How appsumo drives insane sales and why id pay to be on their mailing list

May 10


How Appsumo Drives Insane Sales and Why Id Pay to Be on Their Mailing List

By Nate McCallister

Last Updated May 10, 2016

Successful marketing requires some imitation. I have found a handful of sites that I study top to bottom in order to emulate what may be making them so successful.

My favorite site to research (and shop from) is

I'm not the first person to oogle and awe at the massive success of Appsumo. Anyone with half a mind for marketing should be following what they do, whether they buy their offers or not.

What is Appsumo

Appsumo calls itself “The Store for Entrepreneurs.”

It was founded in 2010 by Noah Kagan and is a site for tech-minded entrepreneurs to get awesome discounts on popular products and services.

When asked why he created Appsumo, Kagan said,

“I wanted to start a business that helped people get customers.”

Appsumo works with popular companies to bring their products to their audience at steeply discounted prices, typically exclusive to them (I very rarely see a product that was featured on Appsumo sold for less anywhere else).

Sellers of products are just as excited to be featured on Appsumo as buyers are to buy the awesome deals.

They leverage the size of their audience and get deals with large software like Scrivener, ebooks like “The End of Jobs”,  and design elements like stock photos from Depositphoto.

Some of their content is free, some are priced at a mere fraction of the regular price.

What Drives Appsumo's Success

I have identified a number of reasons why Appsumo has so much success and why I like them so much.

1. Their deals are just really consistently awesome. Appsumo knows their audience and they negotiate deals with companies that bring products to their audience at crazy low prices.

2. Their deals are “typically” time-bound. This is part of why I say that I would pay to be on their email list. I don't want to miss their deals! I literally get excited when I see emails from them in my inbox. That is very, very rare.

Appsumo Deal

3. They offer killer one time upsells. This was one of the first places I saw this implemented and really noticed it as an effective marketing approach.

I have utilized this concept successfully with my tool OA Highlight ( and it converts at over 50%! (I use Clickfunnels for one time upsells, they obviously have their own thing)

4. They have an affiliate program that encourages social sharing. Users can earn $10 for sharing their Appsumo links. This is awesome because the deals are already great and if you are an entrepreneur with entrepreneur friends, you will be more than happy to share these deals.

Appsumo review

5. They create user profiles that make purchases easy and encourage interaction among their subscribers. They don't simply create billing profiles, they create appsumo user profiles that encourage engagement with other entrepreneurs in the network. Free of course.


6. They send out great emails. The copy in Appsumo emails is consistently killer. It is typically long form with a blend of humor, stories, product benefits and the occasional video.

7. They have their own suite of quality plugins that build their audience and encourage users to return. Their suite of tools is called SumoMe. Some of their tools are free and some are paid, but they are all (in my experience) great.

So, whether you buy their deals or not, there is a lot to gain from Appsumo. Check them out more at

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Nate is the founder and main contributor of He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who spends his time building businesses and raising his four kids Sawyer, Brooks, Van and Lua with his beautiful wife Emily. His main interests include copywriting, economics and piano.

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  1. Very nice break down of Appsumo. I must agree with point #6 their email copy is def above the rest. I actually found appsumo thru He writes most of the copy for appsumo as I understand. He was teaching drop shipping before people really knew what drop shipping was thru this crazy rave niche site he build back in the day(talking early 2000’s). Which got me started in ecommerce lol…. Anyways I guess in some twisted way my ecommerce journey started with app sumo

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