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    The Ultimate List of Tools, Softwares and Resources for Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors

    Quick Navigation PSAApps for Monitoring Your PortfolioDelta Portfolio App [RECOMMENDED]Blockfolio App (iOS and Android)CryptofolioMobile Apps for Buying CryptocurrencyTabTraderCoinCapSoftware for “Day Trading” [MOST RECOMMENDED]Cointracking [RECOMMENDED]WalletsLedger Nano S Hardware Wallet [RECOMMENDED]Trezor â€‹Exodus (Digital Wallet)Software for Cryptocurrency Tax PrepBitcoin.TaxCointracking [Again]News ResourcesIcostatsBlockonomi.comCointelegraph.comCryptocurrency Trade Talks and Trends Facebook Group Cryptocurrency trading and investing is hotter than two rats in a wool sock right now.  What […]