Feedback Genius Review | Is FeedBack Genius a Legitimate Tool to Get Amazon Reviews or a Scam?

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Feedback Genius is a software from Seller Labs that helps Amazon sellers get more traffic and reviews to their products through automated messaging. It also helps avoid negative feedback through alerts and automations. The software is compliant with Amazon's strict review terms of service and Seller Labs is a very well respected, trusted name in the Amazon space. 




Every day more and more people come to the Amazon platform to start their businesses and many of them have the same questions.

  • "How do I get reviews of my products?"
  • "How do I drive traffic to my listings?"
  • "How do I get the buy box more often?"

There are a lot of different tactics and tools out there to maximize your sales, and improve your metrics but one of the best ways is to communicate with your customers through email follow ups and feedback requests.

Today we're going to take a look at why you need to use a feedback tool, and if one of the most popular tools on the market, Feedback Genius, is right for you.

Why You Should Use a Feedback Tool

If we take a look at the questions that new sellers ask, these can often be answered by using a feedback generation tool.

Reason #1 Helps Get Reviews and Traffic

This is really the most apparent function of a feedback generation tool. Many sellers bring new products to the platform and ask how they can get reviews. The presence of positive reviews instills a higher degree of confidence in customers for their purchase, so getting these reviews can be invaluable.

Reason #2 Can Increase Buy Box Frequency

Amazon obviously doesn’t release the criteria for how to get the buy box. It can be really confusing sometimes to determine what needs done to get the buy box, and some of it is purely speculative.

Just a Caveman

There are some factors such as price, which warehouses your items are in, and several other factors which contribute to buy box percentages that are tied to factors that you have less control over. But there are other issues that strongly correlate with increased buy box frequency which can be tied to receiving more positive feedback:

  • Established seller history
  • Presence of recent reviews
  • Recent and Lifetime feedback ratings
  • Solid Account Health

Having a steady stream of feedback will help insulate you from the occasional bad review and help keep your metrics solid so that you can get the buy box more frequently.

Benefits to Using Feedback Genius

One big factor that I see only the most successful sellers capitalize on is ACTUALLY listening to the voices of your customers.

Some feedback and reviews are always going to be from customers that have unrealistic. But one of the most important things you can do as a seller is recognize legitimate criticism and take action.

Customers complain that your items are arriving broken? You probably need to change your packaging and prep. See complaints that your items don’t match the photos on the listing? Check to mare sure there is not regional or exclusive packaging; add photos of alternate packaging or take higher quality photos.

Do not dismiss negative feedback and reviews. Accept that there is likely some grain of truth to their complaint, and use that data to inform your business decisions.

Is Feedback Genius Right For You?

Feedback Genius, like any feedback tool, should take the manual work of contacting your customers off your plate so that you can focus on maximizing your business potential.

Any tools you invest in should allow you to make more informed, smarter decisions about the performance of your business.

Amazon Review Compliance Issues

Amazon Warning

I need to take a minute to let everyone know that improper feedback requests can get your account suspended.

Amazon can suspend you based on the contents of your feedback messages on the grounds that they “manipulate reviews”.

Some of the common things I have seen sellers do either in manual feedback messages, or from using feedback tools other than Feedback Genius are:

Quid Pro Quo-if you offer any a customer payment, refund, coupon codes, gift cards, or anything along those lines in exchange for a positive review, or for a customer to remove negative feedback, you will get suspended

Ol’ Sleight of Hand-I have seen sellers use templates from other companies that include suggestive imagery or verbiage to direct customer to click different links for positive and negative feedback. This is a big no no. Using a template like this compromises the review process by making negative reviews harder to complete, and therefore less likely to be left.

Freebies-Much like a quid pro quo feedback request, many sellers get in trouble for offering an unsolicited item to customers in their feedback requests. The most common way sellers violate this policy is to include things like pdf ebooks with their feedback requests. Including items like this increases the value perception of the purchase and makes customers more inclined to leave positive reviews. Also, with ebooks, they often violate TOS by providing links to your other products and directing customers off platform

These are just a couple examples of non-compliant feedback requests.

The great thing about Feedback Genius is that they have been in this business for a long time. They know what they’re doing, and constantly update their products to remain compliant with Amazon TOS.

They are part of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Counsel, and a member of Amazon Web Services. Amazon doesn’t give away these certifications easily, so you can have a high level of confidence in the service Feedback Genius provides.

Overview of Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius offers multiple levels of engagement to fit your business needs based on the number of emails you need to send each month, and how many marketplaces you sell in. They currently offer services in Amazon US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Feedback Genius Pricing

Feedback Genius Pricing

The essentials package has a few limitations to the types of messages that can be sent in addition to the small number of messages. Outside of those small limitations, all of these levels include the same tools:

  • Automated Messages
  • Notifications when buyers leave you feedback
  • Wide range of templates (We will come back to this later)
  • Analytic breakdowns for your feedback campaigns
  • Customization of delivery filters and providing helpful communication updates to your customers

Unless you are a really small scale seller, I’d suggest any of the paid levels. You can get a free 30 day trial of any of the paid levels here [insert affiliate link].

Messaging Tools

For messaging your customers, Feedback Genius has a number of tools to tailor to your needs and find what works best for you.

You can set up emails to go out to customers at different and multiple points during the order fulfillment process. i.e. order confirmation, shipment, out for delivery, and delivered.

As mentioned earlier, the free essentials level has some limits compared to paid tiers. The out for delivery and delivered triggers require being on a paid tier.

Another great feature is that you can attach items to messages. This is a great way to include warranty registration information, tips about assembly of a product that may be ambiguous in the manufacturer’s instructions, or other media to engage with your customers. Just make sure you don’t market it as a freebie to avoid being accused of manipulating reviews.

Notification Alerts

As I previously discussed, receiving and acting upon legitimate negative feedback is one of the best ways for you to improve and grow.

Feedback Genius offers tools which can notify you in the event of negative feedback, and in some cases negative product reviews.

Utilizing these tools can allow you to identify areas of opportunity to improve your business, and give you the option of responding to customers to address complaints and possibly get them to change their negative reviews. Just make sure you do so in a compliant manner.

Data Analytics

Analytic tools are another feature that is absent in the free essentials plan, but this is really valuable for your business.

Just like an ad campaign, you can see your open rates and click thru rates. This gives you the ability to assess your messages to determine if they are constructed well and being utilized by your customers. If you aren’t having success with your feedback campaign, you can tweak it until you find what your customers respond to best.

Another great feature is the ability to do A/B testing on feedback. This means when you have a group of customers, you can set it up to split the types of feedback messages they receive and measure which one performed better. This is a great, fast way to find what works, and what doesn’t.

Feedback Genius as Part of Software Suite

Much like how competitor JumpSend is built by Jungle Scout, Feedback Genius is a tool created by Seller Labs. In addition to the option of purchasing the Feedback Genius as a standalone tool, Seller Labs offers a Pro level software package that gives sellers access to not only Feedback Genius, but also tools to assist in ads, keywords and listing optimization, and tools to monitor inventory.

Signing up for a Pro level package can really be a kind of turnkey software suite to serve many of your needs as an Amazon seller.

Whether you sign up for Feedback Genius as a piecemeal item, or as part of a product suite, it is an incredibly valuable tool that is worth your consideration.

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