September month in review

Month in Review September 2019

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated October 3, 2019

Here is everything interesting from September of 2019!

Note: These posts are just as much for me as they are for you. I enjoy writing these so I go to great lengths to make them as fun, interesting and valuable for you as possible. I hope you enjoy!

Business Related

YouTube Banned My Channel for Copyright Infringement!!!!

In last months review, I told you how I deleted my old YouTube channel (kind of) and started using a new branded one? 

Well, all of that was almost a big waste because I had my entire account shut down due to some false copyright claims against me from WMG (Warner Music Group).

Yeah...Not even kidding. YouTube legit shut me down. Luckily it was only for about 24 hours.

WMG Copyright Claims Bogus Fraud Scam Appeal

The email that would have given a 10 year older version of me a game ending heart attack.

Every complaint came from WMG (Warner Music Group) and they came in waves. I'm not sure how YouTube tracks what counts as a "strike" but 8 separate complaints from WMG apparently is 3.

My first move was to contact them via the email YouTube provided me with. I didn't get a reply but I did get more copyright complaints. 

At that point, I filed the counter appeal.

They removed every claim and apologized (kind of). I asked why they made this mistake so I could avoid it happening again and they had no answer for me. 

So, yeah, not cool WMG. Oh well, I'm back and that's all that really matters. 

Repurpose-House Is Feeding My Feeds!

If you're a content creator, you know that creating one piece of content isn't enough. You should repurpose everything to get more exposure across different platforms. 

For example...

  • Turn blog posts into Pinterest pins
  • Turn YouTube into IGTV videos
  • Turn podcasts into share able sound bites 
  • Etc.

Repurpose House takes your existing content and turns it into new pieces.

Here's a video they helped me with for my Facebook accounts.

Pretty cool, right?

If you're interested in trying them out, use code ENTRERESOURCE at checkout to save $200.

$200 off Repurpose House

RepurposeHouse is a game-changing service that helps you get more out of every piece of content you create.

More Less
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Blog Email Opt-In Rates Doubled

Every month I am proud to report on my opt-in rates and numbers. There is no greater believer in email marketing than me, so these are the things that I measure and test like a crazy person. 

This month I was able to get 1,342 new email subscribers (from just this blog) in only 22,004 impressions. 

Last month (a month I was actually totally happy with) I got only 870 new email subscribers with 27,523 impressions. 

For those of you keeping track at home, that is 472 MORE emails with 5,519 fewer impressions. 

August 2019 Email Opt-Ins

August 2019 Opt-Ins

Email Opt-In Improvement

September 2019 Opt-Ins

I was able to see this spike in opt-ins thanks to two things:

1. Continued split testing: My goal is to have at least one test running each week on every lead magnet I'm showing. If the test does better than the control after enough impressions, I switch the pop up accordingly. Then, I immediately add another test to the winner. 

2. Taking impressions from low converting pop ups and giving them to better ones: I made some pop ups that were very specific to the specific blog posts I showed them on. The problem was, my broad lead magnets were getting almost 3x better opt-ins. I wouldn't have expected this, but hey, it's why we test!​​

Boom. Done.  

New Products/Software

Using Demio for My Webinars

For 5 years now, I've been flip flopping between webinar services.

  • Webinar Jam
  • WebinarNinja
  • Google Hangouts
  • EverWebinar
  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting

Well, I believe I've finally found the software I'm going to keep long term. It's called Demio and it is blowing the competitors I've tried so far out of the water.


What makes Demio better?

  1. Every basic feature you'd expect.Create and host basic registration pages, integrate with 3rd party apps, send email alerts/replays, etc. They didn't overlook anything. 
  2. Supports live, hybrid or on demand (pre-recorded) webinars. Most other services charge extra for this or don't offer it at all.  I was able to cancel EverWebinar and save $497/year. 
  3. Gorgeous, easy to navigate interface. ​​​​The U/I is just amazing. It makes the other softwares look like a preschooler's macaroni art project.​​
  4. Attendees can join right in the browser. There is no need for clunky 3rd party software (looking at you Zoom!)
  5. Extremely affordable. 50 attendee rooms start at $34/month. I paid $831 for one year.

