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October 14


How to Get the URL to a Facebook Post in 5 Seconds

By Carol J. Dunlop

Last Updated October 14, 2019

Sharing a Facebook post is a great way to allow your audience to see what you’re up to on other channels and platforms. You might also want to share other people's Facebook posts with your tribe, like in your Facebook group. But finding the link isn't straightforward if you've never done it before. Today, I’ll show you how to find the URL to your Facebook post in less time than it takes to actually read this article.

Step 1: Find the post you want to link to (I'm assuming you've already done this if you're reading this post)!

Find the Facebook URL

Step 2: Look at the date on the post, this is the timestamp. Right-click it and you will see a dropdown box. This box gives you a couple options. You can choose to copy the link address or you can open the post in a new tab or window.

Tip: If you're going to share more than a few Facebook posts, you can save lots of time by using Text Expander.

Step 3: If you choose to open the post in a new tab or window, you will then need to click inside the browser window and then copy the entire URL. It’s long but you will need this entire link to make sure the post is shared properly, wherever you are going to paste it.

Find the Facebook URL and copyy


Now all you need to do is decide where you will past the link so you can share it out. If you liked this little tip, you'll love this post on free tools for entrepreneurs.

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Carol J. Dunlop is an Amazon #1 International Best-selling author for her book, UN-Market Your Business; 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting. Carol is known as “The Online WOW! Strategist.” She teaches entrepreneurs to convert marketing into money so they can find and perfect the marketing strategy they love to get more clients and live the life they want. Carol’s clients hail from cities across the U.S.A., the U.K., and Australia.

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