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    Diigo: The Secret Evernote Alternative All Writers Should Be Using

    By Nate McCallister / a couple of months ago

    I love bringing new resources to entrepreneurs (hence Entre – Resource). Today I want to share a Chrome extension I’ve been digging lately (no pun intended). It’s called Diigo and every content creator should know about it. What Is Diigo?Diiego is a bookmarking tool that is part browser extension (supports Google Chrome and all other popular […]


      Hemingway App Review: Will it Help or Hurt Your Writing?

      By Nate McCallister / a few months ago

      To say I was excited to write about the Hemingway App is an understatement. I’m obsessed with finding and sharing tools that I can use to create better content and the Hemingway App is one of the tools I stumbled across way back in 2014 and have used extensively in my past blog posts and […]