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Introduction to The Virtual Productivity Mini Course

In the spirit of productivity, we've kept this course extremely short. You can finish it in one sitting and make up for the 1 hour it takes to complete easily week after week.

What You're Going to Learn:

How to tame your inbox so it works for you, not against you

The huge impact of tiny distractions and how to avoid them

How to resist our natural instincts to be distracted by social media and notifications

The mindset shifts you need to adapt before tech tips matter

How to buy back your time with virtual assistants

How to set proper goals for laser focused effort that moves the needle forward

The tools we use to become less distracted and more productive (most are free)

And more....

How We Present Content

  • Brief screen recordings for tech tutorials

  • Very short text based lessons (no longer than 5 minutes to read each)

  • Recommended 3rd party content (which can be viewed inside of the course area)

  • Fun images and quotes that quickly convzey bigger concepts

  • Interactive worksheets

What Your NOT Going to Learn

Everything...Our goal was to make this an "80/20" program and share the 20% of productivity tips and tricks that will get you 80% of the results. 

Industry specific tips. What we share can be applied to every industry. We left out things that weren't relevant to everyone. 


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