How to Turn Your iPhone into a Beautiful Bedside Clock When Charging

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What We're Making: A hack that sets a beautiful clock whenever you connect your phone to a charger. 

What You'll Need

This process can be free if you want it to be. 

  1. iPhone with latest iOS installed 
  2. Charger (any kind will work but the one I use is this one and in white)
  3. Apple Shortcuts app (free and usually pre-installed unless you removed it)
  4. Clock app (Many free options but I prefer ClockPhone)

How to Do It

step 1

Download a Clock App You Like

The default clock on iOS is lame. Get a better looking one in the app store. Most are free but offer premium upgrades (almost always under $5). Just don't get one that requires ads! I use ClockPhone. 

Note: I can't guarantee that each app will work with Shortcuts. I'm positive ClockPhone does though.

step 2

Open Apple Shortcuts

Apple ShortCuts

It will look like this and is most likely already installed on your device. If not, just head into the app store and you'll find it

step 3

Click the "+ " Icon to Create a New Automation

We're doing automations NOT shortcuts.


Create New "Personal" Automation

Don't select "Home Automation" either (kindof a "duh" thing there but you never know)!

step 5

Scroll Down to "When iPhone Is Connected to Power" and Then "Is Connected"

Once done, click "Next"


Click "Add Action" and Search for the Clock App You Downloaded, Select It and Choose "Open"

Once done, click "Next"

step 7

Toggle Off "Ask Before Running"

Having this one is very annoying and defeats the coolness.

step 8

Plug Phone into Charger and Test!

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  1. Great clock app. But I need one that has an alarm function that will alarm with music from my iphone for my bedroom.Checked a bunch of clock apps but haven't found a good one yet. Most are too hard to use or too small of digits, etc.

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