Tactical Arbitrage Webinar Dec 6th 2018

Alex Moss of Tactical Arbitrage joined me last night to release a handful (ok, several handfuls!) of new features. I've highlighted them all below the video if you are in a hurry πŸ™‚ 

Note: Some of these updates are still being finalized. I have noted the completion status below each feature.

Feature #1 "Basic" Layout

An exit poll of users who did not join the program after going through a trial of Tactical Arbitrage clearly showed that feature overwhelm was one of the most common reasons they didn't decide to join the software. 

Tactical Arbitrage Basic View

The basic layout (also referred to as "newbie" layout) still harnesses all of the power of Tactical Arbitrage but simplifies the product search page for easier use. This is great for new users but existing users who are in a hurry can benefit from the lean design as well. 

ta basic view

People already love the basic layout!

Note: Basic layout is currently not supported on Library or AZ Flips search pages. Coming in 2019. 

STATUS: Currently Live

Tactical Academy

Feature #2 Competitor Stock Count Improvement in Tactical edge

Tactical Arbitrage will now show competitor's in stock inventory levels beyond the previous limit of 10. We can now see detailed inventory levels for listings with up to 999 units in stock. 

Tactical Edge

This is tremendously valuable when deciding how many units to purchase and how to price them so you move them quickly and for maximum profits. 

STATUS: Currently Live

Feature #3 Name Your Searches

You can now give detailed descriptions to any of your searches. This makes reviewing your scans and working with a team of virtual assistants much easier. When processing large amounts of data, labels make a big difference. We highly recommend you get in the habit of giving your searches relevant titles now that this feature is live. You can also rename scans in the search manager after they've been completed. 

Name Searches in Tactical Arbitrage


Feature #4 Pagination Improvements

In the view data page, you no longer need to click the arrows to move one page at a time. You can type in any page # you want and it will jump to it directly. Power users will realize how awesome this minor change is very quickly. 

TA View Data Page

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #5 Country Drop Down on Dashboard for Imrpoved Tactical Edge Data

You will now be able to edit the "buy from" and "sell on" settings from the dashboard. This is powerful if you sell on a different marketplace than you source from. 

Tactical Edge Countries

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #6 "Check Another ASIN" Button No Longer Automatically Leaves Tactical Edge Page

You will now see a pop up on the screen and can choose to open in new window if you'd like. 

Tactical Edge Pop Up

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #7 Quick ASIN Search Added to Wholesale

The popular quick search ASIN feature will now be available in the wholesale area. 

Tactical Arbitrage Wholesale

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #8 Add Checkbox Row to Both Sides of All Tables

On the view data page, any changes on the far left or far right checkbox rows will mirror each other. This means less left to right scrolling. 

TA View Data

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #9 See Product Size Dimensions on Mouse Over

You can now see accurate dimensions in the view data page quickly and easily. The data is shown in both imperial and metric formats. 

TA Product Size

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #10 Account Area in Settings

You can now update your profile, billing information and upgrade or downgrade your membership much more easily. 

TA Account

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #11 Yearly Billing

You will now be able to pay for a year of Tactical Arbitrage at a discounted rate. 

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #12 New Pricing Tiers

There will be new plans coming out that will offer users more flexibility.  These rates can help some users save money at the cost of some functionality and power. There is nothing to worry about if you're a current user. Your rates only change if you actively change them.

Feature #13 Seven and Ten Day Cache Options

This is double the current max of 5 days. 

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #14 Report In Stock Errors

Help report in stock errors so that Tactical Arbitrage developers can quickly adjust code to meet 3rd party layout changes. We are a family after all πŸ™‚ 

TA Mismatches


STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #15 Advanced Keepa Product Count % Filter

You can now override sales rank thresholds by percentage in total Keepa products. Jump to the 1 hour mark in the video for more detail on this amazing new feature!

TA Sales Rank

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #16 Automated Guided Tour

Alex has created a virtual walkthrough that will make the software easier to understand for new users or existing users who feel like they still don't understand everything that the software has to offer. 

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #17 See Total Variations in View Data Page

If you sell a lot of products with variations, you can now quickly see how many total variations exist directly from the view data page. 

Amazon Variations

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #18 Buy Bot Pro Button 

Users of the​ 3rd party online arbitrage add-on Buy Bot Pro will now be able to access the tool from within the view data page.

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #19 "Ebay Sold" Functionality

Tactical Arbitrage is working to serve more eBay users in 2019 and this has starts with an "eBay Sold" button in the view data page. You can see how much a product has recently sold for on eBay quickly and easily.

eBay Completed

NOTE: If you use the eBay completed feature, Alex recommends checking the "trending at" price. This is going to give you the best idea of what the product is currently selling for on eBay. 

eBay Trending At

Feature #20 Mystery Bundle Feature

Alex alluded to a new bundle feature but said it's too premature to discuss at length. 

STATUS: Coming in 6-8 weeks.

Feature #21 Barcode Generator

You can now show barcodes for product UPCs directly in the view data page.  If you do retail arbitrage, you are going to find some creative uses for this. You can also use this to upload inventory more easily when using software like Inventory Lab. 

Tactical Arbitrage Bar Codes

STATUS: Coming Soon

Feature #22 New Homepage

If you're a current user, you probably don't care πŸ™‚ It looks awesome though!

STATUS: Coming Soon

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Tactical Academy
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