Month in Review July 2019


New Flow for Lead Magnet Designs

I've gone back to using in conjunction with and (15% off through that link) to create killer lead magnets. 

  • Designrr helps me turn my blog posts into professional looking ebooks (pdfs)
  • Canva helps me create cool looking book covers
  • Placeit helps me turn the covers into 3D mockups (like the one below)

Here is my latest lead magnet. 

Paid Traffic Affiliate Guide

Click here to download the lead magnet above and you can see how it looks. 

I was also able to turn that into a quick Facebook ad.

Here is a video I made that shows the process. 

Clickfunnel's Backpack Officially Sucks

I'm about one more endless loading bar away from never using Backpack again. Backpack is the service inside of ClickFunnels (it costs extra) that I use to manage my affiliates.

Clickfunnels Backpack Sucks

I had to pay out almost a week late and manually because it wouldn't load and no one really seems to care to fix it.

I still love Clickfunnels, but my hands are tied here. Gonna have to start using a 3rd party to run my Clickfunnels product affiliate campaigns. 

Moved into a New Coworking Space

Although we just moved into a larger house and I built a new office in the basement, I really felt I needed to get out of the house to boost my productivity. 

The sirens call of working in my bed and the urge to stop working and throw the baseball with my boys was starting to impact my output. 

Small distractions = Big impact on output.

I started to blur the line between working from home or living at work.

I had no set stop and end times and I could feel that my work wasn't as good as it could be if I could focus better.


Where I'm Recording My Videos Lately

So far, the results have been amazing. I've found myself working on things I'd normally put off and finishing things I start.

The downside of course is that I don't get to see my family during the day like usual. 

What I've done to compensate is not bringing my work home with me. I get my 8ish hours in at the office and leave the computer there when I leave. 

The place is called Cohatch by the way. It's currently just in Ohio. 

Increased Pop Up Opt-ins by Over 95%

I took a break from writing so much new content and really focused on optimizing my existing lead generation methods. 

Email Pop Up


Email Optimization


The conversion rate stayed about the same and the bounce rate didn't budge. This was a HUGE win. Maybe the biggest win of the month for me.

Here's a video of my process. 

When all was said and done, I doubled the number of opt-ins I'm getting each day via pop ups!

Two Straight Weeks of Videos on YouTube

One of the difficulties of working from home was filming videos with 4 kids  around was nearly impossible. When I got into my new office, I let loose and started filming every day. 

Posting on YouTube Consistently

   I've been posting like a mad man ever since I got out of the house and into my new office space.

I've been on a streak of 2 weeks of videos now. Here are all my latest videos (be sure to subscribe to my channel by the way). 

To save time on editing my videos, I'm testing out a company called Video Chops. They do unlimited editing work on demand. It's essentially Design Pickle but for video editing. 

Fixed My Internal Link Building with Link Whisper

If you blog, you know what internal link building is. You probably also know how much of a pain in the butt it is. 

Spencer Haws of created a new WordPress plugin called Link Whisper and it helped me fix my internal link structure in 20 minutes. 

Here's a video showing the process. 


Trying a "Less Is More" Workout Approach

I've come to the conclusion that I was spending more time in the gym than I needed.

Don't get me wrong, I think exercise is critically important BUT I was spending more time lifting than a 30 year old dad needed.

I'm not a football player anymore, I can let my hair down... This article from the onion was kind of a wake up call. It became more of a vanity thing than health and basic aesthetics. 

So, instead of 5-6 hour long workouts, I'm doing 4 intense 30 minute full body workouts each week. I also play outside every day with my boys so I'm gonna be ok on the exercise part of things.

I'm shifting my energy towards my diet and away from the heavy weights. 

Oh, and I found my new favorite piece of workout equipment.

Rope Pulldown Machine

  My New Favorite Piece of Exercise Equipment!

Doing this for just 5 mins gives you an insanely good arm, shoulder and back workout. It is part of why I've been able to shorten my routines without feeling like I'm skipping the work. 

Finally Making Use of My DJI Osmo Pocket

I am a tech junkie and bought the OSMO Pocket the day it came out. 

DJI Osmo Pocket

It's pricey for a novice at $347 but if you're serious about getting great video on the go, this is a no brainer. 

Most of the videos I filmed this month included the OSMO Pocket in some way. 

Dropping F Bombs for Breakfast

Me and breakfast have always had beef. 

For some reason, I don't actually get hungry until lunch time every day. However, I take prescription medication that requires me to eat at least 200 calories before I take it. 

So, I have to force myself to eat something first thing in the morning. I've been chugging these Fat Bombs first thing in the morning and they do the trick

Keto Fat Bomb

These are technically for people who are on a Keto diet but I think everyone can benefit from some fats first thing in the morning, regardless of their diet. 

Now, these are way too expensive. If you want to try fat bombs on a budget, here are some DIY recipes for them

If you want to try the F Bombs, here is a link to grab them on Amazon.

Self Education

Taking the Updated Paid Traffic Mastery Course from Digital Marketer

This month, I'm heading back to school (not really) and taking the 2019 version of Digital Marketer's "Paid Traffic Mastery" with Molly Pittman. 

Paid Traffic Mastery

Molly is brilliant and I really enjoyed taking the older version of the course in 2017. 

The only bad thing is you have to take the course in order so you can't jump to different sections. 

Frankly, I don't care at all about the certification. I just want the education!

What I'm Reading: Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

This month I read Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt. Although it was a lot of the same stuff you'll read in every other productivity book, it really resonated with me. 

Free to Focus Cover

If you need a good book on productivity, this one is worth a read. Here are 4 other short books on productivity if you want something else. 

Personal Life

Baby Lua!

Baby Lua (my 4th child and first girl) is still an angel. Absolutely the easiest baby so far. 

I can't express how much I love this little girl.

Baby Lua

I've been coaching my oldest son Sawyer's baseball team again and we're having so much fun. He's gotten my love of baseball this year and he and I throw in the yard nightly and chat about his favorite players and different types of pitches. He loves the Slurve ball (which I've explained is a nonsensical pitch).

New Go To Beer

I found an IPA that has 98 calories and 3 carbs and 100% flavor. It's called Day Time IPA by Lagunitas.

Day Time IPA

My new go to beer!

Ok, that's all for now. I'll see you all in August!


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