5 Tips for Making Human Writing Different from AI Writing

Make ai writing more human

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Artificial intelligence technology has not been available for widespread use for a long time. It was implemented exclusively at the level of various technological projects and individual developments. However, in 2023 the situation changed radically. People had the opportunity to evaluate the advantages of a unique program based on AI - ChatGPT.

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This is the first model of such technology that anyone can use. It has wide functionality, so it has attracted the interest of specialists from various fields. In particular, the system's ability to generate texts has attracted interest from marketers and business owners. 

Authors who are engaged in the creation of content on a professional basis have encountered difficulties. The main reason is that their works are sometimes equated with AI-generated texts. To avoid this situation, it is worth paying maximum attention to those skills that artificial intelligence lack. 

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Use Expert Knowledge

Artificial intelligence technology is developing at a breakneck pace. According to Precedence Research data, in 2022, the volume of the global AI market will reach an impressive mark of 69.25 billion US dollars. Experts also predict a gradual increase in these numbers in the coming years. Based on these data, it can be concluded that the use of AI is really effective and provides the expected result.

In fact, the technology has several problems. Users have repeatedly pointed out the fabrication of facts and confusion with historical data. All this can take place during the creation of content. These failures sometimes cause the creation of irrelevant or false statements..

Another important aspect is the lack of expert knowledge in each of the fields. The system has a certain database, but it does not cover all the knowledge of professionals in a particular field. This weakness should be exploited by authors who want to differentiate their writing from AI-generated content.

Professional authors of Essay Writer Pro recommend that you do an in-depth study of the topic before creating the text or seek help from a specialist. In any case, remember that the expert material must contain appropriate terms.

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Create an Emotional Connection with the Reader

This advice is based on another gap in AI technology. Despite constant development and updating, the "smart system" cannot create content that evokes real emotions. This is because of the lack of ability to distinguish ordinary from emotionally charged phrases. As a result, an official and somewhat robotic text is created.

Using 3rd party tools like QuillBot can help you "spin" text that was generated by AI so that it can bypass AI filters AND read more naturally. 

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QuillBot is much more than a Grammarly knockoff. Its a full-fledged writing assistant for the casual person or the professional author. I use it as my default grammar checker but also to edit my books.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

If you want your text to differ from such material, then add some emotion to it. To do this, use personal experience, draw an analogy between situations, or tell a related story. Each of these techniques will not only make the text stand out but also provide a connection with the reader. This significantly increases the chances of interaction because customers often make purchases under the influence of certain impulses.

To better understand what we are talking about, it is worth giving simple examples. AI technology generates accurate descriptions, so it can create something like: "The store offers a high-quality watch made by a famous Swiss brand." A person can describe this product from the point of view of emotions. For example: "This Swiss watch is not just an accessory but the first step on the way to self-confidence."

Use New Knowledge

People who create texts acquire new skills and develop them over time. As a result, they develop their own style and their work becomes better. This is what distinguishes texts created by human authors from content generated by AI.

Some experts may disagree with this comparison because the program is also periodically updated. However, there is a significant difference between these processes. Artificial intelligence is not able to develop independently, change its view of the situation, and also acquire new skills.

The system receives only those updates implemented by the developer. As a result, the possibilities are much more limited than in humans. This can be the basis for distinguishing your writing. In order to create a text that is unique and not similar to the results of using AI, you need to boldly use new knowledge and methods in the process.

Make the Most of Your Creative Potential

Creativity is another characteristic that distinguishes machine written from human-generated content. It is due to the specifics of the functioning of artificial intelligence. The program is able to create works based on the information available in the database. That is, she creates new texts by paraphrasing and generalizing.

This does not give an opportunity to create really creative and interesting texts. A person is able to use a much more sophisticated approach. She has the ability for creative thinking and a non-standard view of certain facts. The result is creative texts that immediately attract the attention of the reader.

But, if you think your crafted content doesn’t showcase a creative instinct, it is time to think of a smart solution. You can use the creative paraphrasing mode offered by the efficient tool paraphrase online. Doing so will help you give your content the best shape that will showcase creativity and meaningfulness at the same time.

Use Unique Author Research

Artificial intelligence technology is designed to use only the data contained in the established database. She does not have the ability to independently investigate these facts. This feature is another key to creating text that won't equate to AI content.

To use it to your advantage, you should research the chosen topic in more detail. For example, you can conduct a survey or perform an analysis of existing data. The information obtained is the basis for forming a unique vision of the situation and creating a reason for reflection.


The emergence of an affordable AI-based program has become an important event that has opened up many opportunities for users. In particular, the new technology simplified the process of creating texts. This feature has become a real challenge for human writers who wish to separate their work from the content generated by AI. This is not easy to do. However, one way to do it is to pay attention to certain gaps in technology and use them to your advantage.

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