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    BrickSeek: Become a Deal Finding God

    In this article I am going to show you the ins and outs of a cool program that allows you to find discounted and hard to find products in your area and online The tool is called BrickSeek.  BrickSeek was made with consumers in mind BUT the real reason I care about it is because of its […]


      5 Traits of Wildly Successful Amazon Sellers

      All sorts of people TRY to sell on Amazon but those who succeed at high levels share similar traits. These traits are easy to identify but difficult to emulate. Here are the 5 key traits that I have identified in the most successful sellers I have ever worked with. These traits are easy to identify but […]


        How to Make Money Selling Products with Amazon FBA

        How do you make money selling physical products on Amazon? Here is a quick rundown of the process and different models sellers use to make anything from spare cash to millions of dollars leveraging Amazon’s powerful fulfillment program.


          How to Get the Most out of the Native Amazon Repricer

          Fact: Amazon (re)sellers with 50+ SKUs benefit massively from some type of automatic pricing system (known as a repricer). A repricer will help you to…Win the buy box more often. This means more sales and a smaller amount of storage fees.Take the emotion out of pricing. Constantly changing your prices is time consuming and emotionally draining […]


            Learn to Sell on Amazon for Free

            We all love having a clear direction. Exercise programs like P90X are difficult sure, but the clarity of the process (nearly guaranteed body transformation if the process is followed) makes the grueling work much easier. Malcom Gladwell catered to this human desire for clarity of purpose when he constructed his 10,000 Hours to Mastery theory. […]


              4 Must Read Books for Amazon Sellers

              Learning to sell on Amazon is rooted in taking action.  Actually buying, listing and selling products is the best way to learn the ins and outs of the business. Too many new sellers are suckered into buying expensive courses that “guarantee results” before they have sold enough to know if they even like the business. You learn, predominately, […]

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