Why You Should Run Google Ads to Your Own Brand Terms Even If You Already Rank for Them Organically

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Should you run google ads to your own brand terms. YES!!!

You already own the top spots in Google search for your brand name and variations, so why in the heck would you want to spend money to show up above yourself by running Google ads to those same terms?

Although it seems counterintuitive, there's a good reason why most of the major brands do in fact run ads to their own brand names, even when they own the top spot in Google organically.

Want more proof that this isn't crazy? Type in these search terms of the large companies below into Google (or just click the links) and see what shows up. 

Sold yet? Keep going, type any big name brand you can think of...

Here's why this is happening and why you should usually run ads to your own brand names even if you already own the top spot in Google. 

#1 Multiple Spots at the Top of Google Means More Clicks

More brand name clicks means more conversions.

The top 3 positions in Google get 75.1% of all clicks.   

Top 3 in Google

Owning just 1 spot in the top 3 is great, but 2 is better. Yes, even if they're to the same website. 

#2 google Ads Ward off Your Competitors 

Several years ago, Google removed any restrictions that prevented advertisers from running ads to their competitor's brand names. The only rule is that they can't use the company's brand name in their ad copy. If you see someone running ads to your brand name and using your brand name, you can report them to Google, but that won't keep them off the term for good.

Google ads to your own brand terms

The last thing that you want is to lose sales to competitors when people were searching for your brand name. Running ads will make sure you're at least making it harder for them and it will make sure you don't show up second. After all, Google ads will be at the very first spot (above your organic spot) if the bid price is right.

Most smart companies run ads to all of their major competitor's brand names. In my experience, these competitor branded search terms are usually some of the most profitable terms I target. 

#3 Different Meta Information Means More Clicks

2X the amount of copy for google ads

The meta information (title, descriptions, callouts etc) can be experimented much more easily with Google ads. You can now give yourself 2 chances to get visitors to click to your site thanks to owning multiple positions and being able to edit what is shown in the ad. 

This means you can increase the chances that something resonates with the viewer and improving the likelihood of a click. 

#4 Branded Terms Have High CTRs and Are Extremely Valuable

The chart below shows the CTR of branded terms vs. non branded terms when it comes to search engine position. 


Running ads to our brand names will drive the maximum amount of clicks possible. 

Bottom Line

Yes, you will pay for some clicks you might have gotten organically if you run ads to your own brand name, but it's well worth the trade off for more clicks overall. Try running ads to your brand name and see what happens. I bet you'll be happy with the results, especially if you're in a highly competitive niche. 

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