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Products That Make Working from Home More Enjoyable
With the need to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people have found themselves working[...]
Copywriting Isnt About Talent
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. - Jimmy JohnsonLast year, I was part of a huge affiliate[...]
Entrepreneurs Guide to Thriving While Self Quarantining
This COVID-19 stuff is just as new to me as everyone else, but I wanted to share a list I[...]
18 Quotes for Fighting Through Tough Times | Quotes for Hard Times
I'm publishing this post on day 14 of our self quarantine during the COVID-19 virus. People are dying, economies are[...]
10 Books Russell Brunson References in Traffic Secrets [Read These While You Wait]
Russell Brunson drops some serious knowledge bombs in his new book Traffic Secrets (read my full Traffic Secrets review +[...]
Traffic Secrets Notes and PDF Download | 7,500+ Word Epic Overview and Traffic Secrets Review
This article is a doozy. It's 7,500+ words and pretty detailed. However, it doesn't give justice to what you'll get[...]
9 Free Tools Email Marketers Need to Know About
I'm an email marketing junkie. If there is a tool out there that can make me better, I've tested it. Here[...]
2020 PayKickStart Review: Our Preferred Affiliate Management Software
Until recently, like the last eight years or so, there wasn’t a one-stop shop for digital marketers to sell their[...]
Your Smart Phone Is More Than Enough to Make Awesome YouTube Videos
This is a "hindsight is 2020," type of article. I thought filming on a smartphone was for amateurs and was[...]
Manage Your Chrome Extensions with Extensity | The Chrome Extension for Managing Extensions
I'm a Chrome extension junkie. These tiny little applications have a major impact on my business and productivity.When you have[...]
How to Open a Second Amazon Storefront | Avoid Suspensions with This Process
As your Amazon business starts to grow, you might be thinking about adding a second store front.I’m sure you’ve heard[...]
Affiliate Marketing College: Articles That Will Make You an Unbeatable Affiliate
If you read just a fraction of the articles mentioned on this page, you will become a much more effective[...]
How I Sold $441,000 in Digital Products on Gumroad
Do you have a digital or physical product you want to sell? If you do, I want to show you[...]
14 User Friendly Canva Alternatives for 2020
Not so long ago, your choices for creating visual content was extremely limited. You could go to the expense and[...]
Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs in 2020
Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and frustrating sometimes. What makes it easier is having like-minded people to bounce ideas[...]
The Best Affiliate Blog Post Examples I Have Ever Seen
There are a million different ways to sell affiliate products. My favorite way is through blog posts. So, in this[...]
I Finally Left WP Engine Hosting for My Blog | WPX Hosting Coupon Code 2020
Let me preface this article by saying that WP Engine is a fantastic company. Their support was always world class[...]
I Tested Out Delesign for 90 Days | Here Is What I Think of the Unlimited Design Service
One of the great benefits of blogging is that I get to test out some really cool products and services[...]
Why I Switched My Checkout Pages to ThriveCart
I finally snapped. The software I had been using to manage my affiliate programs simply wasn't working. I had emailed support countless[...]
8 Ways to Hack Your Work Space for Optimal Productivity
​The environment you work in can affect your productivity and focus more than you realize. If you’re not comfortable, you’re[...]
Hubstaff Reviewed by the Freelancer I Have Use It | 2020 Hubstaff Review | Dual Perspectives
When you're ready to start hiring freelancers or full time employees, you're going to have some important questions to answer.How[...]
Best and Worst Productivity Boosting Products [2020 Edition]
Most of the things we buy don't save us time or make us money. Here are some products that will![...]
Why I Use ConvertKit Even Though There Are More Powerful Alternatives
ConvertKit Review TL;DRIs It Recommended? Yes but not exclusively. There are some email marketing softwares that are better for larger businesses.Who[...]
[Review] Placeit: Easily Create Professional Mockups for Your Products
Whether you sell books, apparel, apps, or tote bags, you need to show examples in order for people to purchase.[...]
AHREFs Keyword Research Tactics for Quick Organic Traffic Gains
Few of the tools I pay for each month have had the impact on my bottom line like AHREFs. AHREFs[...]
[Review] Designrr: Fast and Easy Lead Magnet Creator?
Like a lot of marketers, we use lead magnets (Opt-ins and content upgrades) to entice our readers to join our[...]
[Read Before You Write] 4 Cold Truths About Organic Traffic
Anyone who has ever fiddled with paid ads knows how sexy this idea of "free organic traffic" is. It's awesome,[...]
