Don't Lose Your Amazon Business to Avoidable Intellectual Property Complaints

Our Chrome Extension Greatly Reduces Your Risks

  • Intellectual property complaints are on the rise and sellers are losing their accounts because of it.
  • Most of these complaints are coming from the same brands.
  • You don't have to be caught off guard!
IP Complaints

Hey, we're Nate and Chris and we decided to create a software that would help keep good sellers from losing their accounts!

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IP Alert is a Google Chrome extension that alerts you when you're on an Amazon product page from a brand that is filing intellectual property complaints against resellers. You get a satisfying little alert and know to be on your merry way to find products that won't get you in trouble.

Don't Let Brands Bully You Out of Business!

What People Are Saying About IP Alert

" of the best Amazon services I've ever seen."

"Every time I see the "This ASIN/Brand is known to file complaints against sellers" I just think OMG this is the best money I've ever spent. Ive been through one suspension, it sucked so bad and my sales volume is still recovering from it. I know this sounds like a commercial but I 'm not an affiliate, it's just one of the best Amazon services I've ever seen.

Edward Holdgate
- Amazon Seller/IP Claim Survivor and User

"...they truly care about amazon sellers! "

"Highly recommend IP Alert! Very easy to install and the alert flashes right away on the amazon page if the company is known for claims, you can’t miss it. Very affordable and the team running it is top notch! Always responsive to messages and they truly care about amazon sellers! "

Julie Lasenby
- Amazon Seller

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Jessica Larrew

"It’s now on my must use list of OA tools."

"IP claims are one of those things we try to avoid as Amazon sellers. Even with a list of brands to avoid, it’s hard to keep up. IP Alert has reminded me many times to stay away from certain products. It’s now on my must use list of OA tools."

Jessica Larrew

"...has prevented me from ordering potentially infringing inventory."

"IP Alert has been a game changer for me in my Amazon sourcing business. It's seamless, straightforward, and has prevented me from ordering potentially infringing inventory, time and time again. I highly recommend this software, both for what it does, as well as for the time it saves you, and because of the affordable price for what you get"

Greg Borsuk
- Amazon Seller

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