This Person Got Paid $10,000 in the Amazon Influencer Program in November (and Started in June!) 

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Note: For the privacy of the person(s) and their storefront and in our best effort to remain within compliance of Amazon's influencer program terms of service, I have redacted several things in this article and the screenshots of their earnings. Sharing sales is a grey area for Amazon influencers. However, I believe we’re within compliance of those rules since (1) We aren’t showing WHO did these sales (2) We aren’t showing all the data or any specifics beyond date and total commissions (we've redacted clicks, conversion rates, etc.) and (3) We aren't showing any specific commission rates. So keep reading if you don't feel too naughty about it all...

I was recently emailing a business friend I hadn't heard from in awhile. We were discussing SEO for a few of his websites and working together to help get them moving. 

We had gone back and forth for a couple of weeks and then one day he casually dropped a bombshell reply to one of my Weekly 5 email broadcasts that talked about the Amazon influencer program.

Here's that email...

My jaw dropped.

For several reasons. 

First, I knew dozens of people who were making $1,000+ per month with the program. They'd been at it for awhile and all had a couple hundred videos up.

But he made $10k in the most recent month AND only started posting in June!?!

I knew the guy and trusted him, but those numbers still were hard to believe.

I believed him though. He's not the type of person whose success would surprise me though. He's made several highly successful businesses for himself and seems to have a Midas touch of sorts. 

Any doubts I had were quelled when he sent me this screenshot...

Again, I apologize for the high amount of redactions. You can choose to believe it or not, that is up to you. I wouldn't blame you if you don't believe me. These numbers are...outliers but a beautiful example of the possibilities of the program.

If you do believe me and want to learn some of the tips he told me, read on. They're good.

Tip #1 Collaborate with Family

The creator splits video duties with his spouse.

Amazon doesn’t restrict who can post on which storefronts and teaming up is not just within the TOS, it’s also a growth hack. This is especially true if you’re on the same tax return as your partner!

Tip #2 Consistency Is Key

They each post at least 5 video reviews Monday through Friday and then at least 10 each on Saturday and Sunday.

This compounded over the 5 months they had been at it resulted in nearly 1,300 videos. 

The influencer program is a beautiful combination of a numbers game paired with discernment in choosing what to review. When you have big numbers and are reviewing the right products, results happen. 

Tip #3 There Is Even More Money Beyond the Program

It boggled my mind to hear this part, but this image doesn’t even show the full extent of the creator’s earnings!

They earn several $1,000 more per month with paid influencer videos for Amazon sellers who know having them will boost their product conversions.

As we know, paid reviews are absolutely prohibited on Amazon.

But this, is different.

Amazon has no issue with paying for influencer videos.

#4 One Shot Takes

We’re conditioned to think we need to only share highly polished, deeply scripted and professionally edited content on our channels have success. That’s not the case with influencer videos. In fact, you can make a compelling argument that less is actually more.

Step 1 Bulleted Talking Points

Instead of just winging it, they create short lists of the key points of the product that they want to highlight. This makes it much easier to get videos in one shot. 

Step 2 Record on Smartphone

They then record the videos and keep them brief (60 seconds is the goal). With the help of the bulleted lists, they can do these in one take most of the time. 

Step 3 Upload Via Mobile App

Bypassing the entire process of uploading the videos to their computer to edit, they just upload straight from their phones. Amazon's app has an influencer hub area that allows you to do this. 

He had more tips. In fact, he did an entire interview for my new program If you want to learn more about that, check it out below!

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