Truxx Driver Review – Is It a Legitimate Side Hustle or a Scam?

Truxx Review

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Anybody who owns a truck knows that eventually everyone you know will ask you to help them move stuff around. But, did you know that you could make that inconvenience into a lucrative side hustle?

TRUXX Review

That being said, you should consider trying out the TRUXX App

What is Truxx?

Truxx is kind of like Uber, but instead of connecting you with people who will drive you around, it will connect you with truck drivers that will help you move stuff.

TRUXX is a crowd-sharing mobile app that connects you to a network of truck owners that will help you with odd moving jobs that don't merit a moving company or renting a U-Haul.

How Much Can You Make?

Truxx asks for a 30% Commission on all of the jobs; therefore;

If you help the customer load the truck:

You will make $70/hr ($49/hr after commission)

If you only provide the truck:

You will make $50/hr ($35/hr after commission) 

If the client asks for a 2nd mover, they will make $30/hr ($21/hr after commission) 

Requirements to Start Working With Truxx

In order to get started with Truxx, you will need to meet several prerequisites. You must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at Least 18 Years Old
  2. Own a Truck
  3. Be a Licensed Driver With Auto Insurance
  4. Be Able to Lift Heavy Objects
  5. Have a Clean Driving Record
  6. Allow TRUXX to run a Background Check on You

Issues to Know About

Though Truxx offers a great platform to make a little extra cash on the side, there are a few issues with the app that you should know about.

It should be said in advance that the App Store rating for TRUXX is currently 3.9/5 stars, meaning it is a decent app. This is just a list of the things that you should look out for.

Issue #1: Payment Mix-Ups

For one thing, like any crowd-sharing business app, there is the small chance that you could experience trouble when getting paid their fair dues from the corporate headquarters.

This isn't incredibly common, but the issue does exist, as has been mentioned in some negative reviews.

This issue also isn't anything new or unique to Truxx; it seems to be a minor risk associated with working on most crowd-sharing apps. Most people experience little trouble, though.

Issue #2: Decent to mediocre user interface

It has been said that the app can have a poor user experience, meaning that the quality of the app is decent at best. This is according to a series of negative reviews written by corkers and clients alike; referencing issues like frozen screens, network errors, and poor loading times. 

This issue could potentially run you the risk of losing clients or not being able to efficiently collect gigs like you want to. 

Closing Remarks

Truxx is a cool app that helps you make money like a true red-blooded American; with your pickup truck, muscles, and smartphone. 

While there are some issues associated with doing business on this app, I would recommend that you give it a try and see for yourself if it is the side hustle for you.

To access Truxx on the App Store, click the link here or scan the QR Code Below:

*Note: You can only download the app to Android and iOS. That means no PC or Mac downloads.

Truxx App QR Code

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