Here’s the INSANE Daily Routine of David Goggins

David Goggins Daily Routine

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David Goggins is known as "the world's toughest man," and for good reason. He attributes much of his success to his daily routine. In this article, we'll break down a typical day for David Goggins from his workouts, what he eats, when he works and everything else in between. 


David Goggin's routine would be considered abnormal and excessive by all credible fitness and nutritional standards. No medical expert would take the risk of labeling his daily routines (which have changed over the years) as "healthy" or "safe" for the average person or even for most elite athletes. There is no reason that anyone should feel the need to emulate David's daily routine and I'm not sharing it here to encourage anyone to do so. Unless you are an olympic athlete or have some other deep internal desire to do the David Goggins routine, stick to something more reasonable. 3 hour full body workouts and then 8+ hours of cardio is absurd unless you're a triathlon runner like David. For as awesome as the feats David accomplishes each day are, there is plenty of research that would suggest it's far more than the average person (or even professional athlete) would need to do in their day and trying to do so could be dangerous. You've been warned. 

Elements of David Goggin's Daily Routine

Early Wake-Up: Goggins often starts his day very early, sometimes as early as 3:00 AM, to maximize his productivity.

Physical Training: His training sessions are intense and lengthy, often involving running, biking, swimming or weightlifting. He might run over 10 miles or bike up to 50 miles in a single workout.

Stretching and Recovery: Given his extreme physical activities, Goggins dedicates a significant amount of time to stretching and recovery. He has mentioned spending a couple of hours per day on stretching alone to maintain his body's resilience.

Nutrition: His diet is calculated and focused on optimizing his performance and recovery. It includes meals that are high in protein and nutrients to support his demanding physical regimen.

Motivational Work: Part of his routine includes working on motivational speaking, writing, or similar activities. He uses his experiences to inspire others through social media and public engagements.

Reading and Studying: Goggins is committed to self-improvement and often includes reading and studying as part of his daily routine to learn new things and gain new perspectives.

Mindfulness and Reflection: He also incorporates mindfulness practices, which might include meditation or journaling to reflect on his progress and mental state.

Let's dive into each aspect a bit further.

David Goggins Typical Diet and Nutrition

David Goggins employs a highly strategic approach to nutrition that complements his rigorous physical demands. Here's how Goggins fuels his fitness:

Dietary Approach

  • Ketogenic Diet: Goggins follows a ketogenic diet emphasizing high-fat and low-carbohydrate intake to maximize fat burning and energy levels.
  • Intermittent Fasting: He incorporates fasting periods to enhance metabolic flexibility and fat metabolism.
  • Adaptability: His dietary regime is highly adaptable, changing in response to his training intensity and physical requirements.

Typical Daily Meals

  • Breakfast: Post-workout meals usually consist of protein shakes and low-glycemic fruits to replenish and fuel after intense morning sessions.
  • Lunch and Dinner: Meals are rich in high protein sources like chicken or fish, paired with complex carbohydrates from a variety of vegetables and grains to support sustained energy and recovery.
  • Snacks: Throughout the day, Goggins opts for nutrient-dense snacks that bolster energy levels during training.

Hydration and Supplements

  • Hydration: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially during extended endurance workouts or races.
  • Supplements: He uses amino acids and protein powders to aid recovery and muscle maintenance, ensuring his body can continually perform at peak levels.

David Goggins' workout program is more than a set of exercises; it's a comprehensive approach to overcoming mental and physical barriers. Let's take a closer look at how some of his well-kept secrets.

David Goggins' Workout Program

David Goggins has a workout routine that is as intense as it is diverse. Here's a brief exploration of his regimen, which combines physical exercises with mental toughness training.

Mental Toughness and Accountability

At the core of Goggins' philosophy is mental toughness, which involves pushing beyond comfort to test limits and build resilience. His routine includes running in extreme conditions and daily reflections to evaluate performance and set new goals, embodying his belief in the "40% rule"—the idea that one's limits are far beyond what they initially perceive.

Diverse Workout Routine

Goggins' weekly routine is structured yet varied, featuring long-distance runs, strength training with bodyweight exercises and weights, and cross-training activities like cycling and swimming. This combination ensures improvement in both strength and cardiovascular fitness.




pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups.


focused on compound movements like deadlifts, squats, and lunges.


focused on compound movements like deadlifts, squats, and lunges.

Training Insights and Challenges

Goggins’ approach to fitness is not just about the physical. It includes setting high goals, consistent training, and embracing discomfort to achieve personal growth. He also introduces challenges like the 30 Push-Up Challenge to keep motivation high and test physical limits.

But how does David Goggins start his day?

David Goggins and His Morning Routine

As you could have probably guessed, David Goggins is an early riser.  Exploring his philosophy and workout regimen helps us see how he develops mental toughness and discipline right from the start of his day.

Here's a video where David explains how to get up early everyday. 

The video features David Goggins' deep dive into the concepts of personal motivation, the essence of self-driven purpose, and the mentality required to overcome challenges.

Performance Beyond External Goals

Goggins challenges the conventional reliance on external goals for motivation. This readiness ensures you are always prepared to seize opportunities as they arise, emphasizing that true preparedness is internal and continuous.

Structuring the Morning for Success

Goggins' morning routine is meticulously designed to set the tone for his day, emphasizing self-discipline and mental preparation. It begins with waking up early, which is a common trait among many high performers who utilize the quiet of the morning to enhance focus and productivity.

Key Elements of Goggins' Morning Routine

  1. Early Start: Goggins believes in the power of rising early to take advantage of the day. This aligns with his philosophy of staying prepared and disciplined, ready to tackle challenges head-on.
  2. Physical Activity: Just as in his overall workout philosophy, Goggins incorporates intense physical exercise into his morning. This could include running, calisthenics, or weight training, which energizes him and reinforces his commitment to physical fitness.
  3. Mental Preparation: Goggins also dedicates part of his morning to mental training, which might involve meditation, visualization, or reading. This helps set his mental focus and align his thoughts for the day’s challenges.
  4. Nutrition: Following the physical and mental activities, Goggins focuses on nutrition. His diet is tailored to his demanding physical regimen, likely high in protein and balanced to support his energy needs throughout the day.

The Impact of a Structured Morning

Goggins' morning routine is not just about the activities he performs but the consistency and discipline with which he executes them. This routine exemplifies his belief in self-care as a critical component of personal development and success. By starting his day with such rigor, he ensures that he is mentally and physically prepared for whatever comes his way.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine highlights how routines, particularly in the morning, contribute to better mental health. It points out that a predictable start to the day helps to mitigate stress and anxiety by reducing the number of decisions one has to make upon waking. This reduction in decision fatigue can lead to improved mental clarity and a more efficient approach to the day's tasks.

Integrating Lessons into Daily Life

The takeaway from Goggins' morning routine extends beyond the specific activities. It demonstrates the importance of a purpose-driven start to the day, where disciplined morning habits can lead to improved overall effectiveness and well-being. For those looking to adopt a similar approach, the key lies in consistency and a commitment to both physical and mental health.

Summing Up

David Goggins' approach to personal development is a powerful reminder of how discipline and mental toughness, developed through daily practices, can transform challenges into opportunities for growth. From waking up early and pushing his physical limits to engaging in motivational work and mindfulness practices, every element of Goggins' day is designed to reinforce his philosophy of never settling and always striving for more.

The essence of Goggins' message is that personal mastery and toughness are not merely about achieving physical feats but about conquering the mind and constantly pushing beyond comfort zones. This holistic approach to self-improvement can inspire anyone to start their day with purpose and embrace each challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient.

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