March 4


9 Free Tools Email Marketers Need to Know About

By Nate McCallister

March 4, 2020

Email Marketing

I'm an email marketing junkie. If there is a tool out there that can make me better, I've tested it. 

Here are some of the free softwares that email marketers should check out.


1. IsNotSpam - Check deliverability potential before you send your emails to your list.


2. SendTric - Add live countdown timers to your email broadcasts. These are amazing for adding a sense of urgency. 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

3. Coschedule Headline Analyzer - See how enticing your headlines are. This is mostly used for blog posts but it can be useful for email as well. 


4. Subject Line - Another free subject line analysis tool.

Net Atlantic

5. Email Subject Line Grader - And one more...

Tiny PNG

6. TinyPng - Compress images before sharing them in broadcasts. This will improve open rates and deliverability since heavy emails can cause issues.


7. Zapier - The Swiss army knife of software utility tools. There are an endless number of ways you can utilize Zapier in your email marketing. 

Hemingway App

8. HemingwayApp - Grade your body copy for readability. I recommend you aim for a 6th grade or lower score to increase CTR.  I cover it more here.

Test Subject Line

9. Test Subject by Zurb - See what your email broadcasts look like on mobile devices. 

Convertkit blue

PS: I recommend ConvertKit for your actual email marketing software.

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Nate is the founder and main contributor of He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his two kids Sawyer and Brooks with his beautiful wife Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics and piano.

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