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Clixsense review

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Nate McCallister recently reached out to me and asked if I wanted to write a review post for him here at He said it was a site called ClixSense that was popular in the make money online world.

The only fair way to review ClixSense was, of course, to try it for myself. So, I decided to spend an evening on ClixSense to see if it was a legitimate way to make money online. 

What Is ClixSense?

ClixSense is a platform that allows users to earn small incentives for completing simple tasks, engaging in paid online surveys, and accepting offers for free services.

Let’s take a look at the sign up process and see how much you can potentially earn.

Clixsense Set Up, Registration and Login Process

Registration process was SUPER EASY. The screenshot below is 80% of the registration process. After filling in this information you will be sent a confirmation email, and clicking on that link, you are brought to your Account Summary screen.

ClixSense Sign Up

After going to the Account Summary page, there will be a banner across the top of your profile asking you to fill in additional info like your address, phone number, gender, and date of birth.

Take note that ClixSense does say that only “one account per household is permitted”. I’m not sure how strictly they enforce this since I am the only person in my household. I don’t know if they will shut down additional accounts that people try to set up with the same address, or if they link by tracking cookies and IP address, or some other data.


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ClixSense User Experience

Now that you’re all set up, let’s take a look at the platform itself.

On the right side of the screen is the dashboard ticker for your Daily Checklist Bonus. This shows you requirements that need to be completed for you to earn your commissions.

ClixSense Daily Checklist

Clicking on the required tasks, I was brought to a list of available jobs. I clicked the first job posted with the title of “COLLECT PHONE NUMBER AND NUMBER OF LOCATIONS FROM WEBSITES-A”.

The kind of frustrating this is that this link redirects you to a new site, in this case a site called Figure Eight, which is where the task is actually to be completed, and you have to register with them in order to get credit.

Once I created the new profile for Figure Eight, I went through the instructions for the task listed above. Basically what I was doing was clicking on a link that Figure Eight provided. Most of the links were to Mapquest and included profiles for businesses. The task was to determine if the name and address of the business matched the name and address that was on the page where the link was located. If the information was a match, you would then proceed to see if you could find a phone number for the business and put it into a field on the original page. You also had to determine if the business had more than 1 location listed on the website provided.

Figure Eight somehow knew some of the answers because some of the items I filled in were marked wrong. For example, one link was for an RV Rental company that had a primary office, but then listed roughly 15 RV parks where vehicles can be rented from. When I completed the task, I said that there were 15 locations, but was marked wrong.

Cest le vie

I answered questions about number of offices and filled in phone number for maybe 50ish businesses before I started to go a little stir crazy. Roughly 30 minutes.

I then moved onto a new task which involved clicking links to LinkedIn profiles to people from all around the world. Your tasks were:

  1.  Confirm if the person listed still worked for the same company and/or their position within that company had changed
  2. Confirm if the person had “to present” listed as the end date on more than one position

I did this for roughly 20 minutes and went through about 20 LinkedIn profiles. The time consuming part was toggling between tabs trying to identify the tiny points on the page where the job titles were listed. The radio button options were also REALLY poorly phrased so it was difficult to understand some of the options to the answers you were providing.

After going through these tasks, I decided to move onto some surveys.


I started with the Pollfish survey in the red banner offering a whopping $0.21 to complete. I went through the survey and it asked me general questions about my gender, race, age, marital status, and other factors. I was then asked about purchases I have made in the past year and the areas of purchase were things like grocery delivery, take out ordering from restaurants, and music subscriptions like Spotify and Apple Music. After spending about 5 minutes just completing profiling questions, I was eventually told there were no surveys available.

Yoda Meme

I then went onto the Peanut Labs survey which had a varied amount offered for completion of surveys. After selecting the Peanut option, I was taken through many of the same profiling questions as before. Some of these however went into more detail.

I eventually made my way to a survey where I watched commercials for everything from fast food to cell phones. I provided feedback on these commercials, and rated the effectiveness of the ads. All in all this process took about 25 minutes and at the end I was given credit for a completed survey.

After getting my survey credit, I moved onto Offers

ClixSense Offers

Despite Game of Thrones ending recently, I selected a Year of HBO because they look like they have some promising programming coming up.

I went through the steps, and provided what was essentially just marketing information like my email and addresses, and completed some more survey questions where I was asked about car insurance, number of people in my household, etc. This all took about 5-10 minutes

After completing all that I THOUGHT I was required to do for free HBO, I was then told that I needed to “claim” one of several deals. Essentially these deals are signing up for various chrome extensions, requesting free trial offers of products. Etc.

I signed up for ebates using my junk email I made when I was 13. And wouldn’t you know it, after signing up and claiming the offer, I need to claim a SECOND offer to get my free HBO.

This process started to drag on and on and eventually I stopped because I felt like Chris chasing a Twinkie.

chasing twinkie


For the love of God, do not use your regular email for anything on ClixSense. I strongly recommend you use a junk email address for completing these surveys and signing up for offers. You are pretty much turning over all of your contact info and demographic data to solicitors in exchange for some small degree of compensation, so your inbox IS going to get blown up with marketing. 

Ok, now for the part you've all waited for... how much did I actually earn?

My ClixSense Earnings

So let’s get down to brass tacks. How much did I make?

Well, the title of the post is a little misleading. I did probably close to an hour of tasks, surveys, and filling in my info to become eligible for offers. However, I did probably close to another 45-60 minutes of filling out profiling data before technically getting to the ACTUAL surveys, registering with all the different sub accounts that ClixSense took me to, and reading really convoluted instructions on how to complete various items.

All in all, I spent close to 2 hours on the site and made……

Drumroll Please....

I made a total of $0.92. That’s $0.46 an hour.

"I made a total of $0.92. That’s $0.46 an hour.

To put this amount in perspective, a basic Netflix streaming account costs about $14 with tax. I’d have to do roughly 30 hours of “work” to pay for my account.

What Happened?

I am a bit confused myself here. I expected to make $0.01-$0.04 per task completed with the phone number validations and LinkenIn profile searches, but I do not have a payment for the work.

For the surveys, they keep you in the loop FOREVER answering questions about yourself while they “try to find” surveys for you to complete. Cause remember, you only get paid for the COMPLETED surveys. Realistically, the answers you are providing are the more valuable pieces of data, and they just give you that little incentive to keep you strung along.

And when it comes to the “offers”, its pretty much a joke. You are redirected to so many different sites and have to sign up with so many different free ad ons and marketing lists that in the end it isn’t going to be worth it. You’re going to spend hours consensually signing up to have your inbox filled up. Hopefully you have good spam filters from your email provider.

In the end, ClixSense and similar services are NOT worth the time and effort involved. You could probably walk around a mall or a busy shopping area and find more lost change in 2 hours than I made on this, and you’d get some exercise!

I recently wrote a piece titled “15+ Ways to Make $1000 Fast.” I get that some of those options are not going to make you wealthy. But ALL of them will make more money than this and don’t require you to forfeit your inbox to marketers.

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