July 26


How to Turn Your Old Content into Sexy eBooks

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated July 26, 2019

Struggling to think of a good lead magnet idea?

You're not alone. 

The good news is that you might have already created an amazing lead magnet and you didn't even realize it. 

If you've created any content in the past (blog, audio or video) you can convert it into an easy to distribute PDF eBook. 

Tools Used to Turn Content to Lead Magnets

Here are the three tools I demonstrate in the video.

#1 ​Designrr.Io

This is the tool that will allow you to convert your blog, podcast or video into an eBook. 

It is affordable and powerful. Highly, HIGHLY recommended. 

#2 Canva

Canva is the gold standard for creating great looking designs of any kind. I use it to create my eBook covers. 

#3 PlaceIt

PlaceIt allows me to make my 2D book cover into a 3D one.

About the author

Nate is the founder and main contributor of EntreResource.com. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his two kids Sawyer and Brooks with his beautiful wife Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics and piano.

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