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Who Is This Article For? 

Intermediate bloggers with at least 6 months of writing or 20+ posts. OR freelancers working on smaller WordPress blogs for clients.

What You'll Learn:

  1. How to quickly fix a majority of the most common mistakes most new bloggers make. 
  2. How to boost SEO and organic traffic without creating new content. 
  3. How to do this all yourself without spending a fortune or wasting countless hours.

One of the major difficulties of blogging is getting started when you know you're making mistakes. Many bloggers never even get started because they are overwhelmed by all the technical nuances that go into creating a great blog. 

Why start a blog when it's going to be riddled with errors?

Well, you have to start somewhere! These early errors are just part of the process. No one knows everything about blogging and SEO best practices when they start.

This is perfectly fine and normal,  especially since there are tools that we can use to fix many of the errors we've made in the past. 

In this blog post, I'm going to share with you the tools you can use to fix all of your old blogging and SEO mistakes. 

If you're looking for just one solution, click on it and it will jump you to it. 

Fix Internal Link Structure with LinkWhisper

Internal links aren't as important as backlinks but they are still important to your site's overall SEO.


Internal vs. External Links

The funny thing about internal linking is that even if you knew 100% about them and were trying to be mindful about building them, you'd always be behind. 

Post #1 for instance would have zero internal links until you made post #2 and post #2 wouldn't have a link until you went back into post #1 to add it. 

The majority of your earlier posts will be like this. Short or totally devoid of good backlinks.  So, don't beat yourself up about this one too much!

To solve the issue, use a tool called Link Whisper.

link whisper results

Fixing my orphaned pages boosted my AHREFs score 5 % points almost instantly

Link Whisper allows you to instantly add internal links between your posts. You can choose the anchor text and quickly pass authority throughout all of your pages. 

After installing Link Whisper, navigate to the report area.

Then, filter the pages from fewest inbound links to most. 

internal links link whisper

Click "add" for each page missing internal links and then choose a relevant post to add a link inside.

link whisper add link anchor text 1 1

Continue this process for each post. 

To stay on top of your internal link building going forward, you can add internal links instantly with Link Whisper from the WordPress editor. 

link whisper wordpress editor

You'll see this towards the bottom of your WP editor page for every page and post you create after installing Link Whisper.

Bulk Edit Image Alt and Title Tags with Image Attributes Pro

Fortunately, I got into the habit of adding titles and ALT text to my images early on in my blogging career.

"But does it matter? Do images really lead to more traffic in search engines?" <--Common question, one that I actually had myself when I started. 

The answer, yes, images can lead to a TON of additional traffic to your site. 

My site received 18,600 clicks in 2019 from image searches. 

Google Image Search Traffic

Yes, image title and ALT text does matter. It can drive a lot of extra traffic!

Most people slack on this part but it's ok, you can make up for it pretty quickly. 

There are two options. 

Option #1 is very automated but not as effective. It will save you time and money but won't give you the best results.

Option #2 is slow but much more effective. I'd recommend hiring someone to do this option for you since it could take a very long time and is relatively unskilled work. 

Option #1:  Use the Image Attributes Pro plugin and automatically add ALT and title text to all your media. There are free and paid options available. I went with the lifetime pro option. There are other plugins but none came with the same reviews as Image Attributes Pro did. I take my plugins seriously! I won't just put anything on my site and you shouldn't either. 

Option #2: Use WP Sheet Editor Media editor. I will cover WP Sheet Editor in more detail next, but this is a good solution if you want to have more control over what is edited and you don't want to let automation run too haywire. 

Edit or Optimize Titles, Descriptions, Tags, Categories (and More) with WP Sheet Editor 

There is no more powerful tool for cleaning up a messy WordPress site fast than WP Sheet Editor. 

I wrote about it extensively here and shot a video that explains it in much more detail. 

Read the full WP Sheet Editor review + tutorial.

In a nutshell, WP Sheet Editor allows you to make changes to the tons of posts and pages all from one easy to view spreadsheet.

Without it, you need to use 100S (if not 1,000s) of extra clicks to edit each element of a page or post in the traditional WordPress dashboard. 

Editing Bulk Posts or Pages in WordPress

WP Sheet Editor brings you the functionality of a spreadsheet and looks like this...

WP Sheet Editor Editing Posts ---

Here are some of the core ways I use WP Sheet Editor.

  • Changing the category of dozens of posts at a time.
  • Unpublishing tons of posts or pages at a time
  • Editing the titles or meta data of dozens of posts or pages in one session

You can also upload data to the spreadsheet which can unleash even more fire power. 

For example, I am able to...

  • Edit a list of URLs that have low CTRs from Google Search Console
  • Edit a list of URLs that have no backlinks according to AHREFs
  • Edit a list of URLs that have high bounce rates according to Google Analytics

I truly cannot overstate what is possible with WP Sheet Editor. 

Before you bother with your categories and tags, be sure that you spend time creating a good system for them. My rule of thumb is tag like crazy but keep categories lean. You decide what's best for you though.

Do yourself a favor and read this article to boost your understanding of tags and categories before you get started.

Add Email Opt-Ins with Lazer Precision Using Thrive Leads

There are many....MANY softwares that will help you add opt-ins throughout your blog. The one I prefer now is Thrive Leads.

It has a unique advantage over some of its competitors. You can set the opt-in display on any number of customized levels. 

The tool I left, Sumo, was extremely limited on this and couldn't do category or tag level displaying. Also, it slowed my site down tremendously!

Reduce Image Size with Smush Plugin

It's pretty common for new bloggers to drop massive files into their site and not realize the impact they're having on their page speeds. Fortunately, there are a number of plugins that will compress your images for you.

wp smush

Smush does this well and it's free. I don't use it but it was the best free option I found. There are a lot of similar solutions so do your research on this one if you have a lot of images to optimize.

Add Affiliate Links to Old Content in Bulk with Lasso or Thirsty Affiliates 

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates and Lasso are WordPress plugin that will allow you to automatically insert affiliate links throughout your existing content. 

They is great if you find new affiliate products down the road and want to add links to them in all of your older content.

For example, let's say that you start promoting a software like ConvertKit. You've written a lot of posts in the past the mention things the phrase email marketing. You can create auto links that add your affiliate link to all instances of the phrase email marketing.

Click here to watch a video that explains the process in detail.

Each of these tools also have link shortening functionality similar to  tools like Clickmagick.

Resources Mentioned

If you want to try out any of these options, here are the links along and a couple of discounts. 

  • Get LinkWhisper and rank better in search engines by fixing your internal linking. Use code ENTRE10 at checkout for $10 off.
  • Get Image Attributes Pro and get more traffic from images by automatically adding relevant title, description and alt text to new and existing files.
  • Get WP Sheet Editor and save countless clicks and hours when updating 10s, 100s or even 1,000s of posts and pages at once. Use code ENTRERESOURCE for $200 off when you purchase all plugin variations at once.
  • Get Thrive Leads and grow your email list FAST by adding relevant opt-ins to unlimited pages in minutes. I recommend getting the entire Thrive Themes Suite but you can also buy Thrive Leads on its own.
  • Get Smush and fix your slow load times by compressing images automatically. 
  • Get Lasso or Thirsty affiliates and add affiliate links all over your website with a couple of clicks. 

Do you have any go to plugins that help you fix or optimize WordPress sites? Let me know down in the comments!

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