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#1 Financial Freedom Calculator

Financial Freedom Calculator

If your goal is to quit your job and pursue entrepreneurship full time, it is critical that you understand what it will take to get there. This calculator can be used for two things:

#1 Calculate the minimum amount of income you need to generate to work for yourself. Understand your basic expenses, create a budget and plan your income streams to hit your goals.

#2 Calculate the minimum amount of income you must generate to have the things (physical of course) you want in life. You may want a lot, you may want a little, but this worksheet will show you what it will take to get there.

#3 Understand what your time is worth per hour! Knowing how much you want to work per day and how much you need to make will get you to a number that you need to respect. Your estimated hourly worth. I reference my number whenever I am making an outsourcing decision.

BONUS: Two (2) tutorial videos with me.