Amazon Posts Beta | How to Make Them and Everything You Need to Know

Amazon Posts Beta Launch

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Just in time for the biggest shopping season of the year, Amazon has released a new way for you to entice shoppers to buy. Amazon Posts (Beta) is your answer to posting branded content in a social media-styled fashion and actually sell directly from the post.

Let’s face it, standing out from the crowd and building brand loyalty on a platform like Amazon can be difficult. But now, you have the opportunity to showcase your product line up with as many posts as you like and it’s FREE, for the moment, so jump in.

Why Sign up for Amazon Posts?

It’s the right time. At this very moment, sellers are prepping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s actually 5 days of selling, if you count Thanksgiving night, when it all starts, and then it goes until Giving Tuesday.

Consumers are prepping as well. is instructing its readers, Only rookies head out on Black Friday unprepared. Getting ready means studying the ads—in print and online—the weekend before Thanksgiving.

According to, online sales for Black Friday jumped 23.6% from 2017-2018. Black Friday alone pulled in $6.2 Billion in online sales.

Black Friday Stat

Pixlee – quotes Forbes as saying, About 58 million people shopped online only, while 51 million shopped exclusively in stores. The remaining 65 million consumers shopped both online and in store . . .

Tara Darnley

Tara Darnley

Amazon has been working with sellers to create a seamless process to sell and bring brand awareness to their offerings. Amazon Posts is a great way to repurpose content you already use on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This allows shoppers to buy from your post and they don't have to leave the platform. A Perfect shopping eco-system. I'm excited for my clients to try this, along with the new livestream feature. 

Online is where the action (and spending) will happen. Amazon Posts allows you to incorporate features and functions users are already familiar with on other social media platforms.

How Does Amazon Posts Work?

Amazon Posts helps shoppers discover your products. You can create as many posts as you feel are needed. And you can try out different types of content to see what resonates with your audience and keeps them clicking and buying.

Amazon Posts Discovery

Carousel Ads generate attention to your posts and brand. When a shopper clicks on a post, they are taken to your feed.

Amazon posts browsing

Shoppers can continue to browse for related posts or browse posts for products in related categories.

Amazon posts shopping

Once shoppers see a post they like and click “show products,” they can learn more about the product itself and purchase. Posts are instantly shoppable! 

You don’t have to recreate the wheel, you can re-use content  from other social media platforms, especially if the content is performing well. Think about re-creating similar experiences as those you have on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., but now it’s ALL about creating shopping moments.

Anatomy of an Amazon post

How Amazon Posts look

A. Profile banner. Displays the name and logo of your brand.

B. Custom Image. Images showcase features and help you tell your story.

C. “Show product” icon. Tapping on this link will hide or reveal a product card that shows important details: price, star rating, and Prime eligibility.

D. Caption text. Custom captions help you highlight product features, emphasize branding, and present a call to action.

E. Category tags. Amazon auto-taga your posts with relevant product categories. Tapping on a category tag takes shoppers into the feed of posts relevant to that category.


Where Do Your Posts Show Up?

Amazon Posts Feeds

You are not able to choose which feed your posts are published on. Amazon decides for you. However, the category tags you use will help determine the posts’ final destination. The best part is that where ever they show up, the posts are instantly shoppable. Users can go from viewing to reading to adding the product to their shopping cart in just a click or two.

Where to Sign up for Amazon Posts?

At this time, Amazon Posts is only open to store owners on the US site.

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Amazon credentials

3. Create your profile

4. Verify your brand name

5. Upload your brand logo

When you upload your logo, it will be cropped into a circle and will appear in the upper left corner of the post.

Amazon Posts logo setup

Getting the Most from Amazon Posts

This is the perfect time to get ahead of your competition by jumping on this bandwagon. It’s still at the beginning stages, so you get the opportunity to make it your own.

1. Post high-quality images that broadcast your message and brand

2. Post often. There aren’t any limits. Fill up the Related Products and Product categories field with as much of your content as possible.

 3. Check your stats. Amazon Posts provides you with viewable impressions, clicks, and clickthrough rates. Use this information to see what’s converting and what you need to change.

Let us know in the comments if you are signing up for Amazon Posts and how you're doing with it.

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