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Complete List of Internet Business Tools I Use 

Here are all of the tools I have paid for in the last year to grow my internet business.

They are not all created equal and some are much more valuable to me than others. The commonality between them all: each makes me money or saves me time in some way. 

Why I use WP Engine: Hosting is not an option for a blogger. You need to have high quality hosting in order to keep your blog up and running. Due to the amount of traffic I get, I pay for the higher end, WP-Engine hosting. 

Level of Importance: 5 (Critical) 

Cost. $290/year

Alternatives to WP Engine: Bluehost and Hostgator are quality options and less than half the price if you are just starting out blogging or building a new site that won't have a ton of traffic. Until you are over 10,000 unique visitors per month, these should be fine. 

Additional Notes

  • Never use free hosting. You aren't in control of your content. 
  • Customer support is world class and I've used it multiple times 
  • Some plugins may conflict but customer support has helped me solve these issues each time

Why I Use Clickfunnels: Clickfunnels is an integral part of my business. Although the price tag scares off a lot of people, when utilized properly, it isn't even noticable. 

Clickfunnels allows me to:

Level of Importance: 5 (Critical) 

Cost. $297/month (Plans start at $97/month)

Clickfunnels AlternativesThrive themes can emulate some of the features in Clickfunnels but will not handle upsells/downsells or provide you with the same level of customization and templates. Shopify is an alternative if you plan to have a full blown web store with a shopping cart and expanded functionality. If you are selling a single product with upsells and downsells, a digital product or course, I recommend Clickfunnels. 

Additional Notes

Why I Use ConvertKit: Convertkit is my email service provider of choice. With nearly 10,000 unique email subscribers and various segments and tags, Convertkit makes me EXPONENTIALLY more than I pay each month. 

Level of Importance: 5 (Critical) 

Cost. $119/month (Discounted for Paying Yearly)

Alternatives to ConvertKitMailchimp is the closest free alternative but it is quite limited. I recommend starting with Convertkit (it is tiered pricing and will start at $29.99 if you're starting fresh). 

Additional Notes: 

  • I have tested Aweber, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp AND Drip but prefer Convertkit. 
  • Click here to read my ConvertKit Crash Course

Why I Use KW Finder:This is my favorite tool for researching keyword opportunities before writing blog posts. 

Level of Importance2 (Luxury, not Critical)

Cost: $129/year

Free or lower cost options to KW Finder

Google Keyword Planner is a good free option. 

Additional Notes: 

Free plan available.

ConvertKit Zaps

Why I Use Zapier: Zapier helps bring various tools together. By creating "zaps" I can link things that normally aren't integrated. For example, I can send all of my Gumroad orders into a tag in Convertkit. 

Cost: $20/month

Level of Importance: 4 (Necessary)

Free or lower cost options. will provide a number of free integrations. 

Additional Notes: 

  • There is a free plan
  • There hundreds of thousands of possible zaps
  • Getting creative with Zapier has helped my business tremendously and allowed me to do things that would have required hiring a developer if I didn't have Zapier. 
Thrive Themes

Why I Use Thrive Themes: If you blog, you should consider using Thrive themes. This blog is designed with Thrive themes and this post was written with the Thrive content editor. 

Thrive Themes content editor

Thrive Themes allows me to:

Cost: $228/year

Level of Importance: 4 (Necessary, but there are alternatives)

Free or lower cost options. There are countless free themes online. This trumps them all. 

Additional Notes: The Thrive suite comes with many other tools that I don't utilize very much such as headline split testing, lead generation, testimonial gathering and more. 

Zoom for Webinars 


UPDATE: [CANCELLED] WEBINAR JAM + EVER WEBINAR in 2018. I was not happy with the consistency of the broadcasts and decided to spend a little more on Zoom to get more reliability. 

Why I Use Zoom: Zoom is the service I use for hosting my webinars.

Webinars are one of my biggest list building and sales generating assets so I don't mind paying 

Some of the features you get with Zoom include:

  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube or to Webinar Jams own platform
  • Engage with viewers
  • Share screens + annotate screens life

Level of Importance: 3 (Important but there are many alternatives)

Webinar Jam + Ever Webinar Cost: $1400/year for 500 person webinar plan

Zoom Alternatives: Webinar Jam, Google hangouts,, YouTube Live, Facebook Live. 

