"Working FOR yourself doesn't mean working BY yourself."

Although I'm a solopreneur, I couldn't have gotten where I am today without working with other awesome entrepreneurs.

I am always looking to build relationships with great, like minded people and businesses. 


#1 List Building Partnerships

My email list is large (over 15,000 active subscribers and the list is pruned regularly) and I'm willing to share your content with my readers if it's high quality. I'm always looking for people with real email lists to mention my content (especially my opt-in pages) with their email lists. 

Example: I send your content to my list and you send mine to yours. 

#2 Social Media Partnerships

We all have social channels that outperform the others. We can leverage eachother's strengths and grow together. 

ExampleYou want to grow traffic to your blog. You have a large YouTube following. I want to grow my YouTube channel. I can help you get traffic to your blog through email blasts, Facebook/Instagram posts, etc if you mention me in your YouTube content.

#3 Guest Posts

I'm willing to accept QUALITY blog posts and also write guest posts on sites with a DR over 30+. 

#4 Skills Exchange/Barter

Are you a professional at something that could help me? Do you need help from me growing your blog, selling on Amazon, doing SEO/Keyword research, or growing your email list? Let's chat!

Please Read Before Reaching Out

Here is what I'm looking for in collaboration partners.

Ethical: Our reputations are linked to the people we endorse. If you're business is sketchy, I'm not interested.

White Hat: If your collaboration idea isn't white hat, I'm not interested. No link farming, spamming or anything of that nature.

Content Relevance: If you've read my blog, you can tell I am in the make money online/digital marketing space. No, I won't promote your Crossfit blog or promote a product that isn't directly related to what my readers expect to hear from me on EntreResource.com.

No MLM: Sadly, I believe 95% of MLMs are no good so I am not interested in collaborating with anyone who is in the MLM space.

Symbiotic: I'm only looking for partnerships that are of mutual value to both of us. If you're following is 5x as big as mine, I wouldn't expect you to do a cross promotion with me. This goes both ways. Please explain what is in it for both of us. Sorry if that sounds selfish 🙂

High Quality Work: I won't link to or share low quality stuff. 

How to Contact

Option #1 Email me at [email protected] with the subject line : Collab Idea! and let me know what you're thinking.

Option #2 Message me on my personal Facebook account. You'll need to wave at me most likely though. 

No Symbiosis? Message Me What You Need for Rates

I am willing to do paid work on a case by case basis. I do not sell backlinks but I am open to selling ad space on the banners of the site (offer will be vetted extensively). Follow the same contact information above for all queries. I'm flexible.