17 of the Best and Safest Places to Buy and Sell NFTs in 2023

Where to buy and sell NFTs

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Disclaimer: I do not personally invest in NFTs and do not see them as a reliable investment. I like the technology behind them but they are almost surely a bubble that will pop sooner than later. 

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a rapidly growing digital industry. This new market lets you buy and sell digital assets on the blockchain, bought exclusively with cryptocurrency, typically Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Solano. 

These digital Assets can be anything from JPGs and GIFs, to even videos and video games. What makes NFTs valuable is the documented proof that you own the NFT. While anyone could theoretically make a copy of said NFT, what is actually valuable is the rights to that specific digital property. 

Now there are tons of places all over the internet where you can develop NFTs, buy and sell these NFTs, and today I will tell you about some of the most exciting NFT marketplace development opportunities out there. 

Note: With all of these, you will need to get some sort of Digital wallet to hold your currency like Metamask or The Ethereum Wallet to link with your account on each site.


Open Sea Logo

OpenSea is the largest, most popular NFT marketplace on the internet, and with it you can buy and sell your NFTs. It started in 2017 and is currently the most popular online marketplace. It offers a little bit of every type of NFT, and it is constantly growing. The main cryptocurrencies used on OpenSea are ETH, The USD coin, and DAI. 

Enjin Marketplace


Enjin Marketplace is a great site to buy and sell your NFTs online. While they also sell the basic NFT genres like Art and Trading Cards, they also specialize in Video Game Assets (i.e. collectible swords) that can then be used in the video games themselves. Enjin operates through the ETH blockchain, and purchases are made through their own unique crypto: ENJ (Enjin-Coin)



Rarible was made in 2020 and they are one of the top places to buy and sell NFTs, with one of the easiest minting programs out there. Rarible focuses on the exchange of high quality art and digital collectibles. Like Enjin, Rarible has its own unique coin called RARI (Rarible Coin), and its value has increased rapidly since the company introduced it last year.


Nifty Gateway

NiftyGateway is a unique NFT store that hosts some of the biggest artists and creators within this field (Steve Aoki, deadmou5, Grimes, and more). Another cool thing about this marketplace is that they drop exclusive NFTs every three weeks. They also allow you to purchase NFTs with your credit card and not just an Ethereum Wallet.

Async Art

async art

Async Art is an NFT marketplace that specializes in the minting and exchange of unique, multi-layered art pieces that can be sold either on async or even on OpenSea. This creates dynamic and programmable pieces of art that have sold for hundreds of Ethereum, with the most valuable art selling at over 300 ETH (+$100,000)!



Mintable is a platform that lets you buy, sell, and mint NFTs. Unlike some platforms, with mintable you can purchase NFTs with either Ethereum or with your Credit Card. However, you will need to pay a 5% processing fee if you use the latter method.



SuperRare is an NFT Marketplace that specializes in digital art. They have a good selection of high profit NFTs that would be worth a look. The one complaint that most people give, however, is that there is not enough high-profile creators on the platform, which is important because the celebrity of the artist can be just as important as the piece itself.



Zora is an NFT open-source auction site meant to support artists and creators succeed in this new field of online trading. Zora specializes in auctioning NFT Drawings and Art Pieces, and they offer the creator to claim royalties on the content that is bought and then resold within any market that is integrated with Zora.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a collectible RPG video game (yes, an NFT video game) where you collect unique creatures and farms and pit them against other players. The interesting thing about this game is that you exclusively buy and sell everything in the game, from the cheapest creature to the most expensive plot of land. These NFTs are exchanged by Gamers and entrepreneurs who resell the NFTs to said gamers for sometimes incredibly high profit.


Known Origin

KnownOrigin is a respectably sized NFT mnarketplace that specializes in Artwork. It has both well known and yet to be discovered artists. KnownOrigin does take a pretty sizeable commission of about 15% from each purchase, much higher than most well established marketplaces 

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an online video game run and powered by NFTs, with blocky 3D graphics a lot like Minecraft or Roblox. Many people don't even play it, they just purchase land and other public assets within the game and then resell it to gamers or other flippers.

NBA Topshot

NBA Topshot

NBA Topshot is a great example of old big business validating this new market. This marketplace is owned by the NBA and operated by Dapper Labs to offer crypto-merchants officially licensed player cards, gifs, and more. They currently only have NBA content, but plan to add WNBA content in the near future.



Foundation is built on the idea of supporting the creativity of its artists, and they have generated a high volume of sales. It has been the site of many high profile NFTs such as the famous Nyan Cat Gif, which sold for roughly half a million dollars. You will need an Ethereum wallet or Metamask to properly bid on these NFTs.


Binance NFT

Binance is the NFT marketplace run by the Binance Blockchain, and it was made as a way to compete against the Ethereum Blockchain's hold in the NFT market. At the moment, they offer exclusive drops, deals, and sale opportunities to compete with Ethereum and attract business.



Solanart offers yet another alternative to the Ethereum Blockchain, and operates through their own, Solana blockchain. As such, they generate a decent bit of sales since they are entirely self operated. This marketplace specializes in collections, so they derive value from the relative rarity of their properties. Keep in mind that Solanart is currently in Beta as of writing this post, and you may run into bugs at the moment, so use at your discretion.



BakerySwap is an NFT marketplace run on the Binance Smart Chain, and seems to be currently doing well thanks to its rarified air within said program. The one issue with being outside of the common blockchain is that transactions must be made with BNB, the Cryptocurrency of Binance.


MakersPlace NFT

MakersPlace is an NFT marketplace centered around selling NFTs of the highest quality. While there is a high volume of total pieces within MakersPlace, the density of individual content is very low; most creators publish only a few pieces.

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