Additional Notes: 

  • WebinarJam is FAR from perfect. Sometimes, I down right hate it. For the price and ease of integration with Clickfunnels, it is still my platform of choice. 
  • There are many alternatives (higher and lower costs) but for now, I'm happy with Webinar Jam

Typeform (Surveys)


Why I Use Typeform: Typeform allows me to survey my audience and obtain valuable insights that I can then use for improving my content or products. 

Cost: $240/year

Level of Importance: 2 (Luxury with free alternatives)

Free or lower cost options: Google Forms

Additional Notes: 

  • Typeform forms look amazing and you will get more features (like billing through stripe) that you won't get with free services like Google Forms.
  • If you just need quick, raw data, Google Forms is fine. (Scheduling) Logo

Why I Use I use this for booking appointments with clients and students. 

  • Share or embed schedules anywhere
  • Add custom branding elements
  • Create custom follow up emails
  • Charge for time
Charge for scheduling

Cost: $108/year

YouCanBook.Me Alternatives: There are a number of free tools. I have always used so I can't say much else. 

Additional Notes: 

  • It isn't a perfect tool and there is a slight learning curve, but is a solid choice for scheduling. 
  • Having a professional scheduling service like this is important if you have a consulting business or regularly meet with clients. (Accounting)

Why I Use Bench.Co: is a web app/service that assigns me to an accountant that manages my books. They track my revenue, expenses and categorize them to make tax time much easier. 

Bench.Co Earnings

Cost: $250/month

Alternatives to

Additional Notes: I hate everything to do with accounting. I GLADLY pay to help me out. Their referral program helps me out a lot.

Freshbooks (Billing and Accounting)

Why I Use Freshbooks: Freshbooks allows me to create and send professional looking invoices to clients and students. 

  • Create recurring payments
  • Create professional looking templates
  • Pay employees

Level of Importance: 4 (Important) 

Cost: $323.46/year

Free or lower cost options: Basic free tools exist.

Additional Notes: Freshbooks makes my invoices look clean and professional. I don't use all the cloud accounting features since I use

Buffer (Social Sharing Automation)

Buffer Logo

Why I use it: Buffer is another social media scheduling tool like Coschedule and Hootsuite.

Level of Importance: 3 (Nice but not 100% necessary)

Cost: $102/year

Free or lower cost options:

Additional Notes: It really is overkill to have multiple post scheduling softwares. Since Buffer supports Instagram sharing, it is my default automation tool 

Canva (Design)

Canva sign up

Why I Use Canva: Canva is my go to tool for design work. I am far from an expert designer but Canva really keeps me in check and makes sure I don't create design work that is too horrible. 

Level of Importance: 4 (I use it daily BUT there is no shortage of alternatives)

Cost: $119.40/Year

Free or lower cost options:, and others. 

Additional Notes: Canva has a free option. It is almost mandatory to have some sort of design tool on hand. This is a no brainer.

Fancyhands (Administrative Tasks)

Why I Use FancyHands: Fancy hands is a service that allows me to request 5 basic tasks per month. This is like Fiverr but more organized.

Level of Importance: 1 (Almost a total luxury)

Cost: $29/month or $359.88/Year

Alternatives to FancyHands: is close but requires regularly re-ordering. 

Additional Notes: This is far from a perfect service. Some gigs are great while others are just horrible. With some practice, you can really get a lot out of this service though. Clarity is king.

Ahrefs (Keyword Research)


Why I Use Ahrefs: Ahrefs has taken the place of SEMRush as my SEO tool of choice. Ahrefs helps me monitor keywords and how I rank as well as find the best possible keywords to target. 

Level of Importance4 (I use it daily but there are competitors that come within about 85% of the functionality and accuracy). 

Cost: $980/year

Free or lower cost options: Google Analytics

Additional Notes: If you're choosing between SEMRush and Ahrefs, I recommend Ahrefs. It is better in almost every aspect I tested. 

Total Yearly Costs!

The total costs for all these tools is...drumroll please.....


Thats a lot right?

 Well, in a bubble yes, but these tools are on pace to help me earn a lot more... here is what my year looked like in 2018...(report courtesy of

Bench.Co Screenshot
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