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    Hemingway App Review: Will it Help or Hurt Your Writing?

    To say I was excited to write about the Hemingway App is an understatement. I’m obsessed with finding and sharing tools that I can use to create better content and the Hemingway App is one of the tools I stumbled across way back in 2014 and have used extensively in my past blog posts and […]


      22 Visual Elements to Make Attractive Blog Posts

      Blog posts don’t need to be limited to just words. Adding visuals to your blog posts will make your posts more engaging and easier to follow for your readers. Here are 22 visuals that you can use in your next blog posts to make them look great!


        TextBroker Review: Is It a Viable Option for Buying Content for Your Website?

        Truth #1: Many of the popular bloggers you follow outsource their content creation.  Truth #2: Buying content for your website is risky and most writers aren’t very good.  I like to consider myself the last of a dying breed of bloggers who do write a majority of their own content.  I enjoy it.  That being said, I have outsourced a […]