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How to Get the Most from These Recordings


Listen Daily

These prompts work best when committed to habit. Make this a part of your nightly routine. Download the files above and store them on your smartphone for easy listening. They're yours to do with whatever you'd like.


Dont Rush

There is a gap between each prompt. This is done intentionally to give you time to think over each question. If you need more time, simply click pause.



Is there something you don't like or want to add to these prompts? You can easily have your own recorded (here is the artist I hired for this one). You can start with the script below and edit it however you'd like. Just give someone the script and let them do their thing!


Close your eyes and allow yourself to enter a state of relaxation. Listen to the following 14 questions and allow yourself to honestly reflect on each.

#1 How did you provide value today?

#2 What did you learn today? 

#3 Did you leave your comfort zone today? 

#4 What was your biggest accomplishment today?

#5 Where did you fail today?

#6 Did you grow your network today? 

#7 Did you make time for the things that matter most? Your family, friends and yourself. 

#8 Did you show interest in others?

#9 Did you earn or lose money today?

#10 Did you act ethically? 

 #11 Did you take care of your body by eating well and getting exercise?

#12 What is your main goal for tomorrow? How will you make sure it happens?

#13 What are you most thankful for today?

#14 Focus on what success looks like for you Allow yourself to visualize exactly what success looks like for you. Who will you spend time with? What will you  be doing each day?