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Last Updated October 24, 2016

My love for Click Funnels far outweighs my skills. This should be very inspiring to you because I was able to get really great results on a recent product launch and OTO (one time offer) that I ran earlier this year (2016). At the time, this was my first ever OTO style campaign! It didn't drive huge revenue (just over $2,500) but the success relative to the traffic was awesome.


This is not the only platform I have sold these products on. I ran this campaign while the products were both selling well on (another one of my favorite digital product mediums).

The OTO Concept

The concept is simple…

  1. Sell a product at a some standard price (no special discount necessary).
  2. When the user has added to cart and entered credit card info, they are presented a special one time offer.
  3. Since the credit card data is already on file, this one-time purchase is much more likely to convert.
  4. The OTO must meet 3 special criteria (which we will discuss).


The Essential Elements of an OTO

For your One Time Offer to convert, it must be…

#1 Relevant to the original product purchased. 

If you sell someone a clothing item, it wouldn't make any sense for your up-sell to me a nutritional supplement.

Your buyers are on your site for something specific, don't lose that. Nothing else matters if your up-sell isn't relevant to your original product.

#2 Discounted price. 

Customers won't feel any urgency if the price is not less than they can get it any other time.

If you make a time sensitive OTO, you need to make sure that you put your money where your mouth is. Don't immediately offer this same discount elsewhere or after the deadline given to the buyer.

#3 Time sensitive.

Your one time offer needs to encourage immediate action. Most buyers will not be nearly as likely to purchase from you later.

Inside My OTO

The launch was very minimalistic. My sales copy was very limited (just short video clips filmed by my business partner on this).

Here is how the main sales page performed…

ClickFunnels OTO results

Now, here is how all those buyers of the main product acted to the OTO (a discounted product, completely relevant to the original purchase)…

Clickfunnels Upsell Stats

About the Products in the Funnel

Product #1: (Main offer) The original product was a chrome extension called “OA Highlight.”

OA Highlight logo

View Original Product Here –>

  • Price: $14.99
  • Audience/Niche: Amazon FBA sellers → Google Chrome

Product #2 (One Time Offer): 150+ Online Sourcing Sites Bookmark


  • Original Price: $19.99
  • Offer price: $9.99
  • Audience/Niche: Amazon FBA Sellers → Google Chrome
  • Deal Life: Until page is closed

How to Make Your OTO Better Than Mine

Tip #1 Split Test 

One of the best features in Click Funnels is its ability to integrate split testing.

Click Funnels split test control

So, split test as much as you can! It’s amazing how the subtle changes in your OTO can make a huge impact.

When you split test, be sure to edit one variable at a time. If you edit too many variables at once, you can't tell what is actually driving the changes. So, if you test your headline, don't change other variables on that test. Once the test has enough data for you to deem it conclusive, focus on the next changes. With Click Funnels, you can run multiple tests at one time but be careful to isolate variables.

Tip #2 Add Tracking Pixels

When I created this funnel, I didn't know the power of retargeting with a Facebook pixel.

How to Add a Facebook Pixel to Click Funnels

Here is a great article from Digital Marketer about using Facebook pixels to generate more conversions.

Tip #3 Add Countdown Timer to OTO to Increase Sense of Urgency

My sense of urgency was limited to “when you leave the page.” Adding an actual countdown timer will boost conversions.

Pretty exciting stuff right? Wanna try your hand at it? The free ebook “Dotcom Secrets” is the place to start!

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