be blessed to be in a position that you can REALLY spoil the entrepreneur in your life. These are gifts that you can get "people who have everything."

If so, here are some almost over-the-top gift suggestions. 

23. TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk 

($999+ on Lifespan.com)

I said these would be over the top!

It has long been documented that our sedentary lifestyles are killing us. This gift could knock the person you give it to dead too!

Treadmill Desk

24. Hour Long Massage Gift Card 

($100+ on spafinder.com)

Everyone loves a massage but most people never buy them for themselves. 

This is a great "experience" gift and is almost always appreciated. 

Use Spafinder.com to find a location near you to get a gift card. 

Massage Gift
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