Geru Software Review | Is It Any Good?

By Nate McCallister

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Geru is a tool that allows marketers to create mockups of their potential funnels and campaigns. 

This is an awesome tool for traditional business owners but it's especially powerful for anyone who runs a marketing agency. Clients will be extremely impressed when you give them a Geru built campaign mockup. 




Learning Curve

All I can say is WOW!

If you're a marketing/data dweeb, you are going to lose your mind over this new "funnel simulator," program. 

GERU allows you to mock up different marketing funnels and see what might happen given certain scenarios.

Geru Example

A demo funnel simulation inside of GERU. It looks complicated but the more you play with it, the easier it becomes. 

This can be used by anyone who does anything online involving traffic and conversions. 

  • Physical product sellers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Infoproduct sellers
  • Consultants
  • Service providers

I've actually had something like this in a Google Sheet of my own for years but it was far less sophisticated. I gladly signed up for the pro plan when I saw it on sale for just $164 for life (sorry if that deal is long gone by now). 

I'm not affiliated with them (trust me, I asked for an affiliate link the second I realized how freaking sick it was) the hype is real. Get it before they raise the price. 

Google around for discounts. Maybe you'll find one.

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