Here Is What a Super Affiliate Is (With Examples)

Super Affiliate

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If you're an affiliate marketer or a company looking to add affiliates to promote your products, you've likely heard of the term "super affiliate."

But what does the term "super affiliate" actually mean?

Unfortunately, there isn't a universally accepted definition I could find.

I still have no clue who started the phrase.

Here are the closest definitions I've found...

Common Literal Definition: An affiliate who generates over 1.5 million dollars in commissions (not just sales).

I like this one because it leaves little room for interpretation. 

General Definition: An affiliate who will sell more than most other affiliates combined.

This one is harder to nail down. 

I have found that the Porado Principle applies to affiliate marketing

Assuming you bring on multiple affiliates to promote your product (or you are one of the affiliates among others) 80% of the sales will likely be made by 20% of the affiliates.

I have found this number can be skewed even further if one of my affiliates is a big name.

I have had products that 95% of my sales were made my just ONE affiliate (even though I had dozens). 

Reasons for this could be...

  • An affiliate is just way better than others (simple)
  • An affiliate has a much larger, more targeted audience
  • An affiliate offers a bonus offer that makes their promotion more appealing
  • An affiliate pushes much harder than other affiliates. 

An example of a super affiliate is someone like Jason Fladlien of Rapid Crush.

Via Russell Brunson

Fladlien is well known in the affiliate marketing industry for generating sales of upwards of $100 million for products through webinars for companies like (a program that teaches people how to sell physical goods on Amazon).

He is an outlier in the affiliate marketing world, but he is far from alone in his level of affiliate success. There are a number of other million dollar affiliates out there. 

Here's to your success, and I hope that you're the next super affiliate!

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