20 Awesome Free Chrome Extensions Internet Marketers Need to Know About

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In Affiliate Marketing, you need every resource you can get your hands on. This is part of the reason why I exclusively use the Google Chrome browser. It gives me access to a wide arrangement of affordable and powerful "Chrome extensions," that help me get more work done in less time and, most importantly, work of a higher quality. 

In this article I'll be showcasing you 20 of my favorite Chrome Extensions that I use for Affiliate Marketing along with a brief summary of each.

I have used each of these in my time as an affiliate marketer, and I hope you find them as useful as I did.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Quick note, many of these have paid upgrades. If I pay for an upgraded version, I will make a note of that in the description. 


I know it's cheating because I had this developed myself, but this is by far my most used Chrome extension. I needed it so badly I shelled out a few grand to get it created. 

Fastlinqs lets me store any text (usually in the form of URLs) into a spreadsheet. Those thinks are then synced to Fastlinqs and I can grab them to copy and paste with just a couple of clicks.  This means I have every single affiliate link, product page etc. at my finger tips. No digging around affiliate portals every time I need one. It does far more than just store links too. I store things like brand HEX colors, HTML short codes and more. 

#2 Qlearly


Similar to Fastlinqs but different. Qlearly works as a default homepage that organizes all of the websites I frequent. 


For affiliate marketers, this is an awesome way to store the dozens of affiliate portal pages you'll have.

My own Qlearly has gotten quite robust. These are the tabs that I currently have set up. 

  • Core Sites - Things I use everyday.
  • Copywriting - Tools I use for writing better.
  • SEO - I have too many SEO tools...
  • *Affiliate Portals - This one is probably most valuable. 
  • Random Tools - Cool tools that I might want to remember later.
  • Design Tools - I have too many of these too...
  • Business Forms - Internal forms specific to my businesses.
  • Learning - Courses I've purchased. 
  • OA Challenge - Another business I co-manage.
  • Blog Tools - Links to log in to plugins members areas etc. 
  • Bills - Various personal and business payment portals.
  • My Software - Links to my own products. 
  • Social Media - Links to my social profiles.
  • SOPs - Standard operating procedures.
  • Services - Services I buy repeatedly.
  • Paid Ad Networks - Portals to my ad accounts. 

#3 TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy gets its name because it is literally a YouTubers best friend.

With this extension, you can do rapid analytics and in depth research on how your channel is doing. This one is a must have for anyone looking to optimize their YouTube Channel.

LastPass is a great extension for anyone with a virtual assistant or partner that constantly needs login info. 


When you use LastPass, you will be able to seamlessly and securely control login permissions to your sensitive online accounts amongst your partners and assistants.

If you are anything like me, you're prone to being sucked down a social media rabbit hole when you would have been much better off doing actual work. That is what makes news feed eradicator so awesome; it pushes that content out of the way for you.

News Feed Eradicator

Instead of seeing the giant swarm of overstimulating content right away on websites like twitter and facebook, you will instead be greeted with a daily inspirational quote that somewhat blocks homepages feed. It is an absolutely amazing extension in for boosting productivity.

This is critical for business owners who have actual reasons for being on Facebook but also need to avoid the siren's call of distracting and unproductive cat videos or political bickering. 

Loom is a great extension for screen sharing and recording among multiple people.


Especially nowadays, you need an efficient way to perform demonstrations and share them remotely. With Loom, you can easily communicate with your partners and clients at each others convenience.

SEO Minion is a great extension to have if you want to optimize your websites performance within the search engine.

SEO Minion

With this extension, you can rapidly analyze on page SEO performance, check for broken links, and more. I couldn't recommend this more highly for bloggers and anyone with a website.

Honestly, I am shocked it's free and would install it before it becomes paid. 

ColorZilla is a great extension to quickly collect color readings from anywhere on Google.


Once you collect the color reading, you can quickly paste said color to your desired destination. It's a great tool for quick and easy coloring.

I use this all the time when building websites, ads or other brand assets. Subtle things like having the same HEX code of color on your landing page as your checkout pages can really add up. 

This chrome extension helps you verify whether or not your Facebook tracking is set up correctly. You can also use it on any other website. 

Pixel Helper

If you've ever ran Facebook ads, you know how tedious it can be to get this part right, so it's no wonder it has over 2 million users. It's almost mandatory for ads. 

Pocket is a great way to save any and all content that you find on the internet.


Whether it is a video, article, or anything else with a URL, you can "put it in your pocket" and seamlessly come back to it later. 

I started using Pocket to save things for myself to read later, but I started using it to collect content to share with all of my Weekly 5 subscribers as well. 

With SwipeBasket, you can gather online content, whether it is a video, url, or even a social media post.


It is a lot like pocket, except it has a focus on social media and it also allows you to share collections with other people. It's much more like a swipe file than article storage.

Another great feature is that it imports all of your Kindle highlights if you connect your Amazon account! It's what inspired me to compose this post that shares my top 10 favorite Kindle highlights.

This is a great extension to use if you need to quickly and easily troubleshoot any and all Google Tags.


You can use this extension to quickly and easily make sure that any tags you have installed on a page work. It is great for things like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and more.

Just like the Facebook Pixel Helper extension, this is essentially mandatory if you do anything with Google Tag Manager (and most people do or should). 

This is a great extension that lets you broadly and rapidly collect links. It's use seems extremely niche and perhaps it is, but I've found many uses for it. 


With this extension all you need to do is clink and drag the area that the urls that you want to grab and it can pull either the text shown or the URL behind the text. For example, if you wanted to quickly grab all of the URLs to the extensions in this article, you could do it like this....

LinkClump Gif

This extension lets you turn any image you find on the internet into a PNG.


When you right-click an image, you now will also see the option to "Save Image as PNG". This is a great way to not only efficiently save, but also convert great images into usable PNGs.

This extension only serves value if you use the Buffer social sharing planner.

Buffer Extension

Although I transitioned over to Coshedule again from my own social media planning, I still use Buffer on another project and this extension helps a ton. 

This Chrome Extension is a great tool to use if you already have an Ahrefs account.

Ahrefs Toolbar

When you have this extension installed, you will be able to see on-page SEO stats for that website, such as DR, Crawled Links, and more.

This extension allows you to find the best wording for your next blog or page headline.

Headline Studio

If you are familiar with extensions like Grammarly, it kind of works like that. Headline Studio gives you immediate input on how your title sounds and offers better wording options.

Snippet Highlighter lets you quickly highlight and collect content from the internet and store it all in an organized portfolio.


You can use this extension to gather and organize quotes, images, and more and store it in organized folders for later reference.

Notion web clipper lets you quickly save, organize and reference content online.

Notion Web Clipper

The aspect that makes this one stand out is that it employs the use of quick-tags to allow you to rapidly reference saved content.

This final chrome extension works as a quick and easy way to capture full-page screenshots of anywhere on google chrome.

When you are making content or doing research, it is always incredibly useful to have a reliable screenshot extension at your disposal.

And there you have it; 20 great Chrome Extensions for affiliate marketers. Quite honestly, a lot of these applications can be found effective for anyone who works or studies online.

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