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Seller Basics

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Selling on Amazon isn't for the faint of heart. Account and ASIN suspensions are not uncommon; they are almost inevitable. When they happen, they are stressful, time-consuming, and expensive (whether you handle them yourself or hire experts).

Until now, when sellers had to handle them, they'd have to do it themselves or fork over several thousand dollars to a professional service to handle it for them. 

Paul Rafelson launched SellerBasics to bring a 3rd option to Amazon sellers, a monthly subscription service that provides sellers with access to all the account health services they could need.

What Is SellerBasics ?

SellerBasics Logo

While SellerBasics is not an insurance company, it leverages the same approach to billing. Instead of needing to blindly stash away cash to cover expensive fees down the road, sellers pay a monthly subscription and collectively benefit from discounted services. 

SellerBasics Pricing

SellerBasics has one base subscription rate. For $99, sellers have access to the following free (complimentary) or discounted services. 

Complimentary Services

Discounted Services

One hour tax strategy ($299)

ASIN suspension

One hour Amazon / eCom strategy call ($299)

IP infringement cease and desist letter response

One hour estate planning, asset protection, or M&A planning call

Copyright, trademark and counterfeit claims for arbitrage sellers

Discounted retainers for more complex legal issues

Unlimited account health reviews

Discounted rates for infringement allegations against private label sellers

Unlimited 15-30 minute quick consults

Discounted rates for more complex intellectual property matters (patents, trademarks, copyrights)

The plan covers at no additional cost all of what I consider "core issues" that the average seller will experience.

Now, with a service this unique, some reasonable exclusions apply. Here are the big ones you should know about.

  • "Unlimited" means exactly what it says. You have no limit on how many of these services you use. 
  • If a seller has multiple Amazon storefronts, a SellerBasics account covers only the primary storefront of the customer for the $99/month rate. If you want multiple US storefronts to be supported, you can add additional accounts for an additional $70/month per store.
  • SellerBasics works primarily for US based (.com) sellers, but if you sell on other platforms with the same account, you can still receive support benefits. Since these are more difficult because of language barriers, there is a different fee for services outside of the US marketplace. 
  • Your plan will not cover pre-existing issues. If you're suspended, you are still welcome to join, but there will be fees for any work needed to address issues that originated prior to the start of the membership. 
  • More complex issues are not covered in most cases, but members still get to benefit from dramatically discounted attorney retainers and more advanced services.

Those are not all the exclusions, but they are the biggest ones.

If you have questions about exclusions, certainly message their friendly support team before enrolling.

The Dashboard

SellerBasics has a clean, intuitive dashboard to which all users have access. You will create your own unique username and password and will have access to a dashboard that looks like this.

SellerBasics Dashboard

It's very easy to quickly get support for any issue you face right inside the dashboard. 

Praise for SellerBasics

I can only sing their praises so much. Here's what SellerBasics users have said recently. 

SellerBasics Review - ---
SellerBasics Review - ---

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  1. I wish SellerBasics was around in 2006 when I first started selling on Amazon. I was making $100/day in gross sales after about 60 days of selling, when my account got suspended for no good reason. They seized all of my funds and I never got access to my money. I was hurt and even cried, and couldn't understand what happened. It was like being dumped by my first love, and if I had help with recovering my suspended account back then, I could have been alot more accomplished at this point than I am right now. It showed me the value of owning your own website, but if SellerBasics was around, I would have definitely signed up for it back then.

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