Facebook Ad Campaign Overview

Exposed: Inside My Stupid Simple Facebook Campaign

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated May 8, 2020

Facebook ads are hard man...even when you know how to do them, it's always a difficult process to get one to really convert well.

So, first, don't beat yourself up if you've failed with them in the past. My first piece of advice is to never stop tinkering with them. One winner can greatly offset all the early flops. 

Instead of showing you a bunch of theory, I decided to walk you through one of my more successful campaigns from 2020. Seeing behind the scenes of a winning ad can really make things easier for you. 

My goal is to educate but also, to motivate. 

You see, there is a LOT of bad information out there and much of it overcomplicates the process. 

This ad was unique because it...

  • Had a lead magnet that was extremely basic and easy to make
  • Didn't have a crazy detailed custom audience 
  • Was shot in one take using just my iPhone's face camera

It was also unique because it actually converted viewers into email opt-ins for just $1.15.

These were high quality leads and I was very easily able to "liquidate" the cost of the ad spend through a simple email follow up sequence. 


Watch the video below to learn how I did it....

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