Blog Topic Research Mistakes Most Niche Bloggers Make (and How to Avoid Them)
If I could go back in time and tell my past self one thing about blogging it would be do[...]
InVideo Review: My Experience with the Web Based Video Creation Software
There’s a new video creation software on the scene, InVideo. It’s been getting rave reviews to the tune of over[...]
How to Make a Youtube Intro and Outro [No Editing Skills Required]
A great YouTube channel should have a great Intro and Outro. Whether it's fair or not, the intro and outro[...]
10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Communication Skills
Your online communication skills are critical to success in the 21st century but they are particularly important if you run[...]
I Had to Choose Between Buffer or Hootsuite: Heres What I Picked?
Buffer or Hootsuite? These two tools  both allow you to syndicate and schedule content across your social media channels, but[...]
Tactical Arbitrage Training 10.19.2019 with Alex Moss
Get Started with Tactical ArbitrageUse Code ER10 at Checkout Read Other Amazon Related Articles!
3 Ways to Use Keyword Alerts to Improve Your Facebook Group
This month (November 2019) Facebook launched a new feature for Group owners called Keyword Alerts. Lots of people may overlook[...]
How to Write a Perfect Blog Post [Ultimate Guide]
You need to BELIEVE in the process I am about to teach you or you're going to let this content[...]
4 Best Books for Anyone Working with a Virtual Team
Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Businessby[...]
Month in Review October 2019
Here is everything new and interesting in October of 2019.Business RelatedFun Times at ECom ChicagoI've said it many times, working[...]
[Non Affiliate Review] Why SubPals Is So Sub Par
"Shortcuts aren't always."-- Cynthia Lewis Growing a large and engaged YouTube following is hard! For some niches, it might feel[...]
Never Share an Affiliate Link on Your Website without Doing These 2 Things First
Wait! Please don't share another affiliate link on your blog without doing these two things!1. Make the link 'noFollow'Always make[...]
Review Posts Are Dying, Affiliate Marketers Should Do This Instead
The review post is one of the most common and straight forward tactics used by affiliate marketers to sell their[...]
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Killer Lead Magnets (with 50 Ideas for Inspiration)
This is a MASSIVE blog post (over 16,000 words). I highly recommend that you read it in pieces and reference[...]
YouTube Secrets: Why Every YouTuber Should Read This Book
I've written about the massive amount of money people are making selling books on Amazon. That has a dark side[...]
11 Ways to Make Your Sites Pop Ups Less Annoying
Here are some stats I want you to struggle with for a minute. First, surveys have shown that 70% of[...]
[2020] 10 Amazing 3rd Party Mobile Apps for Instagram Creators and Influencers
There's no shortage of photo editing apps and 3rd party tools for Instagram, but which ones are actually worth using?[...]
What the Heck is Amazon KDP? Everything You Need to Know about Kindle Direct Publishing
This is a guest post by Neil Lassen.  Free Financial Freedom Workbook “A goal without a plan is just a[...]
Extremely Awesome Process: Updating Your Old Blog Content (Worksheet Inside)
One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES bloggers make is focusing on new content and ignoring their old content. "New," is a[...]
How to Get the URL to a Facebook Post in 5 Seconds
Sharing a Facebook post is a great way to allow your audience to see what you’re up to on other[...]
Outride Social Got My Twitter Account Suspended
I'm writing this post in hopes that I can help others avoid the same fate as me. My Twitter account[...]
Month in Review September 2019
Here is everything interesting from September of 2019!Note: These posts are just as much for me as they are for[...]
3 Link Management Tools All Digital Marketers Need to Have
Digital marketers share links non-stop.  Links to our blog posts Links to our YouTube videos Links to our social media[...]
30 Commonly Used Sounds That Are Free to Use in Your YouTube Videos
I had my virtual assistant dig around online and find links to the 30 most popular sounds YouTubers are using[...]
VidChops Discount Code: $200 off Unlimited Chops Coupon
VidChops ReviewVidChops is a done for you video editing service that allows YouTubers (or anyone who makes a lot of[...]
Subscription Services Internet Entrepreneurs Can Use to Instead of Hiring Real Employees
If you're an internet entrepreneur, PLEASE read this article before you hire anyone to do work in your business. There are[...]
Month in Review August 2019
Here is everything interesting from August of 2019! Business Related New Record for Page Views! Ok, so most decent[...]
