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Link Whisper Summary 

Is It Recommended? Yes. Highly.

Who Should Use It? Link Whisper is a must have WordPress plugin for every blogger. It is especially helpful to bloggers who have ignored internal link building and need to catch up quickly. 

Pricing: $67/Year for 1 Site. $97/Year for 3 Sites. $147/Year for 10 sites.

TL;DR Summary

This plugin saved me a days worth of time. If you are a serious blogger, this is in my top 3 most recommended WordPress plugins.

Have you heard of internal link building?

Don't feel bad if you haven't. I didn't know much about it until I'd been blogging for a couple of years already.

It isn't something that most casual bloggers think about. 

This Article Is NOT about External Link Building

Internal link building is different from external link building. This article and the Link Whisper plugin are focused on internal link building. If you want to learn more about external link building, here are some great articles. 

Internal link building is the process of linking the different pages on your website to each other.

For instance, here is a link to a blog post I wrote about keyword research. That link is considered an "internal link," since it connects two separate pieces of content on my site to each other.

Internal Link Building Flow

A good website is designed like a good airport. 

You have a lot of different locations and they connect to each other. 

For example, John Glen International in Columbus connects to Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta connects to Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport....  Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport connects to John Glen International in Columbus... so on and so forth. 

Just like a good air traffic system is created by connecting airports, a good website is created by connecting pages with internal links. 

More flight connections means easier travel for passengers. More page connections means easier crawling for Google spiders.

Ok, enough analogies. Just understand that internal link building is important and it will help your site out tremendously. 

But, there's a big problem...

The Problem with Internal Link Building

It's freaking hard!!!

Think about it.

Every time you write a new post, it should have some internal links. That means that you have to backtrack and go into older posts and find places to add links to your new post. 

Also, if you weren't diligent about adding internal links from day 1 (almost no one is) you'll have to go back and add them to all of your blog posts.

I had over 120 posts when I started to pay attention to internal link building. 

THE Solution to Internal Link Building

The solution to the internal link building problem is the Link Whisper WordPress plugin

Link Whisper helps you see which pages don't have internal links and then gives you suggestions for where to add them. 

Internal Link Plugin

You can filter the results and see which posts don't have any internal links pointing to them. 

Once you do this, you select the post, the anchor text and select "add link" and the link will immediately appear inside the post you chose.

Fast Internal Link Building

All of this is done without going into your WordPress editor at all. You can add multiple internal links to a page in a couple of seconds, all from the same window. 

My Experience with Link Whisper

Even after many hours of trying to fix it manually, I still had a lot of orphaned pages when I found Link Whisper. 

After installing the plug in, I was able to fix ALL of my orphaned content in less than 20 minutes. 

Not only that, but my AHREFs site audit score bumped up from 85% to 90% immediately.


LinkWhisper Discount Code

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After seeing the results Link Whisper gave me, I had to share it with my readers. I reached out to the creator and asked for a discount code for us. 

-->Click Here to Get a Discounted Copy of Link Whisper<--

If you want to see Link Whisper in action, I did a short video on my YouTube channel

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