I Tested Out Delesign for 90 Days | Here Is What I Think of the Unlimited Design Service

Delesign reviewed

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One of the great benefits of blogging is that I get to test out some really cool products and services in the name of business!

Although that's awesome,  I wasn't in the market for another unlimited design service when I was approached by a guy named Kenny Schumacher a few months ago.

Kenny wanted me to try out his new service Delesign

I was hesitant because I already had some good design services to use and recommend. Graphic Rhythm and Design Pickle were the two big players. 


TL;DR Summary

Delesign is an unlimited design service similar to Design Pickle but it also includes video editing and motion animations. Pricing is a flat rate of  $349 or $499 (the more expensive plan includes video editing and a senior designer). The customer support, quality of work and ease of use is great and I recommend all of my readers consider Delesign if they're in the market for unlimited, affordable design and video services.

The biggest difference between Delesign and these others is that Delesign offered video editing and animations as well (please note that this is only included in the $499/month plan).

This caught my interest because I pay quite a bit for other video editing services on top of my design costs.

So, I took Kenny up on his offer of a free month to test it out.  Oh, and then I took him up on the offer to extend the trial twice when I forgot to get around to using it enough to give it a fair review (sorry Kenny)!

In this article I'm going to share my honest opinion of Delesign. I'll explain briefly what it is, I'll share some of the designs I received and I'll dive deep into all the facets I think are important in a design service.  

These are...

  • Customer Service - I never refer readers to products or services with bad customer service.
  • Quality of Design Work -  It doesn't matter if the service is unlimited, affordable and from friendly people if the quality is bad.
  • Ease of Use - The customer portal and overall interface is very important to me.
  • The Company Itself - I review the overall "vibe" and people behind the things I recommend.

I'm also going to show you some examples of the work I received from Delesign.

Ok, let's get into it!

What Is Delesign

Delesign is an unlimited design service that connects its users with their own dedicated design specialist. Whether were talking about a niche or broad-base market, the designer can do...

  • Animations *
  • Video Editing *
  • Motion graphics *
  • Custom logos
  • Website and app mockups
  • Flyers
  • Shirt designs
  • Banners
  • Social media content
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • and just about everything else.

*requires the $499/month plan.

There aren't competitors out there that offer this wide of a range of tasks.

Unlike other services that are "24/7" and have you work with a large pool of  different designers, Delesign assigns you one person and they work the same hours Monday through Friday. You can choose a designer that works in the daytime or evening time. My designer works evenings and I submit work to her and wake up to the design or messages regarding it the next day. 

Does the fact that Delesign isn't 24/7 impact the speed of deliverability? 

Not that I noticed. My turnaround times were still very fast and I was never in desperate need for any work to be completed faster than it could be completed.

Customer Service

Although my designer doesn't work 24/7, Delesign's customer support team does. If I have any issues, I can reach them at anytime. 

They were extremely helpful and responsive the few times I needed them. Kenny (the founder) even helped me himself on occasion. 

Quality of Design Work

I was pleased with all but one of my requests. The only other errors I had were minor like small typos on a design that were easily fixed.

Here are my favorite things that my designer made for me (I've reduced the size and resolution for the sake of this post).

  • Pinterest PIN on Smells
  • Pinterest Ad
  • PDF Lead Magnet

I needed this design for a blog post on productivity and it was delivered in 24 hours. Very pleased with the styling (I try for a more feminine approach on Pinterest).


Ease of Use

Creating a new job request was very easy and intuitive. 

You pick out the type of design, answer a few basic questions and confirm and you're good to go.

How Delesign Works

Delesign Work Flow

You'll also have your own unique brand elements saved (colors, fonts etc) and your designer will be able to create consistently on-brand designs.

I submitted all of my tasks via the customer portal but you can also submit them through slack or email. If you really want to get wild, there is a Zapier integration that will let you connect your Delesign service with tons of other softwares you already use like Trello or Google Sheets. 

The Delesign Company 

I love what Kenny and his team are doing at Delesign. One of my favorite things is that Kenny has an area where users can submit feature requests.

Feature Requests

The Final Verdict

Delesign is a fantastic alternative to Design Pickle and/or video editing services like VidChops. If you're focused primarily on video, you may want to go with a video first service like VidChops but if you need both, Delesign is a very solid option. Definitely consider them if you're in the market for unlimited design work!

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