Get 10%+ Email Opt-In Rates on Your Blog with Content Locks
This is not a click bait headline. You really can get 10% of your blog visitors to opt-in to your[...]
7 Tips to Help You Get More Done with Text Expander
Text Expander is an amazing software that has the power to shave off hours of time from our work days[...]
Udemy Is a Total Disaster for Course Creators: Here Is Why
I owe a debt of gratitude to Udemy. I've purchased dozens of courses from them over the years and some[...]
[YouTube Private VS Unlisted] What Is the Difference and Which Should You Use?
There are three types of visibility settings for the YouTube videos you publish. You can choose public, private or unlisted.[...]
The Tools I Use to Run My Internet Businesses
The Tools I Use to Run My Internet BusinessesConvertKit [Email Marketing Software] - Convertkit is my email service provider of choice. With[...]
How to Turn Your Old Content into Sexy eBooks
Struggling to think of a good lead magnet idea?You're not alone. The good news is that you might have already created[...]
22+ Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Look Sexy as Hell (and Get More Sales)
Just because you're a blogger doesn't mean that you get a free pass to use words alone to share your[...]
6 Unforgivable Mistakes I Made Freelancing You Can Avoid
I have a love/hate relationship with freelancing.  On one hand, freelancing is the fastest way to start making money online. [...]
Link Whisper Fixed My Internal Link Structure in 20 Minutes [$10 off Discount Inside]
Link Whisper Summary Is It Recommended? Yes. Highly.Who Should Use It? Link Whisper is a must have Wordpress plugin for every blogger. It[...]
37+ Free Internet Business Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About
One of the realities of being an internet entrepreneur is that you'll need to pay for a few tools.  This[...]
How to Find Crazy Profitable Affiliate Niches Fast
Affiliate marketing is impossible until you choose a quality niche. In this article I'm going to share with you the[...]
Diigo: The Secret Evernote Alternative All Writers Should Be Using
I love bringing new resources to entrepreneurs (hence Entre - Resource). Today I want to share a Chrome extension I've[...]
[2020] YouTube Tech Tips: Detailed Answers to All of Your YouTube Questions!
YouTube Tech Tips/Tutorials for 2019As a YouTuber, I've learned first hand that new creators will have a LOT of questions.[...]
10 Thrive Architect Features That Make It the Best WordPress Editor in 2020
Over my 5 years of blogging, I’ve gone through more than my fair share of Wordpress themes and page editors. I’ve[...]
3 Things That Ruin Successful Entrepreneurs But No One Talks About
Surveys show that 90% of businesses fail. Speaking from experience, more of my business ideas are strikeouts than home runs. 90%[...]
Software Secrets Book, Course and Software Funnels Review (from Someone Who Bought the Whole Funnel)
UPDATE JUNE 1 2019: The program pricing is much different now than when I originally bought nearly 2 years ago.[...]
How to Use a Swipe File to Immediately Become a Better Copywriter
If you consider yourself to be a creative person, you may not like what I am about to say. I[...]
The Secret Power of a Great Affiliate Program
"Secrets" is possibly the most misused word in the make money online space. Marketers like me adore it. It’s mysterious[...]
ClixSense Review: How Much I Earned in One Day
Nate McCallister recently reached out to me and asked if I wanted to write a review post for him here[...]
Constant-Content Review: Is It Legit or Another Subpar Ghost Writing Company?
Confession: I have outsourced a couple of articles on this blog. Although I write 97% of everything ever posted here,[...]
15 Sites Like RetailMeNot to Find Amazing Deals on Anything
Looking for a great deal online is harder than it needs to be. There are several 3rd party websites that[...]
Hemingway App Review: Will it Help or Hurt Your Writing?
To say I was excited to write about the Hemingway App is an understatement. I'm obsessed with finding and sharing[...]
Feedback Genius: Legitimate Amazon Review Tool or Just Garbage?
Every day more and more people come to the Amazon platform to start their businesses and many of them have[...]
Google Sheets VS Excel- Which Is Better?
Michigan vs. Ohio State. Frazier vs. Ali. Coke vs. Pepsi. Excel vs. Sheets? Yes. Since most businesses utilize spreadsheets in[...]
14 Books to That Will Make You a Better Digital Marketer
I've read more books on marketing than I can recall. When I first got bitten by the marketing bug, I[...]
15+ Ways to Make $1,000 Fast (without Breaking the Law)
Let’s be honest, no one will ever complain that they make too much money. Lot’s of people out there are[...]
