Membership Program Calculator

I created this basic Excel spreadsheet (on my Mac so I apologize if it gives you PC users problems) to “scratch my own itch.” Basically, it helps me analyze my break even points, labor necessary and how big I could possibly scale a membership program.

Please, by all means, mess around with it and change it to fit your own particular model or idea.

Define Your Own “Output”

If you’re wondering what “output” is, that can be a lot of things.

If you are in social media marketing, for example, you may have a membership program that promises a certain number of media posts for all members during a given cycle of time. Your unit of output could be the number of posts that you or your team can share per hour.

Don’t have employees? Don’t have real output?

If you are considering a program that is completely based on your own content and output, feel free to remove the employee section.

If you have a little bit of Excel skill, you could change this up to show how much work you would need to do and how much you’d earn per hour at your profit maximizing points. This can show you if this is worth pursuing or if it is a bust from the start.

Have fun with it and contact me with questions. If you make changes to it, feel free to send them to me, I’d love to use them too.


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