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Finding reliable drop shippers and wholesale providers is a constant challenge for online merchants. Good products that are delivered fast (meaning days/weeks instead of months) are also a factor. As well as being cheap enough to resell at a profit, can make you pull your hair out.

In this article, I’m reviewing SaleHoo. Available since 2005, SaleHoo boasts that it is “the easiest way to find low cost wholesale products to sell online.”

They also claim to offer award-winning support, provide step-by-step training, and boast being easy to us.

Let’s see if they can back up their claims.

Is SalesHoo Legit or a Scam?

Although some reviews from previous SaleHoo users have claimed that it’s a scam, SaleHoo’s own website begs to differ. In their defense, they offer proof that they are indeed legit.

  • They’ve been in business since 2005

  • They have a BBB Rating of “A”

  • They offer a 60 Day Money Back guarantee

What Makes SaleHoo a Good Investment?

SaleHoo supplier info

SaleHoo is not a wholesaler. Instead, they are a directory of over 8,000 wholesalers, liquidators, manufacturers, and drop shippers. Even though the company is based in New Zealand, their suppliers hail from all parts of the world, including Australia, Canada, China, the UK, USA, and New Zealand.

SaleHoo Find and Compare Products

Their database lists over 2.5 million products. You are able to save products you may want to sell and then compare them side by side to see their competition rate, sell rate, average price, and whether or not the product is trending.

Suppliers are screened by SaleHoo staff before they’re added to the list.

SaleHoo Support

Customer support is available via phone and email Monday through Friday 10:00pm - 2:30pm NZT (4:00am - 8:30pm EST -previous day). Their contact information is easily accessible on their website.

SaleHoo has a low annual membership fee of $67.

SaleHoo Resources to Help You Sell

SaleHoo online training

Get answers to questions about drop shipping, importing, sourcing products, avoiding scams, and much more from their free online sales lessons.

SaleHoo Forum

With the membership, you have access to an active forum of over 137,000 members who can help you with your online selling questions.

SaleHoo Supplier Chat

Using your SaleHoo inbox, you can read and reply directly to sellers of your choice.

Why SaleHoo May Not Be a Great Option

All this sounds good, but let’s look at some of the cons.

There isn’t a way to search for suppliers in specific geographic locations, such as USA or the UK.

Some of their products have low margins and can be found for a cheaper price on other sites, like Ebay.

Carol Thumbs down

Numerous upsells make using SaleHoo more expensive.

They have lots of brand name products, but now as many niche products.

I looked through a lot of reviews and this one sums up the best of the good and the bad.

Great customer service.

"The support team really cares for me and my success. They go out of their way to help me with what I need. Everything is as advertised. One thing that I would want for them to improve is matching the good products that come up in the lab with the right suppliers. I find it annoying to research products only to look at the suggested suppliers and find that they don't carry that product that I want. If they fix this issue I would gladly give them a 5+ star rating."

Yecheskel Hersh  //

How Easy is SaleHoo to Use?

You are able to start selling using SaleHoo as soon as you locate the suppliers you want to work with. When you find and select your suppliers, all you need to do is contact them and place your first order.

If you run into any issues, reach out to SaleHoo support or access their forum.

SalesHoo is Legit But Not a Miracle

In the end, I concluded that SaleHoo is a legitimate company that offers access to thousands of suppliers and millions of products for you to sell in your online store.

However, it isn't likely to change your business overnight, or maybe even much at all.  

Their membership price is straight forward, you pay an annual membership fee of $67. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can request a refund within 60 days.

You won’t know if it works for you unless you try it. With their reputation and longevity in the industry, you have nothing to lose.

Let us know if you decide to try SaleHoo and how it goes.

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