How to Create a Gmail Address with Your Own Domain Name | Example [email protected]

Make an email with your domain name

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Did you know that you can use your custom domain name in Gmail? Doing so, especially in professional communications, can take your emails to the next level and validate your business.

Nowadays, business accounts that end in come across as incredibly unprofessional and can be considered a red flag. It would basically be equivalent to naming your brick and mortar business after the landlord that you rent the property from.

I will show you two ways that you can try to give yourself a custom domain for that gmail account we all can't live without.

Step 1: Create a Email Address Within your domain

Email Setup Step 1

For simplicity's sake, I am assuming that you already have a gmail account. What you will need to do, however, is create your special Email address through the same hosting site that you used to create the domain. I used NameCheap, but the process will be pretty much the same for each site.

Step 2: Link the accounts through gmail

This process can get a little hairy, so pay close attention to what I say and take a good look at each of the examples.

For additional help, especially if you use NameCheap, I recommend looking at this support page, to further walk you through the linking process.

Access the Accounts and Imports Settings

Email Setup Step 1

Access This Page by Clicking "All Settings" From the Quick Settings Menu

From your main page on Gmail, click the gear icon and select "All Settings". From there, you will click on the "Accounts and Imports" tab. There you will scroll down and select "Add a Mail Account". That will begin the linking process.

Specify Your New Email Address

Email Setup 3

This is definitely the simplest part of this setup. Simply type your domain email and click "next".

State the Username, Password, Server, and Port Number

Email Setup 4

Rewrite the email address, the password for said email address, and the POP server. The POP server will be different for each hosting site, so I would recommend checking your respective hosts support page. Also, your port number may differ. For example, if you are using NameCheap, the best port to use would be 995.

Enter Desired "From" Field 

Email Setup 5

Here, you should enter either your full name, or whatever title you would like the email address to be labeled as in a professional setting (Support, Marketing, etc.). After that, you want to fill in your domain email within the. second box.

Specify Your SMTP and Server Credentials

Email Setup step 6

Here, you will specify your SMTP (Standard Mail Transfer Protocol) Server, Email Username, and Password. Your SMTP in simpler terms helps google locate where your domain email originally sent and received messages. For specifics, I would recommend going to your respective support page. For NameCheap, I also recommend that you choose port 465 and secure the connection with SSL.

Step 3: Verify Addresses

Email setup step 7

Lastly, you will need to verify your new email address to fully activate it. A link should be sent to the "Parent" Gmail account where you began the process as well as the private email server that used to host your domain email address. Google wants you to either click that link on both platforms, or paste the code that you received into the setup.

And there you have it. From there, you should be good to go with your new, domain specific Gmail Account.

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  1. Technically speaking this is misleading… All that is happening here is youconfigure the Gmail platform to get and send emails. One would use the same steps to configure outlook, or any other desktop client to achieve the same thing… Using this just means you don't have to sign in to the original email portal…

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