CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar Test | Why I Left But Came Back

Coschedule Review

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Coshedule is a content marketing suite of tools that allows content creators to manage every aspect of their marketing calendars. You can schedule blog articles, social media posts and more all inside a beautiful interface that makes you want to use it daily. 


  • Beautiful interface
  • Integrates with all major social platforms
  • Built for teams
  • Zapier integrations make possible functionality very diverse


  • Competitive space has many alternatives
  • Can become expensive if you have a large team
  • Not as many direct integrations as I'd like (No ConvertKit) but Zapier suffices (you need an account though)
  • Some issues with connecting social networks (easy to resolve though)





What Is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a scheduling app that is perfect for bloggers and affiliate marketers. With CoSchedule, you will be able to quickly manage and keep track of your:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • Even your general to-dos
CoSchedule review Example of Calendar

The really powerful feature of this software is the ability to schedule and map out the release of your content, and maintain a consistent marketing strategy. 

You can use it to plan ahead on the release of your blog posts, instead of just bombarding your viewers/readers with sporadic surges of posts fueled by bursts of caffeine-induced creativity.

CoSchedule review Example of pre-planning content

Plan out the post ahead of time and forget about it!

Why I Left and Came Back

I'm going to be honest, Buffer, MeetEdgar and Hootsuite do an amazing job of marketing their platforms and they have a DEEP lineup of influencers who use and recommend them. 

There was nothing wrong with CoSchedule, but I was under the impression I was missing out on something by not using one of the other big name content planning programs. 

I was wrong. Not only were they no better at what they actually did (scheduling social media content) they weren't the best fit for blogging. 

Yes, there are some extremely robust features in the other tools such as deeper analytics and reporting, but nothing that was moving the needle forward for me. 

CoSchedule seems to be especially catered to bloggers like me and I felt I had no other logical choice but to come back. 

How We Use CoSchedule 

Currently, I use Coschedule with my main content assistant (and brother) Matthew. We use it for two of our sites currently.

8020Sheets and 

We use it to manage...

  • Email broadcast planning
  • Social media post schedule on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Blog post scheduling

What I've found is that if you just try to "wing it" with your content marketing strategy, you'll always under achieve. A schedule keeps you consistent and ensures that you are sharing at the right times and in the right amounts every week. 

The cost is far exceeded by the value. One week of quality content scheduling can easily pay off the subscription for medium sized businesses like ours. 

Coschedule Pricing

CoSchedule offers two plans:

The Marketing Calendar





  • Real-Time Marketing Calendar
  • Automated Social Media Posting
  • Save Custom Views of your calendar
  • Share Read-Only calendars
  • Easily Reschedule Projects

The basic version costs about $39/month per user and $348/year per user ($29/Month). This mode is great if you have a small team made up of yourself and maybe one or two assistants.

This full marketing suite is for larger teams and more established content-creating operations. The pricing on this can vary, so you will need to contact their sales team directly and schedule your demo.

More information about CoSchedule's pricing can be found at their website by clicking the link here.

CoSchedule is a great tool for automating and mapping out the distribution of your content. Consider using it today to take your content to the next level!

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