9 Subscription Services Internet Entrepreneurs Can Use to Instead of Hiring Real Employees

Outsourcing without Hiring

If you're an internet entrepreneur, PLEASE read this article before you hire anyone to do work in your business. 

There are subscription services that can replace the need to hire, train or fire your own people.

Here is why I always recommend you consider a subscription service whenever possible. 

  • More Reputable and Reliable. These services are not just individuals, but larger companies that have reputations to protect. 
  • No Hiring or Firing. The services hire and fire their own people as needed. We come and reap the benefit of their work. 
  • Typically Require Less Training. These companies don't connect you with amateurs. You won't be starting from scratch. 
  • Cost Effective (Often Times).  If you're looking for recurring help, you might end up saving money each month on every one of the services I'm going to share with you.

Ok, let's get into the services. 

The Hoth : SEO, PPC Management and Link Building

The Hoth Transparent Logo

The Hoth offers an absurd number of different services aimed primarily at content marketers.

Pricing varies tremendously from package to package but there is something there for almost every budget.

VidChops: Video Editing

VidChops Logo

Click the Logo to Learn More

VidChops is probably my favorite of all of these services because video editing can consume you if you try to do it alone. They take it off your hands. 

The process is straight forward: You film the raw footage, upload it to Dropbox and then share it with them for editing. 

VidChops pricing is very straight forward. You can buy single edits ($119 Once), unlimited edits ($595/Month) or 4 edits per month ($295/Month).

VidChops Pricing

I highly, highly recommend VidChops.

Repurpose House : Content Repurposing


Click the Logo to Learn More

If you're a content creator, you know that creating one piece of content isn't enough. You should repurpose everything to get more exposure across different platforms. 

For example...

  • Turn blog posts into Pinterest pins
  • Turn YouTube into IGTV videos
  • Turn podcasts into sharable sound bites 
  • Etc.

Repurpose House takes your existing content and turns it into new pieces.

If content marketing is a big part of your business, Repurpose House may be worth the price tag. 

RepurposeHouse Pricing

Repurpose House is a great service if you're looking to get more out of your existing content. 

Adzombies: Copywriting

AdZombies Logo Transparent

Click the Logo to Learn More

My talent: writing. I enjoy and excel at writing my own sales copy. 

Most people are NOT like this. If you don't enjoy writing your own sales copy or just don't have the time to write all of it (why I have used AdZombies) this service is for you. 

Now, you aren't going to be getting David Ogilvy quality for these prices, but you will get copy that is far better than the average bear can create.

ADZombies Pricing

The pricing is a bit confusing, so you should be sure to chat with their onboarding team before you decide which plan is best for you. 

Fancy Hands: Administrative Tasks

Click the Logo to Learn More

I have a challenge for you…

Write down everything you do tomorrow and I mean everything. I guarantee you that there will be a list of random, one-off tasks that you weren't expecting to do.

These tiny little tasks can throw us off our groove big time and take us away from doing the higher level things that matter most. Fancy Hands is where I dump a lot of these tasks and avoid these productivity potholes.

Click here to see a host of example questions you can outsource with Fancy Hands

I hate doing monotonous tasks! There are so many things in my day that could be done by a 14-year-old, but they need to get done or I will be screwed.

Fancy Hands makes sure I don't get screwed and that I don't have to do them.


FancyHands is for...

  • Anyone who has considered hiring a personal virtual assistant.
  • Anyone who has repetitive tasks that they can schedule in advance.
  • Anyone who travels a lot and wants help booking hotels and flights (my favorite part honestly, as I always mess this up if I do it myself).

There are plenty of alternatives to FancyHands.

I have not used these services personally, I just did the research and found what appeared like comparative options. 

Delesign: Design and Animation 


Click the Logo to Learn More

The team at Delesign was kind enough to offer me a free 30 day sample of their service and I found it to be a good option for offloading daily design tasks.

They're unique in that they offer a very broad array of different design services. 

They have a very smooth, user friendly interface for submitting your work requests and they give you your own, dedicated designer. 

Click here to check out their plans and pricing.

Design Pickle

Click the Logo to Learn More

Design Pickle is a blogger's dream come true.

I actually enjoy making designs and graphics for my blog, but I do find that…

  1. I am not amazing at it (Design Pickle's staff are almost always better).
  2. I spend a lot of time on it.

Quality design work is critical for content marketers like me. Design Pickle allows me to write content (what I do best) and they do the graphics (what they do best).

If I were to hire someone for each individual design task I needed, I would not only waste tons of time, I would also spend 1,000s of dollars!

WPTangerine: WordPress Support

Click the Logo to Learn More

Although WordPress is pretty user friendly, you can spend WAY too much time trying to make or fix everything yourself. 

If you use WordPress and don't want to be stuck with all of the grunt/tech work, check out WP Tangerine. 

WP Tangerine Pricing

WP Tangerine is extremely cost effective if you need a lot of regular WordPress support.

I'm much more comfortable with agencies like WP Tangerine logging into my WordPress admin area than I am with a bunch of different freelancers I need to hire on a per task basis. 

Bench.co: Bookkeeping


Click the Logo to Learn More

Taxes are inevitable.

Since there's no getting around it (legally or for long anyway) you might as well make sure that your taxes are done properly. 

Bench will provide you with a dedicated bookkeeper for your business. 

While you still need to be very vigilant in your record keeping, Bench is a great convenience and powerful asset to any small business.

Keep in mind, your bookkeeper is NOT an accountant. They don't make tax payments for you and they won't be giving you financial advice. They simply manage your income statements, 

I'm terrible at keeping my own books. Seriously, terrible. Any help I can get is so appreciated, it is nuts.

Bookkeeping is one of the most easily outsourced tasks for solopreneurs like us.  

My books are a mess and Bench.co handles them elegantly. 

I have ....

  • Over 1 dozen different affiliates paying me monthly. 
  • Dozens of affiliates I pay each year
  • Many profit splits 
  • Tons of random business expenses (travel, suppliers, mortgage, etc)

I love dumping all that mess onto Bench's shoulders.

A note on pricing with Bench. The price you expect to pay is likely underestimated. I ended up paying over $250/month when I expected to be in a smaller package. Keep this in mind and don't be shocked if you require a bigger plan like I did. 

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  6. It was a game changer for me when I realized I didn’t need employees, but a team. I didn’t have to find one employee that could do a certain mix of tasks. I just needed a bunch of reliable freelancers whom I could call on when I needed their services. It’s much less stressful handling it that way for me. The other tip is to network with other folks who use freelancers, even if their business isn’t anything like yours. They probably have many of the same needs, and you can trade names of reliable folks. I have a computer tech friend, and we do this all the time. Our businesses are nothing alike, yet we both need graphics done or have data entry, etc. And sometimes those skills transfer…..I needed a book cover done, she needed a website banner. She used my book cover designer. I also occasionally browse fiverr gigs so I can find people with potential to try out or to find gigs I hadn’t thought of. It’s nice to keep a running list, even if I don’t need anything at that time.

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