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 [Read First] ​​​​Important Security Disclaimer

Never store secure information inside of Fastlinqs! 

We cannot read your data but all Chrome extensions are susceptible to hackers. Never store information such as credit card cards, social security numbers or passwords inside of Fastlinqs.

EntreResource, LLC is not liable for any information stolen as a result of misuse of the extension.

Things you should store inside of Fastlinqs include...

  • Affiliate Links - Probably the #1 way I use Fastlinqs!
  • Blog Post URLs - If you're a blogger, you should be doing "internal link building" and linking to your old content in your new content. Fastlinqs makes this very simple.
  • YouTube Video URLs -  Do you have a lot of YouTube videos? Load them to Fastlinqs so you can share them more easily!
  •  Social Media Profile URLs  - Store links to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and any other profiles
  • Emojis
  • Simple Text You Paste Often.

Due to time constraints, EntreResource, LLC does not offer support for this extension. If you have any concerns, please do not install. Please view the support documentations below if you have any issues.

Installation Steps


Install Fastlinqs from Chrome Store

You'll need to bounce right back to this page after you've installed.


Set Up Your Sheet

Pay close attention! This part is extremely important.

  • Open Google Sheet template
  • Click "File" then "Make a Copy" (Do NOT Request Access)
  • Clear Existing Data Get URL of Sheet (Doesn't Need to Be Shared)
  • Paste URL into Fastlinqs and Click Save.
  •  Add tabs, descriptions and URLs via the Google Sheet OR Directly Within the Extension.
  • Be sure to "Save to" (when making changes in the extension) or "Load From" (when making changes to the Google Sheet) whenever you make a change. 

[Optional] Bulk Upload Blog Post URLs from Wordpress

If you're a blogger who has a lot of pre-existing URLs, you may want to import them all into Fastlinqs. 

This part is an ongoing process but you may want to put in the legwork upfront to store as many of your links as posisble right out of the gate.

If you're a blogger, I recommend you check out a free Wordpress plugin called "Export All URLs." This will allow you to quickly turn your blog posts into an organized list you can paste into your FastLinqs Google Sheet for fast upload.

Here is a video showing how to do this very quickly.


[Optional] Shorten and Track Links in Clickmagick

Clickmagick is one of my favorite softwares. It allows. me to track and shorten my links. Click the link below to learn more about it. 

Common Support Questions

"Right click to paste isn't working."

Due to the code on certain 3rd party websites, the right click to paste won't work on every site.

Some large sites like Facebook and Google are not currently supported with the right click and paste so you will need to click the icon and copy the link manually.

The most important sites, Wordpress and Clickfunnels, do work. Clickfunnels works only when adding a link via the link button, it won't paste directly to the page. If it isn't working, contact our support team.

"My links are gone!"

The good thing about Fastlinqs is that you will keep all of your links in a your own Google sheet. If your app gets deleted or you start to use a different Google account, you can easily sync the sheet again.

Be careful not to save a blank extension TO a Google Sheet with links on it. 

Only save to the sheet if you have the same data + new links. 

Note: If you run multiple devices your links will need to be updated on both devices when you switch. 

Example:  You add a link to Fastlinqs on your Macbook.  You select "save to sheet," and it is now saved to your spreadsheet and visible on your Macbook's Fastlinqs dashboard. You then log into your iMac and notice that the link you just added is not there yet. This is because you have to do "load from sheet' on this device. This can be problematic if you aren't careful so be sure to get in the habit of saving to and loading from when changes are made.

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