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Elevate Your Life and Business with Our Productive Entrepreneur Community

Here's the reality...

Most business models work. Most people, however, don't... 

And I don't blame them either. ..

It's easy to give up...

Most of the successful people you see either got lucky early (I certainly did) or just didn't give up. They are outliers. Life is too short, money is too tight and the opportunity cost of chasing a side hustle or business idea that shows no signs of success is too daunting for most people. It's borderline irrational to not give up in most cases.

Our group addresses this in several ways...

#1 The Seinfeld Strategy 

Habits make giving up more difficult and create a craving for consistency. We focus on building and maintaining small but transformative habits.

The Seinfield Strategy

#2 Positive Peer Pressure

It's lonely on the road to success. We surround each other with likeminded, aspiring entrepreneurs who are all working towards the same goals.

Success with accountability

It's hard to create your own roadmap...

Here's how we fix that.

#1 Personalized Road Maps

Unfortunately, habits, hard work and consistency don't necessarily lead to positive outcomes. 

Success with Direction vs. Without

Without direction, you're just spinning your tires, getting nowhere.

It's like driving on a roadtrip without navigation, simply hoping you get to your destination before you run out of gas.


#2 Measure to Manage

We focus on S.M.A.R.T. goals and meticulously tracking them.


#3 Crush the "Ostrich Effect"

Most of us put off the big hairy tasks that we need to get done, but don't want to. 

We focus on knocking out what we call the "Ostrich Effect" which is the avoidance of difficult but important tasks and problems.

Ostrich effect

We take the guess work out of productivity. 

But what's the point?

Happiness. Plan and simple. 

Productivity for productivity's sake is meaningless. 

That's why we focus on "the pie of life."

All members are pushed to do more than just earn more money. We want to help you be more fulfilled in all aspects of life that are important to you. 

All members can complete a monthly "Pie of Life" worksheet and grade themselves on how they feel they're doing in all of the key areas of life. 

Here's What to Expect

Onboarding Call or Chat with Our Team

We take time to discuss your life, your goals and develop a plan of attack.

Monthly Check In Call or Chat

We take time to see how the previous month went, what can be changed and where you're headed next.

Find Your Ideal Accountability Partner

We help pair you with someone we think you can work well with (similar work hours, niches, etc).

Regular Live Deep Co-Work Sessions

We do daily live 45 minute "deep co-work" webinars. We log in, chat briefly, and get to work! The times will vary week to week, ranging from early morning, mid-day and evenings.

Weekly Leaderboards

Engage in positive competition with your peers in the community by posting your daily work updates, attending live co-working sessions and getting things done.

Productivity Lessons

New content is added regularly to help you...

  • Get more done
  • Make better things
  • In less time
  • And enjoy your work more!!!

This is just an added bonus to the program for those who are interested, not the heart of it.

Worksheets and Resources

Access Nate's stash of custom productivity resources and worksheets. 

Access to Our Skool Community 

We host our community inside of Skool. We don't like social media so we create our own ecosystem on a platform that is distraction free. 

Book of the Month Club

Each month we have an optional book club. We focus on one specific book that is relevant to the program and discuss it together. Another fun, but optional bonus from the community.

I Realized My Career Boiled Down to This ONE Thing I Needed to Focus On

Hey, my name is Nate McCallister. I've been a self-employed entrepreneur for over 10 years now. I've made a living in all the traditional "make money online" areas and then I made even more teaching others how to do it to. 

I realized something though.

The stuff I was teaching wasn't enough. Sure, I know it works and I am confident that I explain things well and clearly BUT... that's not the important part. 

The biggest value I could provide my students and followers with was actually well beyond the actual tactics and tips of the trades I taught.

It was motivation, direction and support. Driving them to action. 

Focusing on helping entrepreneurs with focus, consistency, motivation and accountability is the next level of my development as a teacher.

But Is this right for you?

As much as I LOVE productivity, I hate sales equally. 

My goal isn't to sell this to everyone. I want to get the right people. Here's who is "right" for this...

Do enroll if...

  • You're ready to grind! 
  • You respond well to accountability. 
  • You're able to be radically positive. If that's not your nature, that's ok, we just don't accept negativity.

Don't enroll if...

  • You don't like accountability. That is the biggest value here, we keep each other going!
  • You can't commit to serious action. The success of our members is a direct reflection of me and the program. I only want people who will do the work to make us both look great!

The 10 Commandments of Productive Entrepreneurs Club

  1. Happiness Is the Main Goal. Our goal isn’t to achieve X or earn Y, it’s to do the things that make us feel happy. 
  2. Success Is Relative. We all have different goals and ideas of success. 
  3. Consistent Improvement Is Our Core Metric. No matter how big or small the actions you take or how fast or slow you take them, the key is to keep doing the right things consistently.
  4. Work Better, Not More. We want you to work as much as you want and no more. Focusing on getting more out of each hour over getting more hours out of each day. We aren't interested in toxic hustle culture that values raw output at all costs as a one size fits all approach to life.
  5. Productivity Is Holistic. We strive to help people reach well rounded lives and believe physical health, mental health, relationships and wealth all deserve your focus. 
  6. Positivity Is Fuel. The world can be negative, this community is our own artificial escape from that. “Misery loves company, but so does joy, and joy throws better parties.”
  7. We Bounce Back. Slip ups happen, we aim to jump right back into doing the right things after mistakes, not letting them snowball and build up in shame and guilt. 
  8. Success Doesn’t Exist without Integrity. There are many ways to gain wealth. Unfortunately, many of them require you to lower your moral standards. We only work on things that do no harm.
  9. We Do Hard Things First. It is most often the hardest things that hold us back and cause us anxiety. We tackle them head on. 
  10. We Say “No.” Entrepreneurs say yes too often. We focus on chasing the right things and nothing else. 

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