Bench Bookkeeping Review After 5 Years of Managing the Bookkeeping for My Multiple Income Streams [2021]

By Nate McCallister

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4.4/5 is a subscription bookkeeping service that allows you to work with your own personal bookkeeper for one flat rate per month. They also provide tax filing services for an additional fee. 

I switched over my bookkeeping to Bench in 2016 and haven't looked back. It's been trustworthy and has saved me a lot of time and money. Highly recommended. 







I've always been better at making money than at saving it. A huge part of saving money for business owners is ensuring that you're paying your taxes correctly. Failing to do this can lead to massive fines or unexpected bills from the IRS long after you spent the money that was supposed to be used on taxes. To avoid this, you need quality bookkeeping. I've found that with and I want to share with you why I recommend them in this quick review. 

My Painful Audit(s)

I'm no stranger to costly audits. Before I found, I had been audited multiple times and each one was more painful than the last. A few thousand dollars here and $35,000 there...I can tell you from experience, there are few things as upsetting in business as this. If you've ever received an audit from the IRS, you know that it feels like a literal punch in the gut. The only feeling I can really compare it to would playing high school football and being blindsided by a D1 commit. It takes the wind out of you (literally).

I finally I was done with this feeling and I needed better organization of my books. So, I turned to Bench. 

How Bench Works

Bench provides you with a personal bookkeeper who manages every aspect of your bookkeeping. Bookkeeping

They get the transactions from integrations you set up with your payment processors. Link accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square

Your bookkeeper then organizes each transaction appropriately. If they have questions, they message you and provide you with an easy way to acknowledge what an unknown transaction was regarding. 

At the end of the year, you'll be provided with a year end financial statement. You can hand this off to your CPA if you don't want Bench to file your taxes for you (which costs extra). 

A Look Inside Bench

The interface is very nice. It's easy to navigate and stores a lot of insightful data. 

The main areas are...

  • Reports (Income statement, balance sheet, Pulse report) 
  • Messages (communicating with your bookkeeper) 
  • Accounts (add or remove financial accounts) 

Here's a peak inside of my account from 2016 (click on the image to expand on desktop to really see things).

Bench Bookkeeping

It's easy to view monthly or yearly financial reports with a couple of clicks. 

You can also easily upload documents as needed (tax returns, cash purchase receipts etc). 

Bench Upload

Communicating with your bookkeeper is also extremely simple thanks to their message portal inside the dashboard. Bookkeeping Chat

If your bookkeeper sees a charge that they don't recognize, you're provided with a simple widget to make notes about what the purchase was. 

This has actually saved me a lot of money in the past due to charges that weren't approved. 

Bench 5 Years Later

I haven't been audited since I transitioned to Bench and hired real CPA to file my taxes. 

For me, they've been fantastic, but I also don't recommend them to everybody. Here are the pros and cons of and my thoughts on who should and shouldn't hire them. 

Pros and Cons


  • 95% hands off - You don't have to do very much at all
  • Bookkeeping costs are tax deductible (not a bad place to spend money)
  • Very nice dashboard to see your revenue, expenses and profits over time
  • Work 1 on 1 with the same bookkeeper
  • Schedule live calls with your bookkeeper


  • Payments from services like Gumroad will need to be uploaded manually.
  • Having them do your taxes is a separate fee (I haven't tested it myself)
  • If you don't separate business expenses from personal expenses, they might mislabel them
  • Bookkeepers come and go. In 5 years, I've had 3 different people
  • Difficult to switch from other bookkeeping platforms

Bench Bookkeeping FAQ

How Much Does Cost?

For bookkeeping, Bench costs between $249 and $399 (if paid annually). If you require specialized bookkeeping, it costs an additional $100/month. If you need historical bookkeeping, that price varies but starts at $299/month. 

Note, if you use this link you get 30% off your first 3 months

If you want Bench to also file your taxes, that costs extra and the price varies depending on many factors. It's convenient, but you can easily have a CPA file your taxes based off the year end reports. 

Does Bench Use Quickbooks?

No, Bench uses their own proprietary bookkeeping platform. 

Does Bench Accounting Do Payroll?

You can track the payments for payroll and contract work but can't schedule payments, file quarterly and end of year forms or pay payroll tax.

What Is Included with a Account?

You receive bookkeeping starting the day you join. doesn't go backwards with your books unless you pay extra, so it's ideal to start using Bench at the start of your tax year. 

Does Bench Do Previous Year Reports?

Yes! Although it costs extra, Bench can go back in time and track previous months or even years of income and expenses for you. This is most useful if you're joining Bench late in the fiscal year and want to get everything documented for tax time.

ConClusion has been great for me and it will be for many of you too. If you're unhappy with your current bookkeeping solutions, I highly recommend giving them a test drive. Click here to start a free trial and see for yourself. You'll receive 30% off your first 30 days

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