7 Secret Alternatives to the Amazon Revenue Calculator
​If you sell on Amazon, you know that there are a lot of fees involved. Since the fees vary based[...]
Awesome Free Resources That Will Make You a Better Copywriter
Copywriting is perhaps the most overlooked components of successful business ventures.The ability to draft compelling content that sells your products or services[...]
[Free PDF] Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
I'm going to keep this article beyond short and sweet. You're looking for a free instant download of Napoleon Hill's self-help[...]
TextBroker Review: Is It a Viable Option for Buying Content for Your Website?
Truth #1: Many of the popular bloggers you follow outsource their content creation. Truth #2: Buying content for your website is[...]
Is Clickfunnels a Viable Solution for Hosting Your Membership Site or Online Course?
Over the years, I have recommended Clickfunnels for marketers, Clickfunnels for Amazon sellers and even Clickfunnels for non-profits.If you've landed[...]
The 17 Best Fiverr Gigs For Digital Marketers
Fiverr is an amazing resource for internet entrepreneurs (particularly, digital marketers) but not all gigs are created equal. While some[...]
ClickFunnels for Amazon Sellers: Why Amazon Sellers Should Use ClickFunnels
I've written about the power of ClickFunnels for internet marketers but ClickFunnels is not limited to intangible products. Anyone who[...]
How Affiliate Marketers Can Crush It with Email
Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest business models ever invented if you ask me. Seriously. In what other model[...]
How to Get Over Your Crippling Fear of Selling Anything
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”― Joseph Campbell I started writing this article around 2:30 PM[...]
What to Expect as a Fulltime Rideshare Driver
Brad TuckerFulltime Uber/Lyft Driver Hey everyone! I want to first start off by thanking Nate for having me here at[...]
6 Money Burning Google Adwords Mistakes You Need to Avoid
The ability to advertise your brand, product or service on Google is an amazing opportunity to grow your business. The[...]
How to Ensure Your Online Arbitrage Virtual Assistant Isn’t Cheating on You
Is your VA cheating on you?When you decide to scale your Amazon business and hire a virtual assistant (abbreviated as[...]
How to Price Anything In Your Internet Business
"The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you're eating into your reputation or your profits." - Katharine PaineIf you're reading[...]
7 Free Excel Templates for Marketers
In the marketing industry, it is often not enough that you're good with words – you also have to be[...]
6 Clever Marketing Tactics YouTubers Need to Know in 2020
I've spent a ton of time this year working on improving my YouTube presence. Although I still consider myself a[...]
The Secret Design Pickle Alternative You Need to Check Out
Design Pickle is a graphic design agency that offers unlimited design services for a low monthly price. I've been a[...]
How to Write Bullet Points That Sell Like Crazy: [Free Bullet Point Worksheet]
Bullet points are a critical, yet often underutilized element of creating sales copy that converts. Bullet points allow you to[...]
How to Quickly Add a Subscribe Button to Your YouTube Videos [10 Free Subscribe Button PNGs Inside]
--> <--YouTube makes it easy to add a custom watermark that works as a subscribe button to all of your videos.[...]
ClickMagick Review: My Personal Experience + Exclusive Discount
I originally signed up for Clickmagick (often spelled incorrectly as Clickmagic) solely for the purpose of reviewing it for my readers here[...]
The Greatest Marketing and Advertising Quotes of All Time
I blog a lot about marketing and advertising here. I kept looking for marketing quotes from across the internet every[...]
Scammed on Udimi | Why I Dont Buy Traffic from Solo Ad Vendors Anymore
NOTE: This is NOT another Udimi affiliate post where I use a clickbait headline and end up actually promoting Udimi[...]
How the f*ck did Supreme Patty get so famous and worth so much?
This week, I want to analyze the success of Instagram star Patrick Wallace AKA Supreme Patty (@SupremePatty). There is a[...]
19 Powerful Morning Mindfulness Prompts for Entrepreneurs
Mindfulness isn't just important to a successful career, it's important to living a happy and fulfilling life. In 2018 I[...]
Never Share a YouTube Video on Facebook Without This Free Tool
If you have a YouTube channel you should always syndicate your videos across other social media channels (like Facebook). There's[...]
Add White Outlines Around Images with Photoshop [YouTube Thumbnails]
You see them all the time. Those awesome looking YouTube thumbnails with the white outlines around the images without backgrounds.[...]
How to Increase Your Email Open Rate by Resending to Your Unopens in ConvertKit
Imagine you're about to pick up the hottest date of your life. You arrive at a house to pick him[...]
