Easiest Way to Turn PDFs into Downloadable URLS | How to Upload Your PDFs to WordPress

By Matthew McCallister

PDFs are super valuable digital resources, and posting said documents to your blogs can really help both you and the niche community that you cater to.

Today, I will help you learn how to upload PDFs to your posts and pages on WordPress.

Step #1: Add the PDF to Your Library

PDF upload Step 1

First, you will access the "Add New" option in the media menu located on the main page of WordPress. From there you will upload your desired PDF to the media Library.

PDF Upload 1b

In this example, I uploaded a PDF of the Declaration of Independence, because I'm a red blooded 'murican, dad-gummit!

Step #2: Edit Meta Info and Copy to Clipboard

PDF Upload step 2

Next, you will need to go to the media library and open the PDF you just uploaded. Here, you will fill out the meta info (Title, Caption, and Description). Lastly, you will need to copy that file URL to your clipboard.

Step #3: Paste the pDF URL to your post

PDF Upload Step 3a

If you are editing your post within the WordPress editor, all you have to do is to highlight some text, click the link icon and press CMD+V or CTRL+V to paste the File URL to the post. 

PDF Upload Step 3b

From here, the reader can also download the PDF for later consumption.

And there you have it; that is how you upload a PDF to your posts on WordPress!

About the author

Matthew is a professional blogger and content marketer. He is a student at The Ohio State University, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. His favorite hobbies include weightlifting, hiking with his dog, and playing video games.


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