4 Must Read Books for Amazon Sellers

Learning to sell on Amazon is rooted in taking action.  Actually buying, listing and selling products is the best way to learn the ins and outs of the business. Too many new sellers are suckered into buying expensive courses that “guarantee results” before they have sold enough to know if they even like the business.

You learn, predominately, from your mistakes and successes; repeating what works and removing what doesn’t.

However, there is still a good bit of learning however that can be done through good ol’ fashion book readin’.

These are the 4 books that I feel supplement your efforts to learn to sell on Amazon and that all sellers should read at least once.

There is a reason there are only 4 books in this article. Instead of simply regurgitating all the Amazon books I know of, I want to give you just those that I feel are worth every second that you will spend reading them.

Let’s begin.

#1 How to Keepa Camel by Stephen Smotherman


I have this book at #1 for a reason… it is the best book on the most important concept in the industry: understanding sales and pricing behaviors on Amazon.

Many new sellers jump into Amazon head first, buying products thinking they are going to make big money and then, inevitably, finding out the hard way that they grossly over-estimated the potential number of sales and/or selling price of most of the products they purchased.

CCC and Keepa are websites (with Chrome extensions) that will help sellers better understand:

  • How many units of an item are actually selling
  • How much an item is actually selling for

After reading How to Keepa Camel, you will feel much more confident in what you are purchasing to sell on Amazon because you will make your buying decisions with cold, hard data.

Understanding how to read CamelCamelCamel and Keepa graphs is as important to Amazon sellers as understanding the periodic table is to a chemist.

There is also a bonus web course that is included with the purchase of the book.

This book isn’t cheap, but neither is the information inside.

This is a must read.

Click Here to Get a Copy of How to Keep a Camel

#2 Retail Arbitrage by Chris Green

arbitrage-the-authoritative-guide-on-how-it-works_1The classic book on the concept of buying low and selling high on Amazon. Arbitrage by Chris Green is just as relevant today as it was in 2012 when it was released.  

Whether you plan to sell via retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesale, private label or even drop-shipping (not recommended) you can benefit from this book.

#3 Online Arbitrage by Chris Green

Another Chris Green book, this one is focused on Online Arbitrage, but many of the tools and concepts found within the book can be utilized by any Amazon seller, not just those who source via online arbitrage.

#4 Suspension Prevention by Cynthia Stine


How much you sell doesn’t mean anything if you lose your selling privileges.

This book will put you in the driver’s seat of your account’s health and you will feel much more comfortable investing time, money and energy into your business.

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