8 Places to Find Free Notion Icons in 2023

Free Icons for Notion

Notion nerds like myself love adding some style to our pages and one of the best ways to do that is with icons.

The icons provided by default inside of Notion aren't bad, but they aren't complete. Here are some additional resources for finding icons you can use inside of Notion for free.

A couple of notes first.

I highly recommend that when you add an icon to the notion app that you use the "link tab" option. Most of these free icons are simple copy and paste URLs. This is a much leaner approach than the "Upload an image' method.

Notion Icons with Link URLs ---

Bold Notion Icons

Tons of icons you can copy for free. You can also get them all at once as a download on Gumroad. The more posts and pages you have in notion, the more you'll find ways to use these bad boys (although some will seem extremely random at first). 

Notion-so Bold Icon Pack ---

Cat Mulvihill's Icons

Free, minimalistic Icons from Gumroad creator Cat Mulvihill.

Cat Mulvihill Notion Icons

Check out Cat's free Icons here

Designer Line Icons by SpeckyBoy

38 free (and royalty free) Notion friendly icons. Files are available in AI, EPS, SVG, and transparent PNG (1024px) formats and are under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Erajasekar Icons

Icons built with the PARA ( Projects, Areas, Resources, Archieve ) approach in mind. Choose light or dark icons and just click and copy the URL and paste it into Notion.

Erajasekar Notion Icons ---

Tons of free Notion icons in light and dark mode variations. This is great if you're looking for brand logos like Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. I use these ones a lot.

Notion VIP Icons ---

Check out the Notion VIP icons here

Super.so Icons

Notion icons in both light and dark variations! Super cool little toggle option lets you see how they look. 

Super-so Icon Pack for Notion ---

Check out the Super.so free Notion icons here

The Noun Project

Free icons but if you want to customize them you need a pro royalty free license. 

The Noun Project Icons for Free

Check out the Noun Project icons here

Vyshnav's Notion Icons

Worspace, calendar and lifestyle themed icons that look great for light and dark views.

Free Notion Icons Gumroad ---

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