Diigo: The Secret Evernote Alternative All Writers Should Be Using

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated July 3, 2019

I love bringing new resources to entrepreneurs (hence Entre - Resource). Today I want to share a Chrome extension I've been digging lately (no pun intended). It's called Diigo and every content creator should know about it. 

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What Is Diigo?

Diiego is a bookmarking tool that is part browser extension (supports Google Chrome and all other popular browsers), part mobile app and part web database (think Evernote). Its main purpose is to help you store things that matter across mobile and desktop devices.

The name is pronounced Dee'go and is an abbreviation for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.”[Source]

Key Features

  • Collect and organize anything with online bookmarking
  • Take screenshots and annotate directly in the browser
  • Highlight and add sticky notes to webpages
  • Collaborative research and content curation
  • Save pages so you can refer back to them
  • Organize items with tags and/or lists
  • Access from anywhere at anytime

What you store is totally up to you but I'm going to show you some cool ways you can immediately start using it. 

But first, let me cover the pricing. The concept of a bookmarking tool isn't new so you should know how it stacks up to the alternatives out there.

Diigo Pricing

Quick Note 

I am not affiliated with Diigo. If you join, I receive no compensation beyond the warm fussy feeling that I helped you improve your content! 

Don't you hate when you spend a bunch of time being sold on something and then find out it's grossly overpriced? Diigo, fortunately, is priced fairly. 

You can actually get most of the features of Diigo for free. They do offer premium and business plans that are relatively affordable compared to alternatives like Evernote.

DIIGO Pricing

12 Ways to Use Diigo Immediately

Here are the ways that I currently use Diigo for my content creation. These are not all of the ways you can use it, just my favorite!

1. Import Kindle Note’s to Collect Quotes from Any E-Book

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I've been been transcribing quotes from e-books by hand when I reference them in my content. Unbelievably inefficient and not befitting of someone who teaches tech entrepreneurs how to be more effective!

DIIGO allows you to head to the Kindle notes and highlights page and import any notes you want. 

Kindle Note Import

2. Collect URLs of Articles You Want to Link to

Part of good SEO is linking to relevant, high authority content. The Diigolet bookmark tool makes this very easy. 


3. Take and Annotate Screenshots for Your Blog Posts

This is a really great feature because it will save you some money on a basic screen annotation software. I don't use it exclusively (I still use Snagit for most of my screenshots because I want to be able to edit my pictures) but I could. 

Here's an example of a screenshot with an arrow annotation (a nonsensical example, but you get the idea).

Diigo Screenshot

You can also immediately share these screenshots to Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

4. Never Lose Articles with “Read Later” 

Don't you hate it when you find a great article but don't have time to read it? How many times do you forget to come back to it? DIIGO's read later feature solves this. I also use DIIGO to collect great blog posts that I want to emulate. 

5. Create a Swipe File of Sales Copy 

I've written about the power of swipe files for marketers and Diigo is a great tool to help you build and store one. Click the image below to read my post of swipe files!

Swipe File

6. Work with a Team and Import/Export Your Bookmarks

DIIGO really wants to be a team friendly program and they make it very easy to share all of your work with anyone you wish. 

7. Create a tAGROLLS OR liNKroLLS to Display Your diigo Portfolio

This is a cool but overlooked feature. If you have a company website or a blog and want to share the things your DIIGO-ing, you can make a feed that displays them. 

Here's an example of a LinkRoll I made.

Simple, but pretty cool. You can get creative with this. 

9. 2 Click Context Search Any Web Text in Google

Diigo Context Search

10. Mobile App Enables You to Store When Browsing Away from Computer

Year over year, more people use their mobile devices for things that they used to do exclusively on their desktops. As of 2018, mobile devices make up 42% of the total time spent online. [Source]. 

11. Take Images on Mobile

Diigo allows you to easily upload images from your mobile device. This is great if you're a blogger like me who uses a lot of visuals.

Diigo Mobile App

The mobile app is gorgeous and bug free. It is available in both Apple and Android app stores.

12. Email Straight to Diigo

Each Diigo user has a custom email address that they can send notes to. This is handy if you want to store an important email. I've been using this for building my swipe file from competitors emails. You can also add tags to the end of your emails and they will be sorted automatically. 

Diigo Email


If you're a techy and want to get really crazy with it, you can use the Diigo API and make your own DIIGO integrated programs. I don't know any uses off the top of my head, but maybe you can think of some. 

Diigo vs. Evernote

Diigo is a near perfect Evernote alternative although its main focus is storing content rather than creating notes. You can take basic notes and it does annotations, tags, and folders like Evernote. 

Also, the future of Evernote is uncertain. [Source] There has been talks of them going under and possibly abandoning the app due to negative press and financial pressure.


There are several great bookmarking apps out there but I've made Diigo my new go to resource. It's so good, I've actually stopped using Evernote entirely. It is lean, but powerful enough to handle everything I need. I'm a better, more organized writer when I use Diigo and you can be too. 

If you don't want to take my word for it, they have over 9,000,000 users worldwide. That says something, right? 

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