7 Things Russell Brunson Can Teach Us about Email Automation
It's important to have idols (even as a 29 year old man). Russell Brunson is one of my internet marketing[...]
What You Need to Know about the Laws Relating to Affiliate Marketing (Updated for GDPR Compliance)
Critical update 5.18.18This article now covers the issues facing affiliate marketers as a result of the new GDPR regulations going[...]
The Story of Ava Anderson and What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from It
The story of Ava Anderson is as interesting as it is enlightening. As Stefon from Saturday Night Live would say,[...]
5 Quick Affiliate Marketing Tips for 2020
I've learned a lot in my action packed years as an internet marketer. Here are 5 of my best affiliate[...]
6 Things That Will Accelerate the Growth of Your Online Business
I can say with certainty, I regret nothing in my life. Corny right? But seriously, I love where I am[...]
How to Turn Your Facebook Group into a List Building Machine
This is a LONG article! If you're more of a visual learning, I recommend that you watch the video below[...]
How to Create a YouTube Auto-Subscribe Link
If you want to grow your channel (like I do) you should create an auto-subscribe link. Instead of just linking to[...]
Keywords That Will Actually Sell Affiliate Products
I'm about to share some information that could very well cost me money if my competitors read it. That's ok though,[...]
A Quick and Dirty Guide to Using Hashtags on Instagram
Hashtags have always left me #confused.  They've been used forever and most people understand what they do, but they don't[...]
12 Potentially Million Dollar Virtual Reality Business Ideas
It has been a long time since I've been as excited about anything as I am right now about the[...]
What Is a Super Affiliate? (Definition)
If you're an affiliate marketer or a company looking to add affiliates to promote your products, you've likely heard of[...]
The Truth About Running Paid Ads to Your Affiliate Products
If you're a new affiliate marketer, you have surely considered running paid ads directly to your affiliate products. Ranking on[...]
Most Common Mistakes Made by Failed Affiliate Marketers
The sad truth is that most people who try their hand at affiliate marketing fail. Some make no money at all[...]
Why Affiliate Marketing Is Great for Consumers and Creators (and When It Isn’t)
You've heard stories about affiliate marketing, good and bad. You've supported affiliate marketers, unwittingly or not. You've been pushed products,[...]
How to Leverage the Power of Bonuses to Boost Affiliate Sales
"For it is in giving that we receive" - Francis of AssisiThis is one of my all time favorite pieces[...]
How to Use Amazons Massive Customer Base to Create Killer Sales Copy and Find Product Opportunities
This Article Is For....checkAnyone selling tangible products (on Amazon or any other platform)checkAnyone looking to improve the sales copy of[...]
The Best (FREE) Program to Learn Affiliate Marketing
I have a reputation for writing mega posts (3000-5000 words) but this post is going to be short and sweet. First,[...]
Why Your Blog Is Not Making Affiliate Sales Even Though You’re Getting Plenty of Traffic
Two quick things before you spend any of your valuable time reading this whole article...This article is for people selling[...]
How to Use Clickfunnels to Create a Simple Opt-In with a Downloadable Lead Magnet
Creating a lead magnet is absolutely critical to building a quality email list. Gone are the days where we can[...]
Piou Piou: A Lesson in Growth Hacking from the Game That Missed out on $50,000 Per Day Profit Potential
You have likely never heard of the video game Piou Piou, but anyone interested in marketing software should want to[...]
Amazon Infuriates 3rd Party Sellers with Sudden Nike Product Restrictions
On Tuesday evening Amazon incited anger and panic among their 3rd party sellers by enacting restrictions on various ASINs (product[...]
How To Land Your First Copywriting Clients
Note: This blog post was originally an answer to a question on Quora Books have been written on the process of[...]
How to Use Convert Kit to Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing (7 Power Tips)
While most marketers are scrambling around trying to master the latest social media platforms, I have quietly built something much more valuable:[...]
Inside my First Click Funnels One Time Offer (That converted at 53%!)
My love for Click Funnels far outweighs my skills. This should be very inspiring to you because I was able to[...]
How to Learn Copywriting with Longhand Duplication
When I fly, I read. There is something about being 5,000+ feet above ground that makes me want to learn.[...]
How Appsumo Drives Insane Sales and Why Id Pay to Be on Their Mailing List
Successful marketing requires some imitation. I have found a handful of sites that I study top to bottom in order[...]

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