I am a sucker for good ads on social media and Nomadic has amazing ads. I got a 40L bag to review and it has exceeded my expectations. 

Nomadic 40L Review

This isn't a practical bag for day to day transporting BUT if you are traveling, it is the Maserati of efficiency luggage.

My only problem with the bag is it was overwhelming at first. I'm not exaggerating, it has SO MANY COMPARTMENTS that I was unsure of what was for what. 

Sick bag though, 9.5 stars out of 10!

RescueTime Productivity Tracking

After a long hiatus, I am back to using RescueTime to monitor how much time I'm spending online. 

They track you across devices now (which is scary for us phone addicts) and give you great reports showing where you spent your time. 

rescuetime review

Yes, this was an abnormally productive day for me...

I highly recommend RescueTime to my readers. 

Using GERU for Creating Marketing Plans

All I can say is WOW!

Geru Review

If you're a marketing/data dweeb, you are going to lose your mind over this new "funnel simulator," program. 

GERU allows you to mock up different marketing funnels and see what might happen given certain scenarios.

Geru Example

A demo funnel simulation inside of GERU. It looks complicated but the more you play with it, the easier it becomes. 

This can be used by anyone who does anything online involving traffic and conversions. 

  • Physical product sellers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Infoproduct sellers
  • Consultants
  • Service providers

I've actually had something like this in a Google Sheet of my own for years but it was far less sophisticated. I gladly signed up for the pro plan when I saw it on sale for just $164 for life (sorry if that deal is long gone by now). 

I'm not affiliated with them (trust me, I asked for an affiliate link the second I realized how freaking sick it was) the hype is real. Get it before they raise the price. 

Google around for discounts. Maybe you'll find one.


Whole 30 Diet + Intermittent Fasting

As far as tough diets go, the Whole 30 stands out as the most reasonable to me. You eat only whole foods for 30 days. There isn't anything crazy like sun gazing or eating air. 

Whole 30 Summary

The whole 30 diet in a nut shell (which you can eat!)

My wife and I have tried to do the Whole 30 diet once or twice a year since we moved back to Ohio from Georgia. We decided to do one starting on September 11th and it has gone pretty well.

Although we aren't done as I'm writing this, I am down 9 lbs (196 to 187) and she is down 6 lbs (X to X-6). Sorry, I don't have her weight 🙂 

Emily is an amazing cook so I dare to say we actually eat better meals when we're on the diet.

The difficult part of the Whole 30 diet for me is the work of preparing or finding foods that are compliant. More work means less chance of completing. 

So, I decided to shift my schedule around and start skipping breakfast entirely. I've never cared to eat first thing in the morning so this didn't bother me at all. I was only doing it because I have medicine I need to take on a full stomach. The only thing I had to deal with was taking my prescription medicine 6 hours later than normal with lunch instead of breakfast. 

This allowed me to not worry about what to eat in the morning, save time heading out the door and reap the benefits of the IMF (intermittent fasting) lifestyle

Want to learn more about the Whole 30 diet? Check out the book that started it all here.

Whole 30 Book

Epic Provisions Bison Jerkey 

Epic Provisions is one of my favorite recently discovered brands. Their Bison jerky is Whole 30 compliant and tastes amazing. Ok, it may be an acquired taste because my wife said it was horrible. I could eat it all day... you be the judge.

Bison Jerky

You can grab bags of these from Whole Foods and most swanky grocery shops.

80/20 Reading With Blinkist App

Read Book Summaries

Blinkist is a program that summarizes 1,000s of popular books. Almost anything you can think of, they have. Many books are full of fluff anyway so Blinkist is an awesome way to get the meat out of a book fast. Click here to check it out.

Self Education

No Courses!

For the first time in a long time, I didn't work on any courses this month. 

What I'm Reading

Here are the three books I read in September...

September Best Books
  •  Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know by Malcom Gladwell. I think Malcom Gladwell is a genius. He could write a book about the psychology of taking an epic dump and I'd buy the Kindle, Paperback and Audible versions. His latest book covers why we suck at communicating with each other and what we can do about it. The audiobook is the first I've ever listened to that had it's own theme song between chapters. It grows on you.

New Content

Here is the content I published in September, 2019.

Did you read last month's review? If not, click here!

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